2 Jul 2015

We woke up to prepare breakfasts for our guests after the first sitting Dave and Rob came down to hold and kiss us as if we were their Wives, as they had breakfast I prepared their lunch packs they both got up and Dave came over to me kissed me as he slipped his hand up my skirt to find my bare pussy wet. He rubbed my clit and parted my pussy lips running a finger between them I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, I dropped to my knees pulled his cock free and licked its length a few times before placing my lips over that purple head to suck .

I took it deeper sliding my lips up and down his lovely cock his fingers in my hair , I think he was feeling horny before I even started sucking him as he didn't last very long and was soon pumping his creamy cum down my throat, he slumped back against the worktop, cupping my chin as I stuck my tongue out with a pool of his cum on it and said I hope my wife is as horny as you when I marry.

He zipped himself up as I looked across to see Debs and Rob stood watching us, I felt sorry for Rob as Deb's would only give head reluctantly under pressure, both Dave and Rob kissed us both goodbye as we waved them off, Deb's turned to me saying you have the hots for Dave don't you, I laughed said well he is hot but I do love his cock as she said I would never have guessed after that performance.

Then as we cleaned and tidied after getting our girls off to school , Deb's got a call from her Mum who lived in France to say her Dad had had a heart attack, she asked me if I could cope if she went over on the overnight Ferry to see them, of course I said yes as she rang the Ferry company packed hers and the girls cases. Deb's and her girls set off that evening to the Port just as our guests started arriving so I served them their meals and as usual Dave and Rob rolled up later, so after putting my daughter to bed, feeding them an filling the dishwasher they came and sat with me in the lounge.

They asked where Deb's was so I told them the story , when I said I was going to have a shower they said ok and I left them in the lounge I went up to Deb's bedroom stripped ,washed my hair , showered and went to grab a towel I thought I had taken in with me walked out through the open door to the bedroom to see Dave and Rob laid naked on the bed with Dave holding my towel . I said you're cheeky he said not as much as you as we have been watching you for the past few minutes.

He held out my towel as I went to take it he pulled me down on to the bed between them , we have decided you have a great figure for a woman with a kid, better than Deb's but don't tell her that, so we thought as Deb's is not here you will have to fuck us both. I said oh yes ! trying to act surprised !! as there hands had been wandering over my body as I lay between them.

Rob had sat up with his back against the head board so I rolled over as he spread his legs to see his cock stood up inches away from my face, I raised my eyes to see him smiling down at me, I moved up on my elbows licked his balls holding the head between finger an thumb to lick it, as I was reminded Dave was also there as he moved me onto my knees spreading them apart as I felt his tongue licking an probing my pussy.

Dave's hands were on my bum pulling me down onto his tongue, as I now had Rob's cock producing lots of clear pre-cum for me to lick off the purple head, just as I was loving Dave's tongue inside me he stopped and I felt him get off the bed only to feel the bed sink down as he knelt behind me. I began sucking on Rob's nice cock trying to make him feel how Dave had felt with my mouth on him that morning, Dave was rubbing his cock between my wet pussy lips, stopping now an again to push against me as if he was about to push his cock inside me.

I knew he was tempting me but after a few times of me trying to push back on to his cock I stopped sucking Rob to plead with Dave to fuck me, this time though when he pushed forward he didn't stop till he had all his cock inside me causing me to groan, he began to fuck me pushing my head down further on to Rob's cock with each stroke. I raised my eyes to see Rob smiling, looking down at me running his hands over my shoulders, neck and hair just as I had my 1st cum of the night.

I was enjoying myself sucking his cock when his breathing got louder and he began filling my mouth with his cum I wasn't expecting it so soon and struggled to swallow it all down, he gave a groan as I carried on sucking him till it went limp. I now could concentrate on Dave as I humped my bum back to meet his cock as he pounded in to my pussy I pushed my body back and up as Rob held my boobs playing with my hard nipples . Dave pulled on my hair pulling my head back my back arching as he pounded my pussy I begged him to cum as I was having one cum after another in rapid succession , he told me here it cums as he held his cock against me pumping me full.

We all lay back on the bed relaxing our hands touching each other my mouth still tasting Rob's cum, he was first to sport another erection as Dave got up to go to the bathroom, Rob rolled a durex over his cock knelt between my open legs pulling a pillow down to place under my bum to lift me up as he slipped his cock inside me. As Dave came back in he had his camera phone in his hand taking a pic of me sticking my tongue out at him then moving down to show Rob's cock filling me, he said you don't mind do you ? I said no if its only for you to look at, I pulled Rob's face down to kiss him as he fucked me the phone flashing as Dave took more pics.

I had clasped my hands on Rob's bum pulling him into me as I had cum twice already on his cock, Dave saying he had pics of my cum face now as well, I knew Dave was getting near and was I bit surprised when he pulled out ripped the durex of his cock as he began spurting his cum over my boobs an belly then he shoved his bare cock back inside my wet pussy holding himself inside me as his arms were outstretched above me his face red and determined.

He rolled over next to me as Dave took some more pics of me laying there used by them both but also having enjoyed it, getting close ups of my pussy when Dave said to Rob did you cum in her as well as looks like your cum is running out of Sara,s cunt, I looked at Rob who said might have, I just couldn't help myself it just felt so good to have my bare cock inside you.

As Rob climbed off the bed Dave moved between my raised legs holding his stiff cock against my pussy lips and fell forwards his arms outstretched next to my arms as his cock plunged in my wet juicy pussy, giving me no time to speak as he began pumping his hips against me as I kept saying oh God! oh God ! as it felt so hard and so good as he drove the breath out of my lungs. My legs were in the air either side of Dave's fit body he had pushed me up so my bum was off the bed and slamming his cock down into me , making the bed bounce , as I said quiet the other guests will hear between gasps of breath.

Dave answered well Fuck them as well !! as he moved his hands either side of my head still plunging his cock deep inside me making me gasp , as I now told him to fuck me ,fuck me, Dave !!! I am cumming !!! he took a final plunge into me shouting out FUUUUUCK !! holding himself above me before kneeling up and easing my aching legs down onto the bed .

I told Dave that was sooooo nice, it felt like he was filling my womb as he fucked me with his lovely cock , I told them both I had enjoyed my evening and hoped we hadn't kept the other guests awake , I looked down at Dave's semi-hard cock covered with cum juices as he pulled out of me, realising he had just fucked me and hadn't bothered to put a durex on either. I told him off telling him that was naughty, but he smiled saying he had waited all the past few days to do that with me and didn't see why just Rob should get away with it.

I told them I better lock up and have another shower now after that , as Dave asked do I get to sleep with you now tonight, I said no you will have to wait till Friday, I think you 2 naughty lads have done enough to me tonight, as I kissed them both good night.

Hope you enjoyed that as I am wet after re-living that, any comments I would love to hear ,guys an girls xxx Sara