Written by treecreeper

10 Jun 2013

Liz has just left the house to meet her lover, Adam. She is dressed with a sexy low top but unusually, has black trousers on instead of a skirt. I was slightly surprised by that but expect that it will be on the back seat of his car before long. She has been texting him for a couple of weeks as they had not met for nearly a month due to their work commitments. However now is the day and I am sitting with the familiar feeling of lust subdued by anxious, exciting and overwhelming joy that soon she will experience sex with him again. They have been going out together to fuck for eighteen months now and she is happy to receive his bare cock in her and have his spunk deep in her pussy for me to lick out.

In the meantime I wait and imagine their meeting as they explore each other, kissing and licking, no doubt naked in some field or woodland a few miles away and in a secluded area. She has fucked with him many times and I hope it continues as long as they are enjoying the release and pleasure of sex with a different person. I know Liz will be back late afternoon with a glow on her cheeks and a smile betraying her not so secret affair with her lover. The rest will be sent tomorrow when I have been told the events of today