Written by frogeye

2 Oct 2011

I was just wasting my time on a site when i got a message from a lady who said she liked my pic, I said thank you do you have any so I know who I am talking to, she sent me a cpl of pics which showed she was a plump late 50's female,not really my type but hey beggars cant be choosers and I didnt expect to meet anyway.

We chatted for a while and she asked me if I would be willing to meet for a coffee and a chat, I agreed to meet her the next morning at a local shopping centre for a coffee, I turned up and took a seat not really expecting her to come.

5 Mins later she came in, introduced herself and I got us both a coffee.

As I said normally I wouldnt have gone for her type as she was nothing to write home about but she had an air of sensuality.She asked if I would like to continue the chat in her car so we made our way to the carpark,as I got into the passenger seat she said "I dont have any nickers or a bra on, would you like to feel, fuck me, my cock stood to attention straight away and I nervously said , "yes please". I slipped my hand under her light dress and felt her smooth pussy which was getting wet, I eagerly stuck up a cpl of fingers and started to frig her off, she loved it and soon she was shouting that she was coming, she said I must repay you so she undid my zip, got my cock out and started to suck me off, I couldnt stand this very long and said I am going to cum,she carried on and took my load and swallowed the lot.We got cleaned up and sat having a chat on the car park and I asked her if she fancied a proper meet soon, she said she did and I will tell you what happened next time if your interested.