Written by lovemewife

15 Dec 2014

I was at work today just having my dinner text message it was a photo message it was a photo of my wife at the top of the stairs in a large hole fish net dress platform high heels and a thong,it got my mind racing who had taken it!!! Who I sent? Steve's here and is going to fuck me was the answer from my sexy Russain wife, WOW my prick was rock hard then came another photo of Olga on her knees sucking Steve's cock saying dont phone me I will tell you all the details later,so I had a great wank looking at the photo of her sucking his cock,at 4.30 I got two more photos of Steve with his head between Olga's legs then one of him fucking her doggy style, these were taken in the mirrow doors,also she wrote I am waiting for you to lick me out, I raced home she was waitng wearing a robe I thought bollocks I was hoping she would still have the dress on but she open it ans she was naked so to push past her to have a quick bath I dont do sex without being clean,I got to the bedroom it smelled of pure sex my cock was hard still but I could'nt wait to get my tonge inside her she tasted great what with her cum and Steve's spunk I came as soon as she touched my cock,she then mounted her self on my cock and started to fuck me she was telling me that this morning Steve phoned her to ask her if she would like to go with himto his firms xmas party this Saturday,she told that she was feeling horny and would he like to come round to fuck her so he did at 1 oclock he arived and did the business she then she fucking me showed me the rest of the photos one of her with spunk alover her face another with her being fucked missonary and her twisting his nipples very hard she told me as he loves this at this moment she came I couldnt come any more my balls were empty after the hammering it had already had so I pushed her onto her back again and licked her out she was dripping,I then asked her if she was going to go to the party she said what do I want as it would be that she was going to be away all weekend I of coarse said yes please because you are going to get fucked !!!!!