Written by Richy

27 Feb 2011

After going on holiday to France for years, always staying near nude beaches we had never seen any one shagging or anything. We'd noticed couples going off into the dunes, but never looked to see what they were up to, if anything. We had sometimes gone to the dunes, usually for shelter if it was windy, which it can be on that part of the coast in the Languedoc. A few times I'd fingered Kay until she came and she tossed me off, hidden by a canvas windbreak. She went further two years ago and gave me a blow job.

Last summer we went away earlier than usual, in June, the weather was good and the beaches much less crowded. Kay is fifty two, a red head and has to be careful sunbathing. She is quite voluptuous, and certainly would not want to burn her tits, an impressively rounded and firm pair of large 40ff's, or her pussy which she'd shaved for the holiday. We were in the second week and both tanning nicely. It was a bit breezy and we'd set up our umbrella and towels in a dip in the dunes behind the beach. Kay searched through her bag for sun lotion and found she'd picked up one that was almost empty so I volunteered to go back and fetch another. I was gone about 20 minutes heading back to where she was laid when I noticed a young lad standing, back to me. I changed direction to pass closer to him and realised what he was doing. I would guess he was only 18 or 19 and he was stroking his cock, openly wanking and watching Kay, not spying because he wasn't hidden from her. His prick looked a good 8 inches and thick, certainly larger than mine. A bigger surprise was when I saw Kay, she was laid on her back eyes closed. Her eyes may have been closed but her legs weren't. She had her knees up, thighs spread wide, rubbing the last drops of sun cream on to her pussy. She reached down, massaging the cream onto her shaven mound then around her hole. Her cunt already looked wet, gaping open, as if she been wanking or fucked. I moved closer, to the young guy to see better, he indicated to me to keep quiet as Kay slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy, masturbating while he wanked his stiff prick. I could hear her moaning softly as she frigged faster, rubbing her clit, wanking her hole. Her other hand was on one of her tits, playing with the erect nipple, squeezing and pulling on it, moaning getting louder, her hips moving, as if being fucked and taking cock instead of fingers. Suddenly she clamped her thighs together gave a satisfied sigh, her fingers still in her pussy, her tits shaking as she shuddered and orgasmed. She sat up looking over her huge breasts, opening her eyes, just in time to see the lad shoot his load onto the sand. She smiled at him as he shook the last drops of sperm from his cock then gave her a wave before leaving. I waited a moment before joining her, my prick rock hard. Standing over her telling her it was the horniest and sluttiest thing I'd ever seen her do. She told me to wank and cum on her so I stroked my cock until my spunk splashed all over her tits and she rubbed it in. Afterwards she explained that she'd been laid there for only a few minutes after I’d left and had noticed the lad watching her. She noticed the size of his cock and when he started to stroke it and it began to get bigger and harder she decided to give him something to wank over. She had been masturbating for about 15 minutes and cum twice she'd found it so arousing. “No harm done and I think we both enjoyed the result” she said. That night we had a great shag imagining that instead of wanking he'd fucked her.

We only had five days of our holiday left and went to the same part of the dunes each day. Kay said that she intended to wank in front of him again if he turned up and was rather disappointed that it was the last but one day before he appeared again. Being the end of our holiday we'd stayed later trying to catch as much sun as possible. I'd had a quick look around I could see the beach was fairly empty, no one close to us and went back down to Kay. I started to finger her pussy, and she moved so her head was on my stomach, stroking my cock, licking the pre cum as it leaked out before taking me in her mouth giving me a nice slow blow job. She hadn't been sucking me off more than a minute or two before I noticed the young lad was watching this time with a friend. I told Kay that her admirer had returned and had brought a friend with him. She had a quick look before resuming sucking my cock, sucking and wanking my prick in to her mouth until I came, mostly in her mouth, some on her face. She sat up wiping my cum off her face with her fingers before licking them clean. Her other hand between her legs fingering her cunt. Both the lads had moved closer, stroking their erections, watching Kay as she masturbated. Her nipples were poking out has hard as their cocks as she turned to me and said “Can I play with them? Just wank their pricks” I excitedly nodded my agreement and she asked me to keep a watch as she called them over.

Standing either side of her as she knelt, she took a cock in each hand and began to wank them slowly, pulling the foreskin back, their pricks close to her face. I'd turned to make sure nobody was approaching and when I turned back she'd opened her mouth and was pulling a lad closer and started sucking his prick. This was going further than just tossing them off, even more erotic, as she turned to the other, took his cock in her mouth sucking him hard and deep as he had his turn. She went back and fore several times, holding their pricks, wanking and sucking them. Of course her pussy wasn't getting any attention so I wasn't surprised when she called over to me and asked if she could let one of them lick her cunt. Nothing would have persuaded me to say no and she got one to lay down and she straddled him, lowering her cunt to his mouth for a good tongueing. She reached out taking his cock and stroking it, whilst still sucking the other cock. Before long she was moving her hips, grinding her cunt on his mouth and face, before moving off, sliding down over his chest. My prick got even harder as I realised she was going to let him fuck her.I didn't want her to stop, she probably wouldn't or couldn't have anyway. Still holding his cock she guided it in to her pussy and he penetrated her slippery hole. With her back to him she lent back and I watched his full, fat 8 inches ramming in and out of her cunt as she rode him. She lifted herself until just the tip of his prick was just in her fuck hole then slammed back down grunting each time as if all the air had been driven from her lungs. He must have lasted about five minutes, Kay had already cum once as he called something out plunging his cock up her hard as he jerked in to her cunt ejaculating deep inside her. One had had her the other wasn't going to leave without fucking her, not that she had any intention of letting him escape even if he'd wanted to. She lifted herself from the cock still in her, got onto all fours and offered her cunt to the other lad. He slid his prick straight up her spunk filled cock hole and continued fucking her. He bent over as he fucked her taking one of her heavy swinging tits in each hand, playing with the hard nipples, pinching and pulling them each time he thrust in her. Their sweaty bodies slapping together as they fucked sending shudders through her body. I'd given up keeping a lookout and moved closer to her. She was supporting herself with one hand, the other frantically fingering her clitoris, gasping out that she was cumming, telling the lad she wanted his spunk in her cunt. Even though he didn't speak english, he got the message, fucking her harder and faster he brought her to climax before giving her a second big load of spunk. Kay just rolled onto her back, legs open, recovering from two hard fucks, watching as the two lads got up and walked off. Spunk was pouring out of her gaping hole as she lay there, looking up at me stroking my erection. “Go on then. Don't just stand there. Don't you want to fuck me too?” I was on top of her in an instant, sliding my cock in to her sloppy cunt, feeling their spunk squelching out as we fucked. Although I didn't last long and her cunt was still well stretched and loose, not tight as usual, it was one of the best fucks we'd ever had as we both quickly came.

After cleaning herself up as best she could we headed back to our accommodation and fucked three times that night reliving what had happened earlier in the dunes. The next day was our last and we went to the beach but unfortunately didn't see either of them again. After we came home we had many a good fuck after talking about that day and discussing whether we should do something similar again, imagining what might happen, but making no decision. I'd done nothing to take it any further. However, last week I was searching for a website I’d been browsing and called up the history of sites that had been viewed. There in the middle of the list was Swinging Heaven, not a site I was familiar with, which only leaves one other person. Now what are you up to Kay? Are you planning something or just looking? Perhaps I’ll find out when she hopefully reads this!!!!!!

I thought it would be more fun to find out this way than to just ask her. So here’s hoping that before long we might have some more exciting stories to tell.