Written by SEEDY

6 Jan 2008

We have been swinging now for approx 3yrs, though we are no way hardened to this. This true tale is about when i asked my wife to be a right slut for a whole month.

Ok she says your on. were both bi & love to share cock most of all. so she said she wanted to come with me to one of my fav seedy toilets to join in the fun in secret. so of we go she with big coat & a cap. i go in first to see if its clear she quickly follows & into a cubicle we go ...in a few mins a man arrives in cubicle next to us & through the drilled holes i see hes up for some action. his hand comes under the side wall & i get down so he can wank me off. mmm she loves this & has her hand down her knickers playing with her clit.mmm Now she wants a go so i get up & she puts her hand under the side to wank him. she whispers he has a fat hard cock & that she wants to suck it. so she goes lower & brings it to her mouth she just gets the tip in to her mouth & licks his bellend for all she is worth , while im now also wanking. ...he starts to shoot his load all over her face.. lovely .we share in cleaning it up. hes gone, now were very horny as weve not cum yet?. but know we soon will. we wait just a few mins more for the next cock to arrive. ...he sees there are two of us & get cold feet as he stars to leave she opens are door & asks him in... jesus you dont do that i say. But in he comes smiling as yer he see she is a woman. but before they play we must m/m , yer im up for that so a bit wanking & sucking his long cock. he asks for a fuck ..only if he fucks the wife to i say.k. so there i am right up his slack arse fucking for all im worth & he grabs the wife & is soon in up to his balls... fuck this is mad. i only last a few mins because hes got a slack arsehole or i would have came in seconds as i pull out he also cums all over her ass. we get sorted & leave... are lust only just appesed.But wanting some more fun so we walk around & come back for more 20mins later. this time i tell her we will stand as if having a piss & see if we can get hold of some cock & a bet is made to see who can get there hands on the biggest one. with in seconds cock is here & im in 1st a ok size & we are wnaking eachother. two others arrive & join in unknown to them that one here is a woman. but they soon twig & now she has one on each hand & another waiting lucky slut. yer she wins the bet so i let her take her pick & fuck big boy if he wants.To right he does & in they go while i wank my cock is now so hard it hurts to wank it & i go for a look over the cubicle side ...shes gripping the bog for all she is worth... more later