Written by cuddlybear38

25 Jun 2013


just thought i would add to the ever growing numbers of stories on here. This one is 100% true.

I have been with with current girlfriend for nearly 3 years now, we have often played out fantasies in the bedroom, we have even ventured on here a few times and had kaz on cam. I could not believe how wet and horny she got ready all the comments whilst we sucked ,fucked and messed about on cam. she was that horny on cam one night she squirted all over the laptop and cam from about 3 feet away (those who saw the show will know)

I digress sorry. So after much teasing from me over the last few months espesh every time we got into bed i would bring up the subject of her being fucked by another man.

she would always get hornier and more descriptive every time we did this, so i decided to call her bluff a few weeks ago and see how far she would actually let me take things.

Initially she wanted only to play on cam when the kids were not around ( but we never seemed to get the chance with teenagers in the house)

now as i have been a member on here for a fair few years i have become mates with one or two people on here, so took the next step!

last weekend i declared we were going out for the night and were staying over in a hotel in central Manchester, at first Kaz was excited ( as we rarely go out due to work commits and the kids. till she realized i had planned a surprise for her (heheh)

I had arranged a meet with a single fella from the site and had spoke to him several times before.

so saturday evening arrived, babysitter in place we headed off to our hotel, where we got ready, I had got Kaz a short black little number which showed off her perfect size 10 body sheer holdups and no underwear, we headed off into town to meet "C", we met him around 9pm and had a few drinks in a local bar and made small talk, all the time Kaz was very self conscious she that she was naked beneath her dress, we decided to head back to the hotel around 10;30 ish to have a few more drinks and see how things progressed.

back at the hotel we sat in the bar on the sette's nyself and C sat opposite Kaz making lured comments about her being knicker less making her blush and calling us naughty boys and we shouldnt be looking. we decided to take some glasses up to our room with us as we had brought a bottle of vodka with us.

we were in the room no more than 15 - 20 mins when we asked Kaz to prove that was not wearing any underwear, she just turn to C and said you will have to find out wont you!!

this was our get her dress off, once remove c started to work on her pussy fingering and licking her, she must have come at least 3 times very loudly with in the first minuet. I was left to play with her tits for a while, whilst c pleasured her with his tounge and fingers, when he came up the bed was soaking wet as well as his face she had squirted all over him.

we both stripped off and offered Kaz our cocks to suck and play with ( whilst i am Mr average, C had a impressive cock for Kaz to play with very broad and a decent length too.

we positioned kaz on all fours and took an end end I slid my cock in to her pussy whilst C fed his in to her mouth. I could not believe how wet kaz was and how many times she came on my cock whilst sucking on C's.

we changed ends and i watched for a few mins as his big fat cock entered her pussy he started slowly building up a steady rhythm each time he thrust in to her she would be forced forward on to my waiting cock.

we spent the next few hours both taking her at the same time and the one resting whilst the other carried on, Kaz was moaning so loudly the people in the next room to ours started to bang on the walls, I have never heard Kaz cum as loudly at that before, or as many times as she did that night.

C left in the very early hours, leaving Kaz with a great big smile on her face and an aching pussy as well.

we carried on for a while longer till kaz said she could take no more and fell asleep.

we are going out again this weekend now that kaz has found her new confidence and realied how good it was with 2 cocks she now wants and get to try more. we may end up at C's house and get her on cam late saturday night or early hours sunday morning.

(if we do the room will be called Kaz Plus ????