Written by Chris

24 Mar 2012

Before I recall what happened a couple of months ago it might be useful if I gave you a bit of background information. I have however, changed names to protect both the innocent and the guilty as this is totally true!!

Let’s start off with me; I’m Chris, 52, 5ft 10 average build, bald but slim and fit. I'm married to Mandy who is a 47 year old red head, 5ft 6 tall with a 38DD-25-38 figure which she keeps trim by working out 3-4 times a week. It would also be fair to say that we both have a very high sex drive, although I would say that Mandy is the more forward and adventurous one here. Now I think Mandy is faithful although at times I’ve wondered; however, we regularly Swing and the club we attend most of the time meets locally, usually at a members houses. When we meet we usually dress up and wear small masks; to be honest we all know who is who, but the masks help quash any inhibitions when the action starts and I've been part of some amazing orgies! I've also see Mandy do some amazing things! Hopefully that's enough about us.

About two months ago Mandy's best friend, Liz, came round to our house un-announced one evening, wanting a chat with Mandy. It was obvious she was quite upset and wanted to talk to Mandy on her own so I went and took the dog for a walk to give them some privacy. When I got back things seemed much calmer and both girls were having a glass of wine and joking with each other. After Liz had left, Mandy told me that Liz was really upset with Alex her husband who had been roughing her up a bit and probably messing around with other women behind her back. In short Liz had had enough but didn't know what to do. Now I knew Alex, he was a great big bloke who was full of himself and I certainly knew he messed about. In short he was a bit of a tosser. Additionally, me and Mandy also knew he was also trying to get into the Swinging Club, but without Liz (who wasn't into Swinging). At first he was told it was couples only, then he tried to get in with another woman ( not Liz). But as Alex is the sort of guy that would not take no for an answer and was likely to cause trouble be was told the club was full.

Things had now changed though and Mandy said that Liz now wanted to get rid of Alex, but she also wanted to get her own back for all the times he'd roughed her up and messed her about. "So what's the plan?", I asked Mandy. She told me that she had told Liz about Alex messing around and him trying to get into the Swinging Club. Mandy had also proposed a way of teaching Alex a lesson provided Liz was happy and up for it. Mandy said that initially Liz was not too keen but when she’d thought more and discussed it with Mandy she was content and up for it and by the time I walked in she was quite looking forward to it. "So what's going to happen?", I asked . "Well I haven't worked it all out yet and I will need everyone at the club to agree, but we are going to invite Alex to the club and teach him a lesson", said Mandy. I asked for more detail but she said it will be a surprise and just what he deserves.

About a week or so later and on the day before our next club meeting Mandy told me that everything was in place and that Liz was going to get herself pampered the next day and then come over to our place to get dressed etc before we went out. Around 6pm the next day Liz came round, she had a coat on but it was obvious she'd had her hair done very differently and it looked fantastic. Both girls then locked themselves in our Bedroom to get changed and put their make up on. When they both came into the lounge I was gob smacked - they both looked absolutely divine in beautiful fitted cocktail dresses, sheer seamed stockings and stiletto heels. I told them both they looked awesome and went upstairs to shower and change while they had a glass of wine. When I came back downstairs Liz and Mandy said they were ready whenever I was, so I got out three small plain masks that just covered your eyes. We then jumped in the car and I drove to the party.

We arrived at a large old 5 bed house at about 9.30pm and we were immediately given a glass of fizz in the hall. I remember Mandy asking Liz if she was ok; Liz said she was nervous but fine so Mandy explained that fairly soon we will all drift into the Lounge where the fun would start. It was also at this time that I noticed Mandy go and have a very quick chat with a slim smallish chap who appeared to be on his own. I asked Mandy who the bloke was and she said " Don't worry you'll find out later"!!

We then all started to drift into the Lounge area which was just lit by candles. The room was covered in rugs, large cushions and low soft backed stools. It was at this point that Mandy said "I’ve just been told Alex has just arrived, he's going to be slowly shown round by two guys". "That's not normal", I said. " I know", she replied "he will eventually be led up to us to be dealt with". This made me nervous but to be honest my nerves disappeared when I next saw Liz and Mandy. They had both taken off their dresses. Mandy was wearing a small Black lace Basque that revealed her massive tits, hold up stockings and stiletto's and nothing else - she looked like a total temptress with a beautifully waxed pussy. Liz looked just as good, she was wearing an Eight strap suspended belt, fully fashioned stockings and heels and that was it, plus she had also had her pussy fully waxed. Considering this was Liz's first visit to a Swinging Party she looked very relaxed, perhaps this was because she had a mask on and everyone around her had stripped off and were getting down to action?

Mandy then Invited Liz to lie with her on one of the large cushions and as Mandy whispered something in her ear she started to gently massage her tits and then stoke the lips of her pussy. By this time I had stripped off and had taken the cushion next to Mandy and Liz; and after watching my wife pleasure another woman for a few minutes it wasn't long before my cock was rock hard. What I hadn't noticed at first was that on the other side of Liz and Mandy was the bloke that Mandy had been talking to as soon as we entered the room because the next thing I saw was him rolling in between Liz's legs.

Then Alex appeared in front of us standing there with two men on either side of him; although he was wearing a mask it was obvious to us who he was. The two men either side of Alex were wearing small black silk thongs, indicating they were staff, but Alex like the rest of us was naked. What was also obvious was that for a great big tall bloke Alex was not particularly well endowed, he had a semi hard on that can only have been 4 inches at the most. Mandy looked up at Alex and said " Hi, like what you see? Want to see some more?", in a low husky voice. It was obvious that Alex hadn't recognised anyone as he just nodded and said "Yes", in a quite subdued voice as he watched Liz and the bloke between her legs, who was now licking the inside of Liz's thighs as he slowly moved towards her pussy. Mandy then turned her attention on the bloke and said "Yes that's it, now lick her pussy, make her cum, get her ready", as she gently guided his head towards Liz's naked pussy. Liz by this point was obviously getting very turned on, as she started to writhe around and throw her head back - her first orgasm then hit her. I also noticed that a small crowd was gathering to watch things develop. Mandy by this time was just behind the bloke on his knees and she had her hands between his legs from behind, she was obviously wanking him as he licked Liz's pussy.

Eventually the bloke stood up and a number of people including myself gasped. The man wasn’t particularly tall or well built, although he was slim and fit. What everyone gasped at was the thing between his legs. This man was completely hairless below the neck and he had the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was absolutely huge, at least ten inches long, very thick ( no way could Mandy get her hand round it) and veiny. The bloke just stood with his hands on his hips breathing deeply as Mandy knelt in front of him wanking his shaft with both her hands and sucking his cockhead. Fairly soon the man was fully hard, God he was well hung, his cock was dripping saliva and pre cum and obviously ready to be used. Mandy looked up at Alex, who was staring at the blokes cock with his mouth open, and said "what do you think is going to happen now?". Alex then quietly said "He's going to fuck her"; Mandy then hissed "No he's not Alex, he's actually going to fuck your wife!". Alex just shouted "What" and at the same time Liz lifted her mask for a second to show her face. Alex then tried to get at Liz but the two chaps either side of Alex we're waiting for this, so they both held him still. Mandy then went on to say " And you Alex are going to watch every second of your wife being seeded by a monster cock". Liz now held her pussy lips open as Mandy started to introduce the massive cock. Liz then said to Mandy "Come on feed my pussy with that big dick, I want fucking properly for once". Alex struggled as he watched the massive cockhead force Liz's pussy wide open, at first I didn't think she would take it but eventually her pussy yielded and the massive cock started to disappear. The bloke pushed about 4 inches in then he slowly withdrew and pushed some more in but Liz looked up at him and "Yes , put it in me, feed my pussy", and the turning to Alex she said " watch you bastard, watch me being mounted by my Bull, watch me take him all of his huge cock and then watch him seed me" Liz then returned her glance to her Bull as she said "All of it, put it all in me now". He didn't disappoint her as we all watched him lunge forward and bury 10 or more inches of hard cock into Liz's pussy until his huge balls slapped her arse. Then the fucking really started, the Bull started off slowly at first but it did t take long before he’d worked up speed and was pounding Liz as orgasm after orgasm was hitting her. After quite a few minutes he muttered that he was about to come. Liz said "Pull it out and get that bastard closer I want him to see me being seeded”. Alex was then forced even closer and pushed down on his knees so that he was right next to Liz's Bull. I then saw the Bull grunt and he withdrew, for a moment his massive cock just hung in front of Liz's pussy, then it twitched and then this massive spurt flew out leaving a great rope of come over Liz's pussy stomach and tits – it even hit her neck. Mandy then reached over and grabbed the massive cock and just as the second squirt came she pointed the cock at Alex - a load went all over his face. Mandy then started to drink the cum from the Bulls cock and clean up Liz. Finally, Liz turned round to the two men holding Alex and said " I don't need him to see my Bull take me again, throw him out and tell him his stuff is in the shed and all the locks are changed in the house. I don’t want to ever see him again". With that Alex was taken away. Mandy then came over to me and said "That bastard deserved that, but right now I’m in need of a good fucking" as she grabbed my cock and started wanking it. Who was I to argue?

Liz took her Bull again later that night and a couple of other guys. Her life has now changed forever and she has said that irrespective of Alex she found taking a massive cock in front of everyone was an enormous turn on and she wants more. I later learnt that Alex was given his clothes back then thrown out of the club and told never to come back - he is now communicating with Liz via his divorce lawyer. Mandy and Liz are even better friends now than before and Liz has told Mandy that she would like to come to the Swinging Club meetings in future and I hear she's also seeing her Bull, who's name is Andy. If you want me to post further developments of Liz and Mandy’s antics, let me know.