Written by PB

15 Mar 2008

we were on holiday in Kefalonia and in the next cabin to us we became friendly with a couple, Bob & Jackie, a pair of Brummies who were very slim but good fun, We are slightly larger than them. Anyway we went to th beach together, sunbathed and ate out at night. Fortunately all four of us like a drink and at then end of the first night my wife Carol was a little drunk and had to have some assistance home. We got to our cabin and I put her to bed , with a little help from Jackie, who took good notice of Carols neatly trimmed bush, apart from her thumb touching slightly nothing else happened and the three of us continued to have a further nightcap. The talk, inevitably turned to sex and Jackie commented how trimmed Carol appeared to be compared to her. Bob asked for a comparison and Jackie removed her skirt and knickers to display a very bushy bush. Bob asked if he could take a peek at Carol as she was sleeping and I let him into the bedroom and in the moonlight he bent his head to have a close look, his lips only inches from Carol. He stood up and came back outside, just as I was to inspect Jackie. I could look but not touch. Jackie hen complained that both of us men were still fully clothed and so we removed our shorts and pants to reveal that Bob also sported a full bush as opposed to me being trimmed. Jacki leaned over to look and also hold my cock in her hand, but as she was a little drunk nothing was going to happen, so we had another drink and this was one too many for Jackie and she retired leaving Bob and myself sitting in the lounge with only a Tshirt on. After some more talking and joking, Bob suddenly dropped to his knees and began to caress my cock in his lips. I had never had this happen before, indeed I was not really into same sex O. After a time I began to enjoy and my cock rose and this only spurred Bob on further so much so that he finally made me cum into his mouth. He looked up and smiled had anothr drink and I then retired to my own bed.

In the morning Carol woke early and was asking questions about the night before and who had helped me get her home and undress her. I told her and that must have twigged something in her head when she asked why I didnt finish playing with her last night. I tols her what had happened and this shocked her. At breakfast, Bob & Jackie joined us and not a word about the previous night was mentioned. Later that morning we were all sunbathing when Jackie mentioned to Carol about her trimmed appearance compared to her being bushy. Both the girls were topless and all of a sudden, as we were quiet secluded, Jackie removed her bikini bottoms revealing her very hairy quim, Carol just could not beleive what she saw and in return Carol looked quizically as if to say how the hell did you know, when Jackie told her about helping Carol to bed and not being able to resist touching her. Carol ,looked at me for confirmation and I nodded. She then took her own bikini bottoms off and reached out for Jackies hand to return to its place of pleasure from the night before Jackie was now stroking Carols favourite spot and in turn her nipples stood out, seeing this Bob moved over to touch and stroke. Carol just pushed his hand away and pulled Jackies mouth to her nipples, most of Jackies hand had almost disappeared inside Carol as Bob now edged to the back of Jackie to insert his cock inside her. It slid in with ease and he proceede to rock back and forth gently, Jackie in return opened her legs wider and began to snort as an orgasm swept over her, Bob pulled out and as he did so his spent cum started to ooze from Jackies pussy, her hand was shagging Carol as though it was a cock. Carols face had become flushed and her hips began to writhe with an impending orgasm. As she and Jackie lay side by side still playing with each other, Bob had begun to play with my cock again and he had also become very erect. The girls suggested we go back to our cabin to have more fun, this we did, but with a slight difference, the girls went into one and Bob and I into the other, where Bob sucked me off again and wanted me to give him anal sex. I has never done this before and could not face up to shagging a mans arse, so we just played with each other until the girls came back with huge grins on their face. Over the period of the holiday we had lots more fun, including me eventually shagging Bob with the girls lubricating his bum and guiding me in.