Written by Tod

26 Oct 2016

I have always been quite laid back but what was going to happen would test that to the limit but I must say a lot of the blame lies with me and my attitude, and the fact I had told Carol my wife if she ever lets say strayed if she told me I wouldn't mind but that was a long time ago and I knew there be no chance of that and it was a bit of bravo after a friend of ours had an affair and got caught out, anyway I had forgotten about that till I was reminded

Carol was always on social media facebook and the others they didn't interest me maybe I should of taken notice more I never realized parts of them are no more than dating sites I was quite ignorant about that

This all started in bed one night as usual my wife sat up on her tablet, I was think it;s a bit much I bet she had been on it all bloody day as well, I was feeling a bit randy and was hoping for a leg over, it must of been over three weeks since the last time now she be on there for ages then say it's to late now I've got to get up early

I put my hand over her nightdress was too low but as soon as she felt my hand she pushed it away still looking at the screen, so that was a no

I then asked what is so interesting on there, she then shew me a photo of a young man on a beach, and said him his on holiday, I said so are hundreds of others, a bit disgruntled, she said no I have been chatting to him for sometime I think his dishy, well Carol's forty and he be in his mid twenties maybe, as I turned over I said you are old enough to be his mother,( tacted not my finer point), she just said really he don't think so

It was the following evening in bed the same thing, she looking at the screen with a smile on her face then she chuckles, I said what is that all about, she looked at me saying it;s Tony and his asked me out when he gets home so am to old he don't think I could be his mother he don't want me to read him a bed time story and tuck him up he want me in bed

I said you are joking, Carol still looking at me replied maybe be I am or maybe not and carried on

It be about a couple of weeks after that we got round to having sex Carol seemed hrony that night I am sure she did cum that time, anyway she made a curt remark about being to old, I had to asked what she meant and she reminded me what I had said about her being that guys mother

I said something about him being young and he was winding her up, then she said was he, his home and want to take me out he must thinks I am not to old

So I called her bluff saying when, she then said when I like you have said before I could have a boyfriend you wouldn't mind as long as you knew, I had to say did I, then she reminded me what I said years ago,( always think before saying anything to a woman they remember things )

So I said okay you can if I said it I mean it

Then at the end of the week Carl told me she was going out with Tony on Friday, I did my best to look as if I was fine, I said I hope you enjoy yourself I thought it was a wind up if she went out it be with one of her mates

How wrong I was Carol all dressed up left in a taxi I still thought she come home saying that got you going, it was almost midnight when she text me it said don't wait up I will be late, I then tried to phone her three times but all I got was messing her bloody phone was off

Two o'clock I had go to bed, it was almost two hours later I heard something downstairs, by the time I got up I met her on the landing she looked disheveled and was a bit tipsy she flung her arms round me saying I am not to old I proved that twice

We got in our bedroom Carol slumped onto the bed she was half pissed for sure, she was giggling she said mum didn't tuck him up he stuffed me and bloody hell did he twice with biggest cock you had ever seen she chuckled saying a lot bigger than yours

She passed out I think she was on her back, I thought she winding me up about being pissed that is why she was saying them things

So I started to undress her I got her blouse off then her skirt that is when I thought she had tights on when she went out but not now

She lay with her legs over the side of the bed feet on the floor, I then eased her knickers down, I knelt down to get them off her feet as I sat up I pushed her thighs apart looking at her pussy it was very obvious she had been fucked and not long ago, her pussy lips looked swollen and still rolled back there was wet mess between them some of her pubes where matted together as I started at it some white appeared in the slit I reached over my finger parted them the white dribbled and I could see her pussy was gaping open

I think I was in shock but I also had a hard on it was throbbing, I had to do it I couldn't stop myself, I had to get up and get over her, my cock didn't slip into her it fell in her pussy gaped open and was really loose but that was not all it was very warm and slimey the worm slime was all round my cock as I thrust it was spreading into my pubes and over my balls as I humped I heard her say lowly oh Tony Tony and I could feel her moving with me it was the sensation I couldn't help it I jerked as I shot my load

I got Carol round and lifted her legs up into the bed , I went and washed then got in bed as I did she put an arm over me I kissed her she murmured love you did she mean me or Tony if it was me she was not that far gone and pretended to be pissed to get out of facing me and what I may say

I found out in the morning I was up first and in the kitchen when Carol came down she didn't seem to hung over but looked more guilty, it was awkward for a few moments till I asked how she was, we still didn't say much , then I said you where late , she thought and said I did text you as she made a coffee and asked if I wanted one

She turned to face me, and asked so how are you now, I said fine and she said really so you're not upset, I told her no, are you sure she asked I thought you maybe, so why did you take advantage of me last night

I was lost for words, she went on you thought I was drunk, I did have Tony as you wanted me to and I will tell you he was bloody good she seemed a little angry as she said I wish I had done it years ago , she then took her coffee and went into the front room, I was left bewildered there was no sorrys or it happened because I was drunk there was no excuse at all

A short time later I went after her, I was about to see a side to my wife I never knew existed and I was to get the blam

As soon as I went in she said don't start I have not forgotten what you did to me, I had to say how sorry I was, I tried to say I couldn't help it that wasn't good enough I had to say sorry, she then said it looks like you are blaming me for doing what you wanted me to do it was your idea she was twisting things she made me agree she was right and I did want her to sleep with Tony, I had never known Carol to be like this

After all that she said we need to talk about what happens next, she went on Tony wants to see me again and I would quite like to,I take it you want me to, I didn't say anything, Carol said cold feet now, put it this way I am seeing him next week

I never knew it but I had been cocked at the time I had never hear the word cuckolding and I am sure my wife knew nothing about it but it would become part of our lives later and Carol was no longer the timered wife she once was

It started that night in bed, she almost demanded sex then when it was over she told she wanted to compare me with Tony when she was sober

I was shocked even more when she said I was not as good then saying he gives me climaxes and he had me twice, she was quite unrepentant about what happened

I knew Carol had twisted what I had said but I did say it but at the time I never expected any thing to come of it, she had got a taste of what another man was like and definitely wanted more I was also amazed how quick it happened and all it took was me to say she was to old

After that there was atmosfair between us and we were sort with each other at times till the Thuersday evening then she mellowed and we talked, she was quite honest with me she told me she had done it to spite me in away,she never forgotten what I said all that time ago and when I said about her being to old for Tony that did it , she said she never loved him that was a complete no no, she did get carried away and didn't mean things to go as far as they did and she had a bit to drink

Then she said she was sorry about that but the sex she had with him was most likely the best she had ever had, what she was saying was she like to experience it again and with out putting it into words she was asking for my permission which I ended up given

The Friday evening was very different as Carol got ready I felt nervous then it was more like I was getting aroused all very strange

Carol was ready she looked lovely she hugged me it was all very strange I asked where she wa meeting him it was a pub, I then said and then she said I expect we go back to his friends flat like we did last time, I quickly asked was he there she said no, I have to go

It was not an easy evening for me knowing my was out and going to get laid I didn't want to but I was getting excited she had told me he was better in bed than me,now it didn't seem the put down it was, it seemed the source of my excitement and the fact she said he is well endowed, I was thinking of that as I got a hard on I could imagine a big cock thrusting into my wife and it explain why she was so loose when I had her like it or not my attitude my attitude had changed I was really aroused and wanted her to fuck Tony the thought of it turned me on

It was a little after midnight when I heard Carol at the door I never expected her till much later, she came in with a smile on her face she seemed happy, she sat beside me and asked had I been alright on my own

I said yes I had been fine I didn't expect you this early, she put her head back on the sofa saying we had a drink and went back to his friends place he was coming back about now last time he was away so it didn't matter how long we were there

She thought for a moment or two then said so is it a problem for you with me seeing Tony then added tell me the truth

I said last time I think it was but it felt different tonight, she asked why, I said well this time, are we being honest, she said yes, I carried on saying tonight it excited me, she sat up and said did it, she kissed me on the cheek her hand went to my crotch I still had a lazy lob on as soon as she tutch it my didck stiffened, I kissed her on the lips, with in moments some how she was knelt on the sofa, I had pulled her skirt up round her waist I was little surprised she had holdup stockings on this time with a hole in one, I pulled she sodden pants to oneside her pussy lips looked puffy

I aimed my stiff cock at her slit as the end parted the lips I could see how full she was, I hardly pushed my cock when in I felt the warm sticky mess inside it really felt like heaven she was so loose but somehow I could still feel her, Carol pushed back on me in doing so I felt the wetness coming out, she moaned lowly after a few strokes, I head you feel so good then a moan she was clearly enjoying having me, there was no way I could last long I was pumping at a slow steady pace to try and last as long as I could

My strokes became iradick she reached her arm back to try and hold me and pushed back, she knew I was about to cum, I heard darling I love you

I let my load go, I must of cum a hell of alot we ended up kissing and holding each other Carol was telling me how much she loved me

In bed we where cuddling each other when she said asked did you really get turned on tonight when I was with Tony I had to admit I did, she then said you know what we did when I came home that really turns me on please don't take this the wrong way but having you after Tony I loved that it really feels wonderful and you know last week when you did it I did like it I wasn't really upset you did it

We had crossed the line and didn't know it we where both into sloppy seconds, next day Carol was still very loving towards and we talked a lot about what to do next she told me more about Tony she said he was younger than she thought he had his twentieth birthday on holiday he had to start with making out he was mid twenties

I asked about how he was as a lover she said he is very good, she also told me when she first saw his cock that was quite a surprise, going by what she said he must be about eight inches long with a really wide girth she also told me how quick he get hard again she never expected that to happen so fast or if it happened at all she went on saying he fucks a lot different from me he do it very hard and really fast at times

Being told this got me horny and I took her to bed in the day time she was more than willing, two weeks before it been no chance and I be lucky to get a leg over after we gone to bed

After talking Carol said would I mind if she did carry on seeing him, the way I was saying no you see him said it all I wanted her to see him

So the next weekend it was a repeat of the last one the only differences was she came home to fuck me, thee was a problem coming up Tony's friend wouldn't let them use his flat the only solution was to let Tony come here but that is another story