23 Sep 2015

My best friend  John, from work turned up one afternoon at our house. Anne and I had been married ten years at the time. I was surprised to see him as as on Sundays John coached rugby and afternoons were generally spent with his mates in the club bar. John explained that he had been shopping and bought some  expensive lingerie for his girlfriend and needed some advice. I had boasted to John that Anne wore lingerie most of the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anne would readily put a dress on so I could pull up the hem and do her doggy style but that was all. I said I would  help if I could. John looked down  "Well thank you but it was your wife's help I need really."

John was a bit of a legend.Tall, broad shouldered and handsomely moustached, he was a ringer for a sergeant major. I guessed Anne fancied him even though he was about ten years older than her. I thought Anne would be mad at me for lying about the lingerie but she just said "Ooh let me see!" Anne said hat she preferred the black bu it was hard to tell without trying them on. John said "Feel free!" John winked at me as Anne took the bag and dashed upstairs. When Anne returned wearing just the top we were both disappointed. John got on his knees and begged as if she was a Princess. Anne said ok and I went to fetch the garments before Anne changed her mind. Anne unzipped her skirt and passed it to me. She took off her tights and shoes "Let me help you my lady" John hammed "Oh thank you kind sir",Anne replied. With that Anne lost her pants ! John just whipped them off!

" Thanks  a lot ! " Anne looked at me a bit shocked.

"You look divine !"

He then darted his tongue into her Anne's fanny making her moan loudly.

"Bedroom time Sir".

 John said and we both followed him up.

When Anne got back from the bathroom John and I were laying on the bed naked. We both had erections but blink and you'd have missed mine!  Johns, a good ten inches, thick with an enormous mushroom end. Anne perched on the bed next to him and she couldn't take her eyes off his throbbing manhood.

"My sir what a handsome penis you have! " Anne was staying in role to hide her feelings. John arranged two pillows on the bed and and Anne arched her back  and lay back over them.

"This is to give me easy access" Anne laughed but said "Go steady big boy I am not used to this!" Giving her no time to prepare, John held his cock and skilfully pushed Anne's lips apart with his enormous mushroom and entered her forcefully. Anne threw her head back and gasped. I told him not to hurt her. Anne scowled again at me "Oh shut up won't you " John flipped her over and gave her a pummelling. I could hear his big bollocks slapping against her arse. John held he wrists so she could not move and within seconds Anne was cuming again. Anne finished him off by  crouching on her ankles and athletically using her leg muscles to bounce up and down. (This had been my favourite and I soon felt madly jealous.)  Annes shoulder length red hair bounced up and down and she was laughing. I remember thinking that I have the sexiest wife in the world and I  love her so much. Anne kept  him inside her and I could see John's cum  oozing out. Anne's fanny was pulsating with her heart beat after all the action. She lay on her back next to him. 

I wanted her to show her gratitude.

"What have you to say to the kind gentleman, come on what do you say Anne?" I teased. 

She snarled back  "You bastard " and she meant it. From that day on she always called me a bastard as I was cuming " inside her.

Anne tapped John on the chest.


We went to the Rugby club New Year party and as Anne and I  passed a table full of lads someone shouted "AGAIN   AGAIN  AGAIN".

Anne was weeping.

" They don't mean anything darling". I said sympathetically.

Anne said  "Bastard!"

Defending my best mate I laughed. " Well Anne you know John".

"Not him! You!"