Written by Dirtydenise

17 Feb 2018

Not wrote for a while so here goes. Hubby has recently been made redundant and is stressed out about losing his job. It is affecting our sex life aswell. Lack of it, playing with my pussy is my only relief.

We had a chat and he said he wanted me to fuck other men to fulfil the urges of my wanton pussy. I was a bit shocked that he would say some thing like this, but curious at the same time. He mentioned it loads of times but just dismissed it.

Last weekend we went to a village in west yorkshire and stayed over in a Travelodge in Keighley. In the evening we went in to the town centre and found a few bars for a few drinks. I always like to dress sexily and had a leopard skin top on with 3 buttons undone ,so you could see a good bit of cleavage and a bit of black lacy bra. My skirt was just over my knee and my black sheer holdups and calf high boots finished off my outfit .I thought I looked hot and hubby told me I was horny. I flashed my red panties to him a few times, which he loved. "do it to someone else" I looked at him dissaprovingly. But after a few more JD and cokes I was feeling a bit braver.

We went in to a quieter bar called the Rodney and sat on some high stools. I noticed a group of three men opposite us looking at my legs. "cross your legs and let them see your panties" I just shook my head. But eventually I had to cross my legs and one of the men got a good eyeful of my red silk panties. I turned to hubby and said "happy now". "For now" he said.

We went to another bar where they had music on and lots of people were up dancing. I love dancing, so after a few more drinks I went off on to the dance floor , leaving hubby to mind the drinks. There was three girls dancing together so I shimmied over and danced with them. They didnt seem to mind. Every so often a guy would come over to try and get one of them to dance but they always fucked them off. I was loving the dancing , then i felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the guy from the other pub. "Hello Mrs red panties, loved the leg show" Was a bit shocked at how forward he was. I looked at hubby and he was smiling.

"Dance with me please" We had a few dances, lots of flirty talk and he took every opportunity to get close to me.I swore I could feel his cock at one point. After some more dances I told him I needed to pee, so I left the dancefloor,and went to pee. On the way back I passed hubby and smiled and asked was everything ok, "great , just carry on". So straight back on the floor and danced, I had not been on for more than two mins and Tom was back. The lights went down a bit and the dj played a slow song. So Tom took hold of me, he definately had a hard on. I could feel him pushing it in to me, I responded and pushed back in to him. He steered us to the darker side of the floor and started to kiss my neck and ears, this turns me on. One of his hands brushed past my boobs and found my bum. he caressed it, tracing the out line of my panties. He was pulling me in to him I turned my face to him and found his lips and kissed him. Lips at first the I put my tongue between his lips and gave him a good french kiss.It felt so good. This was his cue to grab one of my boobs and squeeze it. I could see him looking down my top at my breasts. I was getting very turned on now and needed some cock. I took his hand and led him outside. There was a little backings with some wheelie bins. So we went out of sight. We kissed like teenagers and groped each other all over. His hand went past my holdups and found my red silk panties, which were now soaking. He slipped a finger under the pantie leg and slid it in to me. You dont know how good that felt after three months of just masturbating. I pulled his zip down and released a good sized cock. It was hard, very hard. I lifted my skirt up and pushed his cock in to my panties, it was rubbing along my slit. I needed his cock in me now, I wanted to feel it in me. Pulled my panties to one side and I guided while he pushed his cock up in to my waiting pussy. God it felt good, lovely having a big warm cock up inside of me. He slowly started to slide it in and out of me, on the in strokes he would try and get every inch in to me. It wasnt long before I could feel my self cumming all over his cock, I kept quiet, not sure if he felt me cum. I wanted more. I pulled his cock out and turned round, pulling my panties over my bum, then guiding it back in to me. It felt bigger and I could feel his balls banging in to me. His thrusting was getting faster and faster so I rubbed my clit and wanked it while he fucked me hard and fast. He shot his load deep in to me, at least four squirts. It felt good as I orgasmed for the second time when he came. I turned round and kissed him and said "thank you I really needed that" I pulled my panties up and I could feel his juices start to seep out of my pussy.

We returned to the bar, He went off to his mates, probably to brag that he just got shagged. I went back to grinning hubby. We puts our coats on and made our way to the hotel. I slept in the panties.

In the morning I found hubby sniffing and kissing my panties, "very stained these panties" he said. "You want to see inside" I said. He pulled them down, kissed the gusset of them, then kissed my pubic hair, before tracing his tongue up and down my pussy lips. His tongue gently found my clit and rubbed it . Tracing my lips again his tongue slid in side my pussy and lapped up my juices. I think the must have been some of Toms cum oozing out of my pussy as there was alot of slurping going on. I couldnt take it any more and grabbed his head and pulled it in to my pussy and came all over his tongue. I could feel the juices running out of me and hubby like a good boy drank every drop out of my pussy.

I went to grab his cock but he had been wanking it in to my red panties and had shot his load in to them.

Hopefully this is the start of a new part of our sex life and maybe you could join us. Morecambe this weekend!!