Written by clara_pink

5 Aug 2010

This happened a few years ago, but brings back fond memories and did lead on to a few other interesting nights!

It had been a warm weekend and the thought of goin back to work on Monday had led us to open a bottle of wine an hour or so earlier than usual. Because of the heat i was just wearing shorts and my wife, clara, a short dress, sheer white thong and matching bra. It got to around 9ish when there was a knock at the door from our neighbour ( also a very good friend and workmate). He,d come round for a night cap as his wife had gone to bed early.

Til that point we,d been sittin outside on the patio and now decided to take our little party indoors (it was gettin a bit chilly by now and clara,s nipples reflected this much to the boys delight!) Clara,s sat in the big armchair next to B while I sat opposite, the drinks flowed and the conversation turned a bit rude. The main topic being Clara's nipples which had remained hard all this time! Anyway it wasnt til B declared he must be going that things got interesting. I said to Clara you going to say good night properly whilst winking at her. She winked back, got up and stood infront of B, hitched her dress up revealing her thong and sat astride him. I sat there while she kissed him smack on the lips. His hands where all over her and when she broke away from the kiss she let him remove her dress over her head. I couldnt believe my luck, a dream come true, my cock was gettin harder by the second!

B then removed her bra just leavin her in her thong. By this time she was grinding herself against him gettin him aroused. She carried on kissing him, again only stopping to remove his top and play with his nipples. B in turn pinched Clara,s, this was gettin good! All of a sudden she stood, grabbed him by the hands so they stood facing each other and without any second thoughts removed his shorts and boxers. She pushed him back into the armchair and sat astride him once again. Poor bloke, she was playing with him, she continued to rub her self over his very erect cock. I wasnt sure if i should join in or just enjoy the action. I'll watch for now.

Clara let B finally touch her pussy, she nearly hit the ceiling, B commented on how wet she was and all i could say was she's all yours. B pulled her thong to one side and she finally took his cock in her wet pussy. She leant back and her hand went between her legs as she began to play with herself while b fucked her. Neither of them lasted long, she came 1st and in doing so milked his cock dry. She slumped foward as his cock went limp inside her.

And all i could think was i've got to get her to bed and fuck her cum filled pussy!