Written by Rob

12 Aug 2018

To continue I saw Kate for about 20 months not all was great our relationship could be firery at times. The main problem being it being one sided in that Kate only saw me when she wanted.

A new chef arrives at the pub and is living in the staff house. He is a bit quiet and shyish and away from home. I take him under my wing so to speak he has never lived down south as he comes from cumbria area.

We go out and about drinking one day I offer to take him in to the west end of London he has never been to London so agrees.

On our day off we get up early and get the train in. Taking him around the westend pubs and shops etc. There is a large sex shop there too which i pop in too. Purchasing two vibrators and lube for Kate a smallish vib and a ramant rabbit.

Kate is due round that night where she is coming for a meal cooked by me, Kate loves my cooking as her husband has never cooked for her or pampered her unlike me. When she arrives dinner is almost ready table set wine cooled and flowers. On the bed is a bag containing the vibrators and lube. Kate asks whats in the bag .

Something to help with desert I reply but uou will have to wait until desert.

After our meal Kate is dying to see whats in the bag so I allow her to open it she reaches in and pulls out its contents . Desert she says yes you are desert.

Kate needs no more encouragement and gets down to her undies teasing me on the bed not that i need teasing. We start on what is now the usual foreplay kissing and caressing. Then its time to introduce her new toys first the small vibrator.

After Lightly teasing Kates pussy I slip it in a bit at a time which she seems to enjoy. After a while I ask if she would like to try the rabbit to which she says it would be a shame not too.

Again lightly teasing at first then after a while i slip it in once all the way in and now with the rabbit on her clit Kate is moaning and squirming. Being a little brave now I take hold of the small vib and place it on her bum hole with it on a light vibration not knowing how it will go down but surprisingly all Kates says is slowly please. Being given the green light ilI lube up both the vib and her hole slowly nudging the tip of it in Kate takes hold of the rabbit allowing me to guide the small vib in to her tight but relaxed bumhole.

It does not take much longer before Kate is cumming hard as her orgasm starts to subside i remove both vibrators I lick her now soaking pussy and then kiss her hard on the mouth she loves the taste of her pussy on my lips.

As i do i slip my cock deep inside Kates now very wet and hot pussy we fuck for ages in different positions making the most of our time.

At one point i whisper I would love to fuck her in her arse Kate say I can but please be gentle.

I lube up my cock and her arse again slowly I push the head in making sure she is ok and asking iif she wants more again I get the permission to carry on.

Eventually I and balls deep in Kates lovely tight arse and I start to slowly fuck her Kate is loving it as the pace starts to speed up she is moaning and on the verge of an orgasm. I grab her hair calling her a dirty bitch oh yes she says. Who dirty bitch are you She replies your dirty bitch im your hoare your dirty fucking hoare she cries out i slap her arse hard on both cheeks which she loves. Omg im cumming she cries out I can feel her arse pulsing around my cock which drives me over the edge can i come in your arse yes she screams fill me up as she feels my cock pulse inside her she cums hard at the same time.

Slowly after I pull out. Kate says that I am the first that has fucked her arse ever and she loved it and it had always been sometjing she wanted to try.

Needless to say that was not the last timewe done anal. When really aroused on occasions Kate would demand for me to fuck her arse and fuck her hard. I would also take control tying her to my bed and handcuffing her I would also blind fold her so she never knew what I was going to do to her next.

Over the 20 months we hard a great time. Pushing her boundaries which there were very few tbh.

Although Kate had a very neayly trimmed strip I decided on one occasion that I wanted it completely smooth which she allowed me to do. Obviously I had to check my shaving skills only one way to make sure it was completely smooth with my mouth and tongue driving her wild.

Watch this space for more adventures although I cant remember them all as there was so many.