Written by starvinmarvin

2 Dec 2013

This started a few years back, my wife enjoys sex, maybe a little more than most women, but she is fit ,goes to the gym, and looks after herself, well we had done a couple of wife, husband ,another man, that went great, very sexy, she thought it time to try a meet up with some one from a web site, after a number of getting to know you posts she at last went to meet a few of them, always coming back and telling me what went on .just seemed to be talking for a couple of hours, Well this one time, after a drink she arranged a meet up with this person ,said he was a keen biker. here is one of her reports back on there evening get together. she travelled in her car ,because he was just closing the badminton club he played for, she arrived just in time for him to get her into the shower strip her naked and fuck her slow and sweet, they then went back to the court and he bent her over the Viewing rail ,he had this thick cock , that he slid up into her tight fanny and again slowly gave her another great fucking, just stopping to turn her over to push his thick cock into her wet fanny, this she said went on for a long time, after another shower went down on her knees and gave his cock a good sucking, all the time she was telling me this she was playing with my cock, I was never unhappy with her meeting up with another man , after all we all need this release. and the sex part is so good for both parties, She has settled down a bit but I do miss those sexy nights out and her fantastic stories, she is still so sexy, with this very sexy arse,

and what a fantastic fuck she is,