Written by lovemewife

1 Jan 2015

The christmas party i will tell you all later,this is what happened last night,new years eve /day my wife Olga and me went to a Russian resteraunt new years eve she was dressed to fuck hold ups split dress up the thigh and down to the waist at the front not much covering her tits if she bent foward they would be on show perfect!!! it was full of Russian young men couples ect the entertainment was a girl singer very good too,we sat down at the table after a few drinks the dancing began i am not a dancer so Olga got many men asking her to dance to look at the body and have a feel of her arse and stocking tops.well as time got on i asked if she had seen anyone she wanted to fuck,of coarse what have we come for I saw the new year in we had met a nice young man call Sasha 32yrs old he loved talking to us he said to get his english better he came to our table and sat next to Olga I could tell one hand was under the table up Olga's dress,I told him that we had to leave soon as I was working early in the morning,he said it was a pity because Olga was enjoying herself and he would look after her if that was all right turns out Olga had told him that she was going home with him when they were dancing I told him ok and left she said she would text me later and winked ,they stayed just a few minuites after me he got a taxi and as she got in he was caressing her arse , they were kissing all the way to his he had her tits out and pulling her nipples just before she got out the cab she took of her thong and left it in the taxi,as they entered his flat he had his cock out this time it wasnt bigger then mine,but the bastard fucked her solid for 45 mins before coming on her tummy she got his cock hard by giving him the best head he had ever had she does suck cock well though i must admit,she pushed his head between her legs and licked her she came again and again it was 5.30 when i got a text saying i have been FUCKED VERY WELL pick me up at 12 gave me the address my cock was sore i had been wanking since i got in the car to come home any way they went to sleep at 11 she took a shower he too then fucked again i was outside at 11.30 cock in hand through my jeans at 12.30 she came out got in the car and said have you enjoyed youself i have, Sasha wants me to go to see him again i told him that i would do you mind,i took out my cock and said what do you fucking think,now get you lips round this bastard, i came in her mouth she spat it out in a tissue she was telling me all that had happened blow for blow belive it or not i came again just with her talking about how she had been fucked Sasha was very good with his fingers under the table finding her clit and she had too keep calm,till she got out the resteraunt what he lacked in size he made up in tecneque and his tongue was expert in her arse and cunt he wants to fuck her this week .