Written by Dean

23 May 2016

By way of some background I am a 30 year old black guy, 6 3”, with a broad athletic build and would be described as very well endowed. I work as Gym Instructor in an affluent area of the South East of England and have the pleasure of working every day with a number of women of all ages and backgrounds, you would be shocked at how many of them pour their heart out, most being frustrated and sexually neglected by their successful husbands. Some are at the gym to get back in shape in an attempt to put a spark back into their marriage or to get in shape to find a lover.

On the night of my post, myself and a friend decided we'd go somewhere with a bit of music, it was around 9:30 on a Friday night when we got there and although it was quite full but we did manage to get lucky with a seat at the bar.

The place was hosting an Abba tribute night and it was buzzing, with the added benefit that most of the people there were women.

There was a bit of queue at the bar and I waited my turn to be served. As one of the barman looked in my direction I gestured to the lady next to me who had been waiting patiently ahead of me. She was about 5'6", tanned, slim, shoulder length straight blonde hair, long legs wearing a lovely little black waist coat dress which highlighted a small but very nice cleavage and she wore really sexy pair of expensive designer heels. I guessed her age as mid to late 30's. She gave me a very nice smile as the barman asked her what she wanted and as he went off to get her round of drinks in a soft well-spoken voice she said " Thank you, it’s nice to see there are some gentlemen left" I smiled back and said "You caught me on a good day gorgeous!" and she laughed at that.

The barman came back with her drinks and I ordered ours. As the barman went to get my drinks I watched her walk back to her table. I wondered if she know I was watching her as her bottom had a sexy little wiggy. She was with 3 other women, most of whom I would say were the same age and looked to be on a girl’s night, they looked over at me, then one of them gave her a nudge and they all giggled.

I asked my friend if we should go over and join them, as they seemed to be a lively group, laughing and getting quite a bit of male attention which they seemed to be enjoying.

But he had to get going as he was late and had promised his wife that he would be home by 11, I knew from past experience there would be no talking him out of it so we said our goodbyes.

The lady I had spoken to earlier came back to the bar again. I smiled at her and said "We must stop meeting like this!" Corny I know but it caused a laugh. The barmen were busy down the other end of the bar so I started to chat to her asking who she was with and she replied with her three friends but they were being very boring as they wanted to go home despite her best efforts to persuade them to go onto another club or bar.

I told her I'd been left alone as well as my mate had been boring too and gone back home to his wife. She laughed at that and said "Well, I'm not in any hurry to get home to my husband!" I hadn't noticed the wedding ring on her finger...but I did now!

I laughed with her at her joke and as the barman approached me I asked her if I could get her a drink. She gave me a really nice smile and said “Thank you, I'll have a large Gin and Tonic". With the drinks sorted we started to chat. Lots of small talk at first. Her name was Amanda, she worked in an Advertising Agency, lived locally in an area that I knew was a very expensive and exclusive part of the town, she had a daughter who was in her final year at University and was, I learned, 49, which was an absolute surprise. I told her a bit about myself, the fact I was separated from my wife, worked in the fitness industry and lived not far from the club in a very small studio flat. I told her that when we had talked earlier I had thought to myself she was in her mid to early 30’s and couldn't believe she was 49. She smiled at that and told me it was nice to be complemented and modestly mentioned that her beauty was the result of expensive beauty treatments and the occasional visit to the surgeon.

Looking down at her boobs I laughed “they look like your own to me.”

She burst out laughing and leaned in towards my ear, “plenty of Botox and a tummy tuck to get rid of the mid-life flab”.

Well after that, the conversation got quite flirty and I have to admit I was looking at her and starting to wonder if I had a chance to take this further and fuck her. To my disgrace I have always loved the thrill of being with a sexually neglected married woman, I have had more than few in my time and always find the sex to be amazing.

As we finished our drinks I thought I would test the water, but before I got a chance to say anything, one of her friends came over, warmly introduced herself as Jennifer, she was a bubbly red head, who clearly took care at her appearance as well and was wearing a very short skirt with equally long tanned legs that seemed to go on forever and a tight white blouse with a few buttons open to show a nice pair of boobs, “We are going to head home Amanda, no doubt you are going to stay on chatting to your admirer”, before Amanda could reply she looked at me and laughed, then continued “if you are not, I am certainly interested, in fact if you won’t so straight laced Amanda we could both go back with him.”

Joking aside I was sure that she really did mean that, because she was looking me up and down and had her eyes firmly fixed on my crotch.

Amanda laughed and gave her a playful push and said “where only chatting dear.”

The friend gave Amanda a kiss on each check and left saying “yes, yes, but I want to hear all about it tomorrow you little slapper.”

Blushing Amanda looked at me and replied “I am really not a slapper.”

I replied “I didn’t for one moment think you were.”

Then Seizing the opportunity, I added "How do you fancy a nightcap at my place and then you can get a taxi home"

She gave me a cheeky smile as she said "Hmmm that's an interesting offer!"

"Don't worry" I said "I promise I'll be good!"

"Oh that’s a shame, I was rather hoping that you wouldn’t" she laughed “OK yes, a nightcap would be lovely"

After that exchange I have to say I felt my cock go rock hard and was pulsing as I felt sure she was more than up for some fun tonight.

We had another quick drink and then headed outside and walked arm in arm to my flat, it was only a 5 minute walk and we were soon inside.

I put the lights on the low and told Amanda to make herself at home while I got us some drinks. She was happy to stay on Gin so I poured her a very large Gin and Tonic and joined her on the sofa.

"So" she said with a little smile twitching at the corner of her lips "what would your wife say if she knew you had bought someone back for a drink?"

"Hmmmm" I laughed "nothing my wife left me some months ago, I was a bad boy, too much womanising. How about your husband?"

"Well" she smiled "He has lost interest in me sexually, so he can hardly complain and what he doesn't know won’t hurt him will it?"

"I guess it won't and he must have something seriously wrong with him sexually because if I was married to you I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you, I’d by fucking you at every opportunity”, then I leaned closer and added "and what about if I did this?"

I moved my lips to Amanda’s and kissed her. Immediately she put her arm around my neck and pulled me closer as the kiss continued. As we broke apart she said "Mmmmm yes I guess he might have something to say about that!"

With that we were all over each other. I pulled her close and we kissed passionately, I felt her tongue pushing deep into my mouth, then exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues, Amanda was very passionate, its ages since I had a French kiss!

As we kissed I let my hand slowly move down her neck and to her dress until my hands reached inside her dress and onto Amanda’s boobs and then my fingers started to trace little circles around her right boob and I felt her nipple stiffen under the soft material of her dress and a small moan escaped from her lips, I continued to trace circles around both of her nipples, which seemed to be getting harder and harder and her soft moans became louder and louder.

Then my hand continued downwards until it reached the hem of her dress and started to slide it slowly upwards, my fingers moved up her inner thighs then further still until I reached the top of her thighs and still there was no resistance from Amanda! In fact totally the opposite as my fingers reached her panties she actually opened her legs slightly and another small moan escaped her lips as we kissed.

My hand then moved up between her thighs, I could feel what felt like lace. As my fingers slid over towards the centre I increased the pressure of my fingertips and was rewarded with a loud gasp of pleasure as her hips bucked. The thin material of her panties felt very, very wet! Suddenly she broke away from our kiss and looked at me in what can only be described as a look of desperation and pure want!

"Please take me to bed and fuck me, I need to be fucked, it’s been so long since my hubby’s fucked me, I want to leave your flat having been fucked senseless, can you do that for me !".

Speechless I just nodded.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. We fell onto the bed in each other arms and immediately began kissing deeply again. My hands went to the front of the dress and unbuttoned it and pulled it open. This time it was me that broke the kiss. Having unbuttoned the dress I lifted myself up on the bed so I could peel her black dress off. The sight what greeted me made my cock throb massively. Beneath the dress Amanda was wearing black lacy panties and a push up Wonderbra. The panties were lace with see through design. I could make out a prominent pussy mound that was fully shaven.

I moved down the bed so I was lying between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. She had her head resting on the pillows and again was letting out small moans of pleasure as she felt my kisses move up her inner thighs, then I kissed upwards quite rapidly but didn’t stop at her panties.

Her stomach was flat, my tongue twirled in her tummy button and then I rose up slightly and pushed my hands underneath her back to find her bra clasp. Quickly undoing it I slipped it off and her boobs feel free. She had smallish boobs, which were tanned, with a small dark brown areola, pert and hard nipples that were crying out to be sucked. Which is exactly what I did! Taking the left into my mouth I flicked it hard with my tongue as I sucked it into my mouth whilst my right hand tweaked her other nipple. Her nipples were obviously very sensitive as she was writhing in ecstasy and kept saying "Oh my god Oh my god..." over and over. After a few minutes I swapped over so her right nipple went into my mouth and tongue and the left one, now wet from my mouth, got tweaked by my fingers.

Amanda was still moaning quite loudly and started to say "More...please more, I love what you are doing to me" pleased with Amanda’s reaction to my attention, I decided now was the time to see what delights this married woman had in her panties. I trailed my tongue back down her stomach to the top of her black panties. I let my fingers glide over them and was pleased to feel they were now even wetter, actually they were now totally soaked. I let my tongue tease her by trailing along the top of her panties as hooked my fingertips into the elastic band either side of her hips. I slowly peeled her sodden panties down her legs to reveal her bare pussy.

I slid her panties over her ankles and tossed them across the room. My tongue returned to her pussy mound, it was so smooth there was no doubt she was freshly waxed, I reached the top of her pussy, then I let my tongue slide into her seeking out her hard little clit which was now quite swollen and clearly visible.

As my tongue found her clit it got an immediate reaction. "Oh Fuck, Fuck" she shouted and her hips bucked off the bed forcing my tongue deeper inside her wet hole.

Amanda’s bottom fell back to the bed as I gave her clit my full attention, twirling round and round it with my tongue, a couple of minutes clockwise and then a couple more anti clockwise and then gently and not see gently nibbling at it. Then I pushed 2 fingers into her dripping pussy. God she was absolutely soaking and my fingers met no resistance. By now she was writhing on the bed and I had to push down quite hard to keep her bottom on the bed. Now she continually moaning and repeating "fuck yes...yes yes yes". As her voice got louder and louder I know she was about to Cum and used my fingers to rub deeply inside her as I continued to rapidly rotate my tongue all over her clit. I felt her pussy muscles start to quiver and tighten around my fingers at the same time as her moaning reached a crescendo and she shouted "ohhhh fuck I’m Cummmming, I’m fucking Cummmmming!" I couldn't keep her hips down on the bed as they bucked forcefully upwards. I felt a huge gush of wet juices pour out of her pussy into my eager mouth which I swallowed.

I've never known a woman Cum as hard and wet as Amanda did from that first orgasm. My mouth took all it could and my face was soaked with her juices. It was a good minute or so before she stopped writhing and bucking. Looking up I saw her whole chest above her boobs were flushed red and her face was a lovely shade of pink.

Grasping for breath she said "God, oh my God I've never Cum so hard before! That was just fucking fantastic"

"Glad you enjoyed it" I responded as I leaned into kiss her and let her taste her own juices from my tongue which she did eagerly.

As we kissed her hands were rapidly unbuttoning my shirt and having achieved that she quickly unbuckled my belt and her hand was reaching inside my trousers.

She reached straight inside and immediately found my very firm cock which she wrapped her hand around.

"Mmmmm" she moaned "Jesus Christ you are big!"

I laughed and replied “Well you know what they say about black men!!”

Amanda giggled “oh yes I have heard that.”

With that I shrugged my shirt off and quickly pulled my jeans down, I had no pants on, I was now totally naked on the bed with Amanda who was also totally naked.

Her hand was gripping my cock tightly and rotating slowly around the shaft as we kissed. She was gripping me so tightly I'm sure I could feel the band of her wedding and engagement ring pressing into my shaft. I could certainly see the very large diamond glinting in the light from the bed side lamp! Our tongues tangled deeply as I let one of my hands return between her legs and the other to play with her nipples.

Our bodies were now touching as we kissed and I could feel the soft skin on her thigh occasionally as my cock tip touched it, Amanda was now slowly and very skillfully wanking me.

She broke the kiss and said breathlessly "We need to use condoms, my hubby has had the snip so I don't take anything".

Inwardly I cursed, I was really hoping to fuck her bareback and Cum inside her lovely pussy. She must have noticed the look cross my face as she said "What’s wrong". Being extremely naughty I explained that I didn't have any in the flat. I offered to get dressed and go and get some she said “no, no, it would take too long and the moment would be lost, we will just have to have what fun we can have without them this time, next time make sure you have some, just some heavy petting, don’t go inside me will you"

I was feeling totally gutted at thought of not being able fuck this lovely woman having come this far, but was cheered by the fact that this may not just be a one off, however my cock had softened a bit during the conversation. Amanda had clearly noticed this too and moved her head down to it, still gripping the bottom of the shaft, she started to suck the head of my cock. She had a wonderful rhythm with her mouth, tongue and hand and I was soon rock hard again and letting out loud expressions of pleasure.

After 5 minutes or so of this lovely treatment she let my cock fall from her mouth and kissed back up my chest to my mouth so that she was lying by my side. Still gripping my cock in her hand, she seemed unwilling to let go of it! Then Amanda lifted her left leg over me and pushed her pussy towards my cock. I looked at her questioningly and she just simply said "I have to feel you. Not inside me though Dean, you promise not to put it in me".

I nodded in agreement.

Her hand pulled my cock to her pussy mound and started rubbing it all over her bare, glistening wet mound and all the time she was gazing intently as she did this, I too was marveling at the contrast of my black cock against her shaven lily white pussy!

My cock was absolutely rock hard and throbbing by now. She pulled it down further and rubbed the tip all over her sopping entrance. She felt amazingly hot and wet. Her lips were incredibly slippery and my cock head slipped over them like a knife through butter. Gripping me hard she pressed me firmly onto the top of her pussy and started to rotate and press my cock head down. Her mouth let out a loud " Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss" and she started to moan and she frigged her clit using my cock head.

Amanda’s hips were writhing on the bed and she was clearly enjoying this. I was too but it was also so frustrating to be so close to her pussy and not inside it. I decided I need to take charge for a while and I pulled myself up and eased her hand off my cock. She looked at me questioningly and I smiled and said "Trust me Amanda".

I eased her long legs apart on the bed and knelt between them, moving forward enough so that my cock was back at her wet entrance. I pressed the head onto her mound, just as she had done and then moved my legs back a bit so my body dropped and my cock shaft was between her lips. I started to move backwards and forwards as though fucking her but my cock was sliding between her lips and but not inside. I pressed down so that the shaft was moving up and down and making sure each stroke touched her swollen clit.

Her head fell back into the pillow as her mouth made a large O shape as she sucked in air. I started slowly but gradually increased my rhythm and this sent Amanda wild. Her head rocked from side to side on the pillow as she was constantly moaning with pleasure. Her pussy was literally soaking and I could feel the shaft of my cock getting covered in her juices.

It took every ounce of my will power though not to ease back and slide deep inside her! I started to slow down and then increase the rhythm again, going from slow to fast. From her increased moaning, writhing and the pace of her head moving from side to side I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm so I deliberately slowed down.

Her eyes flicked open with what can only be described as look of pure wanton lust. Her face and neck her flushed a lovely shade of red.

"I need you" she said quietly "I have got to have you inside me"

As she said this her hand gripped my cock and pulled the head of my cock down her mound to the entrance of her pussy. Amanda then opened her legs wide and put both of her hands on my bottom as she thrust her hips upwards in an attempt to get my cock inside her. This all happened so quickly. She let out softly “ouch” as some of my cock entered her pussy, even in her highly aroused state and wetness, it didn’t slide in easily. I stopped which seemed to panic Amanda, she was a bit delirious and screamed “Is it not going to go in, don’t stop fucking stop, don’t fucking stop now, I can take some pain to get your fucking dick inside me.”

She was covered in Goosebumps and shaking, I gently kissed her and asked her to relax and pushed a bit more of my cock into her and she let out a long sigh, I waited a few seconds and then as her pussy expanded and got used to my size, I made another push which brought an even longer sigh from Amanda and a few seconds later one final push and I was fully inside her lovely warm, amazing tight pussy and told her how wonderful it felt. With that Amanda let out a noise, almost like a stifled scream as she got used to my cock filling her and a similar deeper noise escaped me too!

I looked at Amanda and joked “Let’s hope your husband doesn’t fuck you in the next few days, because he won’t be touching the sides of your pussy”.

She laughed loudly and said “good point, now fuck me hard”.

Her hips fell backwards to the bed and mine followed them and I drove my cock deeper inside her. I started the same rhythm I had been using before but this time pulling my cock out almost to the tip before sliding it deep back inside her wonderful warm pussy. Slowly at first but gradually increasing speed, she put her legs over my shoulders and I then started hammering in to her and then reversing the cycle until it was slower again, she was screaming very loudly now.

"Just....don't.....Cum....inside....me" she panted "pull....out....when...you....have....too"

I just nodded in agreement. Her pussy was flowing like a river. My cock was now easily sliding in and out of her. My balls were slapping against her bottom on each down stoke.

The only look on Amanda’s face now was one of absolute pleasure!!

I lifted off her slightly, but still keeping my cock sliding in and out, but I could now place my thumb on her clit and rub it as I drove into her. This sent her over the edge into her second orgasm and Christ what an orgasm! She screamed at me "Yesssssssss Cummmmmming" in a sustained voice. Her hips bucked but I pressed her down onto the bed with my cock as deep inside her as I could get it and my thumb still pressed against her clit. I could feel her pussy muscles inside convulsing and squeezing around my cock tighter. At the same time her pussy gushed even more juices as she came, soaking my cock and spilling out onto the bed. Gradually her orgasm subsided and her head flopped back into the pillow. I leaned forward to kiss her, my cock still hard inside her.

"Oh my god" she said "I've really have never ever Cum so hard in my life".

I smiled back at her, "Glad it was me that caused I gorgeous".

"Do you ever Cum" she laughed "you’re still as hard as we first went in! My hubby lasts about 3 minutes and then rolls of me goes to sleep!"

"I just like to really enjoy it for as long as possible" I said

And at the same time started to very, very slowly rotate my hips stirring my cock inside her

"ohhh you are so fucking naughty" she moaned "I want to see you Cum though"

"I'd love to see you on top of me first" I told her "so I can suck your boobs as you ride me"

"mmmmmmm oh really?" she taunted to me with a cheeky laugh

I rolled off her onto my back as she straddled my legs. I was then rewarded with the sight of the hand with her wedding ring gripping my cock as she slowly slid down onto it! That sight is something I have firmly fixed in my mind and have masturbated since!

She started to ride me, letting her hips up to the tip of my cock and then falling back onto to it. As she did this I moved my mouth to her boobs and started to suck on her nipples in turn. My hands on her back helping her rhythm.

After a few minutes of this I was just about to tell her I couldn't hold on much longer when our moaning was disturbed by the sound of her mobile ringing. She'd put it down with her handbag on the bedside cabinet, she looked over at the screen and made no attempt to answer it and carried on riding slowly up and plunging down on my cock, the phone rang again and again she ignored it preferring to carry on satisfying us, then it rung a third time, Amanda stopped, waited a second or so, take a deep breath and said “I am so sorry about this, she must be worried about me” and then leaned over and touched the answer icon of the iPhone and pressed the speaker button

Amanda placed a finger to her lips telling me to keep quiet as she answered it!

It was her friend, Jennifer and she quickly said “I was beginning to worry about you Mandy, then I thought the lucky bitch has probably got a big black cock inside her pussy and didn’t want to answer her mobile”!

Her friend was right she did have a big black cock deep inside her pussy as she spoke to her!!

Amanda let out a loud laugh “You should know Jenny I am not that sort of girl.”

She was now leaning back as she spoke and I could clearly see my cock embedded between her soaked lips. Naughtily, I silently wriggled my hips and pulsed my cock inside her. She made a small silent O with mouth as she looked me in the eyes and then let them also fall to the sight of her filled pussy. She was obviously excited as I could feel her muscles clenching against me inside.

Her friend let out a sigh saying “Oh well still the one cock girl then, but you did get his number"

Amanda replied “Yes I did, but I most get to sleep now”.

At that Jennifer said “Ok, if you don’t want to do anything pass his number onto me because I could really do with that stud fucking me, or if you’re worried about being on your own, you know I will always come along for some morale or immoral support, we really do need to get you fucked”.

They both laughed and Amanda said sternly “Thank you and good bye Jen, see you later.”

With that Amanda cancelled the call and tossed the mobile onto the bed.

Enquiring I looked at her and said “One cock girl”

Amanda clearly wasn’t impressed and looking annoyed either with my comments or being disturbed by her friend, abruptly said “Well I am clearly not anymore” and at that she went wild demanding "Fuck me, fuck me" and rampantly riding me like there was no tomorrow. It was clear she was heading for her third orgasm as she pressed her palm against her clit and my shaft.

Her back was arched and her head was pushed back.

"Amanda!" I said loudly..."You have to get off I can’t hold back any longer"

I could already feel my Cum wanting to explode from my balls and knew I couldn't hold on.

"Fuck me, fuck me, Cum inside me, please fucking Cum inside me babe" was her response

I was too far gone to question her at this point and anyway couldn't have stopped now if I wanted to! Her hand was a blur on her clit as I felt my balls start to send my Cum on its journey. Than wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over me as I groaned loudly "Yessssssss god Amanda I'm fucking Cumming, I'm Cumming"

My cock spasmed inside her and started to fill her pussy with jet after jet of my warm Cum.

As she realised what was happening her own orgasm hit her and she ground herself down onto me, mashing our bodies together. She was making "ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh" noises over and over again loudly as she came.

My own orgasm was as strong as I have ever had and I really must have sent 3 or 4 thick jets of Cum into her before it subsided.

Gradually we both calmed down. She lifted herself off me and cupped her hand underneath her pussy as my now softening cock slipped out of her. A large stream of my Cum and her juices slipped from pussy overflowing her hand and onto the sheets. She surprised me by lifting her hand to her mouth to taste my Cum and ran her tongue through it.

"Mmmmmm you do taste lovely, so much sweeter then my hubbys" she giggled

"Amanda...I'm sorry I said...I did try to tell you!"

"Don't worry" she laughed "I know you did and I wanted it as much as you did. It'll be ok, it’s very unlikely I'd fall preggies at my age but I'll get the morning after pill to be on the safe side.

I watched as she walked into the bathroom, again with that sexy wiggle I had seen earlier only this time naked, I heard the sound of her peeing and then she reappeared, “I'd better to clean up now” and stood in front of the door, suggestively wiping her pussy with a towel, her pussy was looking absolutely wrecked, red and swollen and the lips were folded back, I was very pleased with myself, I had given her the seriously good seeing to that she had asked and craved for.

Sadly I called a taxi and it would 10 to 20 minutes before a taxi arrived so I asked Amanda if she wanted a coffee.

"Yes" she laughed "I had better go home tasting of coffee and not something else not that he will mind!"

It was one of those awkward silences as we had the coffee as I guess we were both wondering what to say next.

Eventually I leaned in to give her a little kiss and told her "I really enjoyed tonight and that she was a fantastic fuck. I'll understand if you say no but do you want my number and stay in touch?"

"Me too!" she smiled nervously and added “and yes, I'd love to have your number but I wasn't sure if you would want it when you could no doubt have a sexy younger girlfriend"

She was obviously fishing but I told her the truth "Well, you are incredibly sexy too, that was the best sex I ever had!"

She smiled at the complement and said "Thanks that means a lot to a girl who hasn’t been fucked for well over a year."

I gave her my number which she put into her phone and I took hers.

"Right" she said and pulled me close into a tight embrace for a final kiss.

I asked if she could stay longer, as I really wanted to fuck her again, Amanda smiled and said “next time babe”, looking at her watch she said “it’s already 3, I really do need to get home soon.”

"Mmmmmm, text me soon" and then rubbed between my legs, I was a hard as she added as headed for the door.

After she'd gone I looked at the messed up bed and it couldn't quite sink in what I had just happened but I was hard again! I lay on bed and wanked as I thought of Amanda on top of me as her friend called her.

As it turned out Amanda texted me during the day to let me know all had been fine when she got in and to say again how much she had really enjoyed the evening, hoped we could meet up again soon and that she had confessed under some very heavy interrogation from her friend Jennifer about our night and I may be getting a text from Jennifer!

I replied I was really glad all was ok and that she had told her friend about the night, after all she didn’t want to be known as the one cock girl for the rest of her life.

Since then we have exchanged texts almost every day.....some quite normal and some very flirty and dirty! Telling me how she’s thinking about how much she is looking forward to having my hard black cock inside her, Cumming all over it and being filled with my Cum!"

We both agreed we would have to be careful and since then we have become Fuck Buddies meeting as often as we can and have had some wickedly dirty wild times, many of which would be worthy of a new posting!!!!.