Written by someone300

6 Jul 2007

Sarah could hardly speak having finished her first orgasm. Her eyes were sparkling and she admitted to still feeling quite shaky.

Once everyone had composed themselves I thought that would be it and that we would return downstairs for a drink. I was wrong.

Sarah now having understood what all the fuss was about demanded more.

I suggested that we untied her but Sarah scoffed at the very thought.

Once again my wife took control and untied Sarah’s legs. She asked Sarah to turn over onto her front so that her arms were now crossed. Once in position her legs were once again fastened to the bed post.

I could see on the bed spread a large damp patch where Sarah’s juices had amassed.

Next I lifted Sarah’s body up slightly and my wife angled The Cone (one of a number of new toys we have bought of late) against Sarah’s shaven fanny. In all honesty it looked quite uncomfortable but at this stage Sarah didn’t give two hoots.

Having had a quick conversation with Sarah about the next steps we then started lubricating her anus with some KY jelly plus some vaginal juice just for good measure.

At first I started opening her anal passage with the rabbit but stopped when Sarah asked for a favour. She asked if rather than using the rabbit would it be ok if I fucked her as this would be her first anal sex and she would rather it be with a person not a vibrator.

Now this came as a huge shock because even though we had previously messed around there had never in all honesty been any chance of me fucking her.

My wife for the first time that night was completely taken aback and didn’t know what to say.

After a few minutes of conversation it was agreed that she didn’t really feel comfortable with me doing that and we all agreed to continue with the rabbit.

At that time I was quite relived due to not really knowing how I would feel about fucking another woman for the first time in 15 years.

Literally minutes after having had that thought,things changed again.

My wife had now turned on the cone which was once again causing Sarah to grind up and down. I was just starting to thrust the rabbit in and out of Sarah’s very well lubricated backside when my wife reached inside my boxers and took hold of what can only be described as an “alert” penis.

She removed the rabbit from the gaping hole and told me to finish the job.She knew that this was something I had always wanted.

She was of course right and I didn’t need too much encouragement. I slowly eased my 7” penis into Sarah’s arse and starting to pump her like she was the last woman on earth.

I would love to say that this went on for hours but in all the excitement I ended shooting a huge amount of sperm right up her within literally minutes.

While all this was going on Sarah had once again brought herself to another orgasm by using the cone on the highest setting.

I untied Sarah and she gave my wife and I the biggest hug and thanked us for an amazing night.

All I know is that it was one hell of a night.

You lot will be the first to know if anything happens again when she visits again in 3 weeks time !!!