Written by Lisa & John

18 Jan 2011

We thought we'd write this final part from Lisa's perspective and hope you enjoy it and don't mind.

All this of course is Johns fault, I'd been enjoying flaunting my almost nude body on the beach, pleased that I'd still “got it” and men enjoyed admiring my body, it made all those hours at the Gym and the effort of careful diet worth it. Observing men from behind my mirrored sunglasses when they stared at my tits and pussy hidden by the tiny piece of material, turned me on knowing they were probably imagining my cunt and fantasising about fucking me (I use the word “Cunt” now, John likes me talking dirty and it makes me feel like the Slut I aim to be). I deliberately lay with my legs parted aware that the string was tight in my gash and men could see my pussy lips. Several times, without telling John (until now), I “accidentally” slipped the string to one side, exposing my sex, getting quite moist, hopefully making their cocks stiff. One day I sat exposing my cunt to two young blokes on the the beach for over an hour until John joined me. As he's said we had some great sex and I still find it hard to believe what I did on the balcony and how things progressed. The thing is what John was whispering in my ear was almost exactly what I'd been imagining so all it took was a bit of suggestion and persuasion. By the time I stepped outside I was randy as hell and determined to go through with it, all I could think of was my pussy, cumming and the excitement of being watched while I masturbated. Getting John to fuck me in front of Doug and Gary hadn't even occurred to me at that point. Once I'd started, I couldn't have stopped and just felt completely liberated, acting out my fantasy for real, realising we had an opportunity that if we didn't take it we might not get another chance. I wanted to be fucked and not just by John.

Anyway, to continue. Walking to their flat we dropped back a bit to chat. I thought John had enjoyed watching me getting fucked in public, all the signs were positive but I wanted to be sure. He reassured me that he had enjoyed it, still had a hard on and couldn't wait to see me with Doug and Gary, and hopefully he'd get to fuck Rachel. I definitely wanted more cock, particularly after Dans lovely long, smoothly shaved cock, penetrating me more deeply than any man who'd previously fucked me. My pussy was almost tingling in anticipation of being fucked again. I had left most of the poppers unfastened and with each step my skirt opened revealing my wet cunt to passers-by. I wanted everyone to know I wasn't a boring Mum but a sexy slut who'd just been been fucked. From the looks I could tell they could see Dans spunk mixed with my cunt juices, which I could feel leaking out and running down my legs even though I’d wiped my pussy before leaving the bar. In the past few hours I’d done things which I had secretly dreamt about, being watched while masturbating excited me, being fucked watched by a crowd of people was the icing on the cake – so far!!! There were still other things I wanted to experience, things I’d never told John – until now!!! He asked if I had liked the fingers in my arse because I'd let it happen twice now. “For a moment back there I thought you were going to let Dan arse fuck you” he said. I thought for a moment before replying “I almost did. But when he stuck his knob end in my bum I realised it was to dry. If I am well lubricated first I may let them arse fuck me. It's one of several things I’ve fancied trying. I may not like it but I want to try it and find out. If you don't want me to I won't” He told me to go ahead, admitting that he had wanted to fuck my arse but had never dared ask, a lesson learnt – be open and tell each other what you want. We reached the flat and as we went in John asked what else I wanted to try “You'll just have to wait and see what happens” I told him although I wasn't sure myself.

In the flat usual thing, boys to the fridge for drinks girls to the bathroom to freshen up. I was feeling hot and sticky and asked to use the shower, stripping off, watched by Rachel who undressed and showered when I’d finished. She was quite petite, slim, small tits, little bum and instead of being completely shaved a narrow landing strip. Being away from the boys gave me an opportunity to ask Rachel about anal sex and if Dan fucked her up the arse. “Often. You should give it a try” she told me and when I asked her for advice told me “Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication”. You'll find some in the drawer by the bed” Another couple had supposed to have come but the woman had been feeling unwell and been taken home by her husband, leaving me and Rachel with just four men to see to us. Rachel was really sweet and told me that as it was my first time I could have three and she would look after John. Rachel and I walked in naked, my pussy juicing again watching as the men all stripped and I saw Doug and Garys cocks clearly for the first time, not huge 6 or 7 inches, clearly no problems in that area as the both got themselves hard. It was a large studio flat a super kingsize bed on one side a fold out double opposite, the reason they rented the flat. Everyone could see what was happening, watching or joining in as they wished.

I was wondering what happens now. Do I just grab a cock, lie on the bed and spread my legs, what’s the etiquette for swinging? Rachel and John were on the fold out bed and I was not left wondering for long as Dan pulled me on to the king sized bed and started sucking my nipples, I let my legs fall open, inviting attention, Gary obliging, going down on my pussy, holding me opening, sticking his tongue in my hole, licking and sucking on my clitty, doing a nice job. John was propped on pillows opposite watching me, Rachels head resting on his tummy with his cock in her mouth sucking him off, a hand between his legs, massaging his balls, fingering his arse, while his hand was between her legs, fingers in pussy. I mouthed that I loved him, he grinned then looked down at Rachel, her mouth stretched wide, taking his thick cock fully in her mouth as she pleasured him. We both had realised you couldn't fuck, watch and concentrate on your own fun.

Doug was wanking his cock by my head, pre cum leaking making the end all shiny. I wanted him in my mouth and Gary's cock in my cunt. Gary's tongue was working magic on my clitty, that thrilling feeling between my legs that warm sensation spreading as an orgasm builds. I pushed Dan away from my tits, turning over on all fours, Gary slid his rigid cock between my legs along my soaking slit, wetting his prick with my juices then slowly slipped his cock inside my pussy, stretching my tight hole fucking me doggy. Doug knelt in front of me, stroking his shaft. I stuck out my tongue, licking his knob tasting the liquid seeping from the end before running the tip off my tongue around the glans. Taking just the helmet in my mouth I gently nibbled him then started to gently suck, noticing from the corner of my eye that Rachel had mounted John’s cock, laid on top of him, telling him to give it to her hard, his prick pounding in and out of her cunt as they noisily fucked. I sucked more cock into to my mouth, at the same time Gary started fucking me harder, the lovely feeling of his stiff cock building the itch in my clitty. Holding my hips he steadily shafted me, while Doug held my head, fucking my mouth. I could sense his cock trying to push in to my throat and tilted my head back, a momentary gagging sensation as usual, then I swallowed his cock taking him down my throat, lips clamped tight on his prick. They were fucking my mouth and cunt, treating me like a slut, and I was loving it. The sensation of taking two cocks, the extra thrill, the sheer filthiness of what I was doing exciting and intensifying my pleasure. I could feel ripples through my pussy, my climax getting close, then the release as I came, Gary’s cock still ramming in and out jerking inside me as he shot several jets of jizz in my cunt. Doug still had his cock down my throat, fucking my face. As my orgasm subsided I sucked his cock harder, keeping him down my throat then he started to cum, I swallowed his spunk, tasting his cum as he pulled out shooting a final stream on my face. Gary's semi erect prick was still inside me sending little tingles through my pussy.

John and Rachel had finished fucking, he was sat on the bed, Rachel standing near by, John's cum running down her legs as she held up a tube of lube handing it to Dan. I guessed what they were planning and nodded in agreement. I wanted to be arse fucked, to feel Dan's long cock probing my tight puckered hole, fucking me. Dan poured lube on his prick massaging it in, but first another surprise. Rachel asked if she could lick me out. Like many women I suspect, though I'd never discussed it, I'd often wondered what sex with a woman would be like and wanted to find out. I didn't even consider refusing, replying “Only if I can lick John's spunk from your pussy” She told me to stay on all fours, my arse in the air while she wriggled underneath me, grabbing some pillows to raise her head. Gazing down her legs were open beneath me, her pussy open a dribble of spunk clinging to her fleshy lips. I felt Gary withdrawing his cock from my hole then Rachel's hand replacing him. Then her smooth face touching me the tip of her tongue lapping my hole. The feeling was electric, the softness of another woman between my legs, no rough facial hair and of course a womans knowledge of what excites and arouses most. I almost forgot I was supposed to be licking her out until she spread her legs wider reminding me. I touched the little landing strip of pubes running my fingers down to her clitty stroking it, so it popped from under its hood. Noticing her shudder with my gentle touch I then bent down, and sucked her clitty, tasting another womans pussy for the first time. Tasting her sex nectar mixed with Johns spunk, slipping a couple of fingers in her pussy, drawing the spunk out licking, kissing and sucking her cunt, doing to her the things I like done to me when receiving cunnilingus. The men sat watching except for Dan whose cock was fully erect. I could feel my orgasm getting close and thought Rachel was almost there too, sucking and softly kissing her clitty giving it gentle tugs, wanking her pussy with my fingers I felt an explosion of breath on my cunt as she came.

The bed moved as Dan positioned himself to fuck me up the bum. I felt liquid poured on my bum, then Dans fingers as he smoothed lubricant around my arse hole and slid a slippery finger just in me. Rachel was still under me, I rested my head on her thigh, close to her pussy, blowing on her hole, trying to relax ready to accept Dans cock in my arse. I bed moved again I sensed he was straddling me, his hands parting my cheeks, a finger in my arse the tube of lube next to it forcing lubricant in my bum hole. The tube dropped on the bed, then two fingers sliding in to my lubricated arse hole, loosening, opening me, pushing in deeper then spreading my arse hole. Then his cock, my god his cock, he pushed the end in, I was taking him, he pushed more in removing his fingers, someone was stroking my back soothingly, a low almost animal growl passed my lips as I took more of his cock, finding myself pushing back wanting to have his cock in my arse. He started to fuck me. I'd taken him he'd got his whole 8 inches up my arse, sliding in and out steadily, building up speed. Fingers on my cunt, parting my lips, Rachel was tonguing me again. That sent me over the top and I came, orgasmed harder and longer than I can remember, wave after wave of pleasure. I could feel my juices flowing almost as if I was pissing I just kept cumming and cumming, shouting at Dan ordering him not to stop. Rachel continued sucking and licking me, kissing my pussy drinking my cum. My climax was just subsiding when I felt Dan start to cum, fucking me hard, his balls slapping my cunt with each thrust, Rachel frigging my clitty quickly bringing me back up making me cum again as Dans cock pulsed in my arse as he spunked. He pulled out and I rolled on to my back exhausted.

After everything I was ready to sleep and so were the others, I slept with John and Doug. Lisa with Dan and Gary. I was woken in the morning by Doug fingering my pussy then fucking me watched by John who got his wish slipping his cock into my spunk filled cunt and fucking me straight after and adding his spunk. We only had a few days left having a second session with them before we came home and we went with Rachel and Dan and a couple of blokes they knew to a beach miles from anywhere, where Rachel and I got down and dirty before getting a good shagging from the men.

Since returning we have discussed meeting other couples and how best to go about it. We thought about going away before Christmas and seeing if we could pick up someone to join us but the weather intervened and any way we suspect it probably wouldn't have worked, been unsatisfactory or worse a total disaster. Family Christmas holidays gave us more time to think about how to go about it sensibly and hopefully result in a successful conclusion. We have now decided that the best way will be to advertise so we can choose who we want to meet and are drafting an Ad which we hope to post soon.