Written by slimjim

7 Nov 2008

as a reasonable normal male with a healthy appetite for things sexual i had always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by another man i finaly found out on thursday night after several bouts of email tennis i agreed to meet paul at his house in a vilage 3 miles away.

i was met by paul aged 58 tall and balding medium build fat cock normal length he ushered me into his lounge which had a roaring coal fire with a large deep white rug in front of it(shagpile?)after the introductions he undressed and i followed suit, he studied me and complimented me on having a nice arse. we lay on the rug and whilst talking of my wants he gently wanked me after a while he covered me in baby oil then slowly worked a finger inside me, i moved on to my side and he gently started to fuck me slowy getting his cock deeper and deeper. (he wore a condom)

not what i expected at all, i thought i would split in half, scream the house down, not walk for a week, instead it was just slightly uncomforable for few strokes then nice, my worries faded away the more he thrust.

i moved onto my knees so he could fuck me doggy style, his stroke became longer and more frantic, he gripped my shoulders as he came, spent he withdrew. we watched television a short while then started wanking/watching we each gave the other a nice long suck then i had to leave due to work etc......

this is something i need to try again to realy see if i like it, but most definitley wont rim anyone has no appeal to me.