Written by J2S

11 Apr 2012

Well you may remember reading some stories by “Kate” a couple of months ago? She is a beautiful and sexy woman who I met on a dating web site who has been my most amazing lover. She is 31..... sorry darling... and I am 42. The first night we met we went for drinks in the pump house on the Liverpool river front. There was a real connection with lots of touching and a gentle kiss. We went back to her flat and had an amazing time in bed with both of us coming multiple times, me in her pussy, mouth and over her tits. But this is the story of how she has blossomed over the last 8 months.

We meet once a week or every other week and have had some amazing moments. They always start the same, I get to her door and she opens it, with her blonde hair looking amazing, painted nails, lipstick, sometimes wearing a dress, sometimes just in her stockings, basque or Bra and knickers. The most amazing thing is that she always prepares for our meetings and looks beautiful, with a lovely shaved pussy. Once inside we tease each other before that first, very soft and gentle kiss, holding each others faces, or me running my hand through her hair. Sometimes I push her against the wall and force he legs wide open, she likes me to take control, as my aim is to give her the most satisfying sexual experience I can.

Once I arrived and she didn’t meet me at the door. As I came in there was soft music in the back ground and candles lit. The sight that met my eyes as I entered the living room instantly got my cock hard and I started to dribble pre-come. There was my beautiful Kate, bent over the kitchen top, with her heels and stockings on. Her big soft tits swinging beneath her and the slightest hint of her shaved pussy.

I came up behind her and gently stroked the back of her thighs as she let out a soft moan. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to lick her pussy and make her cum or to just use her for my own pleasure. I gently rubbed her back and slipped off my jeans to release my thick, hard throbbing cock and gently rubbed it against her pussy lips. Kate like me to tease her, then without warning thrust inside her wet and very tight pussy, taking her breath away and making her moan out loud and I wasn’t going to disappoint. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust deep hard and fast making her legs buckle a little then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She came quickly moaning loud telling me she was going to cum. After she calmed down, I turned her round and gave her that first gentle kiss. It was now my turn to explore her sexy tits and nipples, lick her pussy and then get her to ride me before exploding inside her.

Kate is very confident in her sexuality..... and rightly so. We are not actually an item, but meet because we know what each other wants and desires and there is no pressure from either side. Eventually it will come to an end but for now we enjoy each other when the want arises.

We have spoken about fantasies and had some amazing moments which I will write about again soon. The next step on our adventure is to go to a swinging club, where Kate wants to experience her first girl, to be fucked from behind by me whilst people watch and to have the wildest night of her life. Well it’s all planned for next Saturday. We haven’t decided on where yet........ but we are open to suggestions. I have set a membership up on here but in truth never really used it. Did think that Kate should do the same but her PC keeps crashing. Hope you enjoyed and maybe you’ll get to see us both.... very soon. If not I’m sure Kate will love writing about her first swingers club experience. You can see her stories on 9th Feb Sexy Fridays, 12th dec Worth the wait (my favourite), 9th Nov An Unexpected Adventure 2, 2nd Nov An Unexpected Adventure.