Written by Carolsearching

2 May 2012

I’ve mentioned my five close friends who I go out for a meal with about once a month. I also mentioned Katie, who is the very shy one who is reticent when the rest of us talk about sex. We were all aware that Katie and her husband had been trying for a baby without success for some years, ever since they were first married. We’d all suggested that she and her husband should try to get fertility tests, since if there was a problem they might be able to put things right. Since it was clear that she was embarrassed talking about it, it was never mentioned again.

Katie rang one evening, and Dave picked up, listened and then passed the phone to me. “Your friend Katie, she wants to talk to you” he said. The first thing Katie asked was “Can Dave hear what I’m saying?” I glanced across at Dave and put my finger to my lips before answering with a lie “No, he’s just gone into the kitchen”. “I need to talk to you” she said, “Some time when your husband isn’t in”. To say that I was curious was an understatement. “Dave’s out playing darts on Thursday night, why don’t you come round then?” “What time?” she asked. “Dave goes out about half-past seven, any time after that” then wondering what this was I about added “He usually gets back sometime after ten-thirty”. “Can I see you then?” she asked. “Of course, I look forward to seeing you”. “Thanks” she said, ending the call. “What was that all about?” asked Dave. I shrugged “I don’t know”.

Thursday came and almost immediately after Dave had left, picked up by the wife of one of his friends who often drove to avoid drink-drive problems, Katie knocked on the door. “That’s good timing” I said, “Dave’s just left”. “I know” Katie said, “I was waiting for him to leave” and when she saw my puzzled look she added “I don’t want my husband to know I’ve been here” which really raised my curiosity level. We went into the lounge switching the TV off so that we wouldn’t be distracted. She sat on the edge of the settee, curling and uncurling her fingers, looking worried. She was silent, and wouldn’t meet my eyes. Normally Katie is fairly placid, so I knew that she had something serious on her mind. I stood and said “Let me get you a drink so you can start to tell me what’s wrong”. When she got her drink she twiddled the glass and was still silent until I encouraged her “You’ve gone to the trouble to come round tonight. Why not just come out with whatever is worrying you. You know anything you say won’t go any further”. With an effort she pulled herself together and started.

“You know that we’ve been trying for a baby for ages?” she asked. “Yes” I replied, then suspecting that she’d had bad news about infertility asked “What was the result?” “There’s nothing wrong with me” she said. “And your husband?” I asked. After a long pause as she looked away from me, staring at the carpet, and then looking up she said “He refuses to go. He says that there’s nothing wrong with him. I’ve tried to encourage him telling him that if there is a problem they’ll be able to fix it, but he refuses”. I saw tears forming at the corner of her eyes and she said “We’ve been having rows about it. I just don’t know what to do”. I wondered what advice I could give her, thinking as hard as I could, then asked “Is your sex life OK?” “Oh yes, that side of things is fine. They gave me a chart at the doctor’s and I’ve been taking my temperature so that I could have sex at the time I’m most fertile, but still nothing”. Tears were now running down her cheeks, and her voice was a little cracked. I moved next to her and put my arm around her shoulders. “Don’t cry” I said, ”I really don’t know how to advise you, but maybe if you give your husband time with no pressure he might come round and have the tests to see if there is something amiss and get treatment to fix it”. “And if there is something seriously wrong” I continued “You could always adopt”, “But I want my own baby” she choked, bursting into tears. I went into the kitchen and brought back a box of tissues, sitting close to her again putting my arm around her. I sat silent wondering what on earth I could do or say, until she stopped crying and, blew her nose loudly. “I’m sorry Katie, but I just can’t think of anything I can do to help, only give you a shoulder to cry on”. The thought flashed through my mind that that was a stupid thing to say when she’d just been crying on my shoulder. She was obviously pulling herself together when she pulled slightly away from me, turned to face me looking intently into her eyes. Huskily she said “But there is something that you can do”. “You know I’ll do whatever I can” I said convincingly. She was still staring into my eyes, and the pause seemed to go on forever, before she blurted out “I want you to give me a baby”. I was stunned. No way would I be a surrogate mother. Not for anyone. I pulled myself together and said as levelly as I could “I couldn’t be a surrogate mother. No, I wouldn’t be a surrogate mother”. Katie looked surprised, and then with a weak smile said “That’s not what I was asking”. “Then what?” I prompted. “You won’t be upset will you?” and paused as if wanting an answer. I struggled to figure out what she was talking about. “Upset about what?” I asked. It was Katie’s turn to look puzzled. She stared at me, until she realised that she hadn’t made things clear. To say she blushed was an understatement, before she looked me intently in the eyes again and said with a determined voice “I want Dave to give me a baby”. I was speechless and had to stand and go and get myself another drink. As I poured the vodka into the glass, I paused then added the same about again before topping up with orange juice”. This time I sat down opposite her wanting to distance myself from her. I stared at her for a few moments before asking “You’re serious aren’t you?” “Yes” she answered. “Why me and Dave? Why not someone else?” I asked. “Well” she said “I know that Dave doesn’t mind other men having sex with you, so I thought that you wouldn’t mind Dave having sex with me”. It must have taken at least a minute for me to digest this. Then she added “I wouldn’t mind if you watched. In fact I’d feel more comfortable if you were there, it wouldn’t feel so wrong”. But the more I thought about it, the better I could understand why she’d asked me. So why I was so shocked at the thought of Dave having sex with a close friend? Katie went on, pressing home her case “And I know that you and Dave would never ever say anything about it to anyone. Only me and you two would ever know about it”. Then I asked the question that I already knew the answer to, “And what does your husband think about your scheme?” Katie looked shocked, saying “Oh god, he must never know about it”. That made sense.

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of an argument against her somewhat tilted logic that would convince her. So I took the easy way out, by shifting the responsibility to Dave. “I’d have to ask Dave. I’m not sure he likes you enough or more accurately to like you enough to have sex with you”. Her face had brightened “But you will ask him, won’t you. Please Carole. You know how much this means to me”, then she thought about another inducement, “I realise that Dave’s very experienced, and I’m prepared to do anything he wants me to do for him. You will tell him that won’t you?” Weakly I said “Yes Katie I’ll tell him”. “Promise?” she pressed. “Yes” I answered with nowhere else to go other than to agree. Katie looked at her watch and said “I’d better go; I’m supposed to be at a friends who will cover for me”. We stood and led the way to the door. Just before leaving she turned and embraced me. “Thank you, I knew that you’d not let me down”. Then she walked down the road to where I could see her car. I went inside and finished up my drink.

When Dave arrived home I related Katie’s visit, and when I’d finished all he could say was “Christ”, then staring me in the eyes asked “And what’s your take on it?” “More important is what you think” I responded. He considered it for a minute before asking “Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable having me fuck a close friend?” I replied “Well you watch me fucking someone else on a regular basis. You could argue, as Katie did, that where’s the difference? You weren’t there, she’s desperate for a baby and I’m sure that but for that she’d never ever have sex with another man”. “OK” he said, shrugging. The matter was settled. I rang Katie in the morning and gave her the news. “I’ll ring you back later” she said and I knew her husband was there. When she rang me at work on my mobile she explained that according to her chart she’d be most fertile the next week and we set the day and time, Katie saying that she’d get her friend to cover for her again.

When Katie arrived, Dave had showered, run his electric razor over his face, and put some after-shave on. Katie stood in the lounge looking very nervous. I went to the drinks poured a large vodka topped up with orange juice. Katie took a sip, grimaced, and then drank it down. “Come on Katie we’ll go up first”, then turning to Dave “Give us five minutes”. He nodded. I led the way upstairs to the bedroom and took her jacket off throwing it on the chair. She had put on a button-down dress, fastened at the front so it was easy to take off, leaving her in bra and panties. I spun her round to face away from me, unfastened the bra and threw it on top of the coat. Then I hooked my thumbs in her pants and slid them down and she stepped out of her shoes while freeing her pants. I spun her round to face me and she coyly covered he pubic region with the hands. “Nervous?” I asked looking her in the eyes. “Very” she replied in a small voice. “Don’t be. Dave can be very gentle – you’ll very likely enjoy it” I said. Just get into bed under the sheet and relax. I pulled the duvet off and she got in. pulling up the sheet gripping it with her hands clenched tightly. I had to supress a laugh when Dave knocked on the bedroom door before entering. That was a first, I thought. Katie looked at me as Dave took his clothes off and asked “Can I have the light off?” I replied “No. I would prefer it to be left on so that I can be sure that you’re OK”, which wasn’t true because I simply wanted to watch. Dave pulled at the sheet which Katie was reluctance to let go, and as she released it, Dave stared at the naked form of Katie. When the sheet had come down, Katie’s hands went to her pubic region, covering herself. Katie is a small petite girl and I felt a twinge of arousal as I anticipated what was about to happen. I went to the side of the bed to hold Katie’s hand. She really was so very nervous. Dave was on his knees straddling Katie’s legs and pulled at her legs to separate them so as to go down on her, but she resisted, and I had to squeeze Katie’s hand and say “Relax Katie, relax your legs” and she reluctantly allowed Dave to separate them and reposition himself to go down with his head between her legs. I was still holding on hand but the other had slid down as her legs were separated to cover her vulva. Dave moved it aside, after a moment of resistance. Dave went to work on her clitoris with this tongue and after about thirty seconds her body had a small shudder and visibly became more pliant; her knees rising up slightly as she involuntarily adopted a more receptive position. She closed her eyes and her breathing changed. I knew it was going to be alright when she commenced small mewing sounds as her arousal progressively increased. Katie’s eyes opened, turning her head to fix them on my face, lips apart, occasionally flicking her tongue out to moisten them. One of Dave’s hands was resting on Katie’s flat stomach, sensing the degree of her arousal. As Katie became more vocal, he shifted his position so he could reach his finger inside Katie’s vagina to pulsate her g-spot. I estimate it took only about twenty seconds before Katie went into a convulsing orgasm with a loud cry, jerking about with her hand gripping mine so tightly that it was uncomfortable.

Dave leaned back on his haunches, watching Katie come down, and as her breathing became more regular he got her by the hips, and elbowing me aside positioned her sideways on the bed with her hips on the edge. I got hold of a pillow, and raising Katie’s head with one hand and pushed the pillow underneath. “So you can watch” I said softly with a smile. Dave was now standing at the edge of the bed with a large hard erection, and I could see Katie’s eyes wide watching it as Dave moved it towards her, positioning it first at the top of her vulva near her clitoris and gently moving forward and back moved it to rest against the mouth of her vagina. He reached forward to grasp her small wrists to pull her towards him as he pushed his cock inside her. She cried out loudly, tried to wriggle away, but her legs had no purchase and Dave held her by the wrists preventing her from avoiding the thrust inside her. He paused once he was just inside, and Katie looked between me and the sight of Dave’s penis poised to plunge deeper within her. “You OK” said Dave thickly, and Katie nodded with a little grimace. Dave nodded, glanced at me and I nodded and he slowly pushed himself inside her until and there was a long cry as Katie felt it going up against her cervix. Still holding her wrists Dave moved in and out, very slowly. I could see perspiration on Katie’s forehead and the shine of Katie’s lubrication on Dave’s cock as it moved on its outward path before returning in again. Katie was soon in the ‘zone’, making unintelligible noises, occasionally interspersed with pleas of “Fuck me, Oh Fuck me” and “Harder, harder”, and “Please, please”. Katie had a jerking convulsive orgasm with a long loud cry. Dave stopped his thrusting but left his cock deep inside her, waiting for her to come down a little. I could see the sheen of sweat now, all over her body. I was wet myself, wanting to masturbate yet wanting to savour every moment of Katie’s impregnation without distraction. While waiting for Dave to start again, I reflected that I now knew exactly how Dave felt when watching me being fucked by a stranger. Dave, instead of recommencing his thrusting, withdrew his wet cock and reaching down until Katie was well on the way to a third orgasm. He then pushed his cock inside her causing him to gasp, and then pushing in to her cervix did his little screwing movement of his hips until he slipped past the mouth of the cervix to push right up inside her stomach. He then commenced small but rapid movements making her moan continuously until she was near orgasm and Dave pulled back and savagely pumped in and out and ejaculated with a loud cry as Katie convulsed, with Dave holding her from pulling off his penis. I myself was so aroused and wet that I unzipped my jeans, reached inside my pants and masturbated, leaning back against the wall, rapidly bringing myself to a convulsing orgasm. Dave heard me cry out and turned his head and when he saw my face and my hand down the front of my pants, grinned and quipped “I don’t even have to fuck you to give you and orgasm”. Dave looked back at Katie and slowly withdrew from her, his penis shining, and a little trickle of semen leaking out of Katie. Katie’s legs had fallen, still apart, her toes just touching the carpet, her body not moving except for the rise and fall of her breathing and a small tremor in her legs. In spite of the sex that she’d just had, she looked so fragile and innocent lying there. Dave looked at me and asked “Is she alright?” “You certainly did a job on her didn’t you?” I said, continuing “Give her a few minutes and she’ll be OK”. Eventually she raised herself on her elbows, looking around. “Where’s Dave?” she asked. “He’s in the shower. He won’t be long, then you can go in to clean up” I answered. “I wanted to thank him” Katie said, “It’s never happened like that to me before. I realise now that I don’t think I’ve had a real orgasm before. Now I understand why you do what you do”. She stood up, saying “I feel really good now” then looked down at the semen leaking down the inside of her thighs. I reached into the bedside cabinet to hand her the box of tissues.

Dave came back in the bedroom, and Katie went out to the bathroom to shower. Dave got some clothes on and we both went downstairs, knocking on the bathroom door on the way to say “We’ll be downstairs when you’re dressed. In our lounge Dave poured drinks and observed “That seems to have gone rather well”. “I noticed” I replied with a crooked smile. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it?” he asked. “It’s a new experience on my tick-list, to see my best friend fucked senseless by my husband” I said. “Hardly senseless” Dave protested. “Oh come on. She was zoned out in another place when you’d finished with her.” I responded, “You saw her lying there”. He shrugged his shoulders, saying “A little pleasure is always a good thing”. I shook my head. When Katie came down, she accepted a drink and when she’d drained it said that she’d best be leaving.

As we walked her to the door, she turned to Dave, and reaching up pulled down his face to hers and brushed a kiss on his lips, “Thank you Dave, that was great, something I’ll never forget” she said. As I opened the door for her to leave she said “See you tomorrow night at the same time”. “What do you mean? Tomorrow night?” I asked. She replied “There’s three successive most fertile days on the fertility chart, today was the first. There are two more to go”. Then added “We’ve got to be sure, you wouldn’t want me knocking on your door next month” with a grin, turned and walked out to her car.

The following night she turned up again and again Dave gave her two orgasms then I decided to teach her a lesson, when she was starting to get aroused moving towards a third orgasm I covered her mouth with mine, pinched her nose and started buddy-breathing her. The oxygen in her lungs and bloodstream became depleted and the carbon dioxide increased. This resulted in congestion and tightening of her vagina increasing its sensitivity, and the depletion of oxygen in her brain caused her whole body to convulse, accompanied by a semi-hallucinatory state and massive orgasm. Dave held her towards him holding her wrists so that her jerking didn’t allow her to come off his cock. The sight of her in that state brought Dave to an orgasm so he ejaculated deep inside her, thus bringing it all to an end.

When Katie came round she sat up still trembling all over and asked “What was that you did to me? That orgasm tore me apart. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know who I was. It was incredible.” I laughed and said “That’s what Dave sometimes does to me to tell me that I’m a very bad girl”. “It also makes sure that I’ll always come back to him, no matter how many guys I fuck”.

The third night was little more than a straight fuck. The novelty was wearing off.

Seven weeks later at the monthly meal with my close friends. Katie announced “I’ve got news”, continuing when looking directly into my eyes but speaking to the group “I’m having a baby”. Then a day or two later, a card arrived in the mail addressed to Dave which said “Thank you for the present”, with no signature.

Some months later, Katie wasn’t even showing her pregnancy when she caught me alone as we left the restaurant after our monthly meal. “I still remember that second night, especially what you did to me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it” she said. I answered testily “I’d appreciate it if you never ever mention that again. In fact I’d like you to forget the whole thing”. She looked at me, then shrugged her shoulders and moved off to where her husband was waiting to drive her home.

The reminders didn’t stop there, another unsigned card arrived nine months after the event which said “Congratulations on Your New Baby” with “Your” crossed out and “My” penned in instead.

I must admit I felt a little weird when I first saw the baby. It was a very disturbing feeling in a way I couldn’t identify. But I suspect that I’ll never forget the image Katie’s mall figure spread open impaled on Dave’s cock as she convulsed in orgasm.