Written by tactilelover

21 May 2011

on the 5th of May whilst on a chat site I got a message from L from near chester.

"Just looking for some dirty fun - would love to give an older man a hand/blowjob

while my man watches me,no strings attached,need to go straight afterwards...interested?....."

my reply "that sounds a lovely idea ,Hi I'm Dave"

we exchanged mobile numbers then she told me her address ,when I arrived I texted to announce my arrival well at 11.30 at night I did not want to be knoocking on the wrong front door.

He was about six foot tall ,short brown hair he offered his hand which I shook

then he showed me into his living room ,wow what a beauty L ,stands about five foot six about size 8 a lovely smiling face with long dark hair she is wearing a black cardigan over a plunge neck white T-shirt and black leggins,I removed my jacket and put it on an easy chair then sat on the setee opposite we chatted about what they wanted and also about swinging and clubs .

then L went for a smoke to calm her nerves then when she returned she crouched down in front of me and pulled off my shoes then kneeling between my legs she reached up and undid my leather belt and unbuttoned my trousers she pulled my pants and trousers down enough to expose my penis she squeezed my length and pulled

at this stage i was still limp them L spat saliva on me and started working up and down my expanding length till I started getting hard she spat some more and wrapped both hands around my hard cock.

Meanwhile man friend was sitting across the room watching.

He said"go on lick him" so L licked up and down my cock slowly and tantalisingly ,she took a drink of water and spat again ,he said "Go on suck him" then he got up and went in the back room for a smoke L carried on wanking me and sucking my bulbous bell end

I said " please show me your tits"

she lowered the front of her T-shirt ,two perfect big round breasts tumbled out about the size of grapefruits each topped with a red fat long nipple I said "can I touch"

"yes" I thumbed one rubbery nipple it stiffened straight out i rubbed each one in turn as she bobbed her head up and down my cock so i put my hand gently on the back of her head applying gentle presure she came up for air and wanked me some more ,her man came back to watch.

she said" I want you to cum over my tits,splatter cum all over my hard nipples"

L dipped again and carried on sucking me off,wow dispite her youth (27) she could certainly suck cock.

I pushe my right hand down between her legs to her moist crutch she shook her head lifted off my cock and said next time you can go all the way"

I said" I want you to ride my cock and be stretched like never before"

" yes I like the sound of that "

I could feel my presure building up so when her mouth was over my cock again i exerted a bit of presure for more deep throat action.

then her man stood up walked over pushed down his shorts,he did not look very excited maybe he had already cum,so I said "give him some action too" she twisted around and swallowed his whole cock meanwhile i was jerking my cock well on my way to orgasm,

I said "quick lick me "so L dropped her head over my cock just as I felt my balls tighten and the surge began up my stem she pulled her head off just in time as my spunk erupted over L's red and swollen nipples and down her cleavage whilst being watched by both of them.

I pulled up my trousers retreaved my shoes ,shook hands with him kissed L on the cheek then went home,they live one mile from me...Awsum

on my phone I thanked them for the fun she replied "Enjoyed it 2 still got cum on my tits !same again next weekend maybe?but a little dirtier.......is it alright 2 call you anytime I'm horny? X"

my reply "yes please"

"spk 2 vu soon,may even giv u a call sat and pop in......:-*sweet dreamX"