Written by kajon

21 May 2018

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She was now nursing the baby and hadn't been out with her boozy friends on their nights out so John hadn't been needed in his Taxi. She was producing too much milk so sometimes expressed milk down the sink cos her tits got hard and painful. What a waste. I reminded her John fantasised abou milking her while she was sitting on his cock but she said she wont do it that way even if she was pissed but he can still milk her and as I fuck her. She said she cant drink alcohol if she's breast feeding so I said why not store bottles of your milk in the fridge. That got her thinking cos she was back to her randy self and had missed a bit fun and was so randy I couldn't keep up with her demands . She said she'd give that a go and started to save her milk instead of wasting it. . I said get drunk one night and I'll get him to come round. Straight away she said Tuesday will be best cos he once told her its dead that night so often has a shift off . She knew more about John than I did.

The next day, Monday she went shopping and bought whisky and lemonade which told me she was keen and looking forward to tomorrow night. On Tuesday morning I was going off to work and she shouted 'have you rang John ' so I said yes, he's coming round tonight fo 7pm and we'll go for a couple of drinks to give her time to get sorted. .

He came round spot on 7pm , keen as mustard, and she was in the sitting room ready to tease 'tit man John'. She had her tits out feeding the baby. I told him to to say hello so he popped his head in and got a good look at her big milky tits as she'd planned . He just said oops have I came at a bad time and she said its ok I didnt here you come in. He just said , I'll see you later then Karen and we went out for a couple of pints. She finished feeding then put baby in the cot and then got herself a drink. I told her we'd be back for 9pm and we were and she was already getting tipsy. He said said have you been drinking Karen cos your not supposed to when your like that. She said she was desperate for a drink and has plenty milk in the fridge for later.

I went to get some drinks for the three of us. After about 20 mins we heard crying on the baby monitor so I told her to sit where she is and I'll take a bottle up. I gave him the thumbs to start flirting . I was away about 15 mins and when I got back she was lying back on the sofa as if she was drunk and he had her blouse open sucking her tits. She told me later she wasn't drunk and just acted. She said when I was up stairs seeing to baby he was talking to her tits so she'd said to him my face is higher up John. He'd said sorry but I noticed your blouse was wet. She said ' He'll have told you I've got too much milk cos I know he cant keep anything secret' He said it has been mentioned and laughed . So she closed her eyes and he made a move and sat next to her and open her blouse and started sucking her tits just as I walked in the room. So I sat on the other side of her ,unzipped my cock and put it in her hand knowing it would tease her. It did cos she started slowly stroking it .A stiff cock always gets her fanny wanting it so I pushed her skirt up and was amazed she'd left her knickers off . She certainly was keen wearing stockings and suspenders but no knickers and a freshly shaved fanny. I couldnt wait and just shoved my cock up her and started fucking her as he kept milking her tits. He just seemed to like milking her and had milk all over her tits and stomach. I dont think he drank all that much but later he said he did. She was so horny getting fucked infront of him, but I didnt want her to cum too quick in case she cooled off so I pulled out. I knew she would be furious after getting her going then pulling out. To keep her happy I told him it was his turn to fuck her, so he knelt between her thighs and slid into her . He said later that her pussy was so wet and slimy. He is very fit and as he fucked her he leaned over and managed to suck her tits cos they were much bigger than normal. He managed to suck milk successfully at the same time as he fucked her. He said its a shame she cant sit on his cock . So I said we'll try and I lifted drunken Karen up (but really she got up herself) and as she sat down on his cock I guided it into her. That was so horny seeing her half asleep bouncing on his cock while he milked her tits. I dont really drink her milk but he loved it cos it was Karens milk. After they'd fucked for about ten mins and she'd came just before him she flopped sideways back onto the sofa and he went off home after one more suck of her tits. After he'd left she was wide awake so we went on the bed for a bit fun.Her fanny was swimming in her juices and his spunk as we talked about it. She'd enjoyed it and said as long as I dont tell him she wasnt drunk so I said I wont. I told her he thinks drink knocks her for six ao its a great excuse to get extra cock for her. We discussed what we could do the next time. She must have liked it otherwise she'd have said that's it.