Written by Polytunnel

16 Mar 2008

After we had our encounter in our cabin the next morning Carol and I discussed what had happened and to my surprise she said she like all that had happened, although she was a little put off by Jackies hairy muff. When we met up with Bob & Jackie, they looked a little sheepish and to break the ice over a coffee, I asked if they had any regrets over last night. Jackie's only response was that she was sorry she was a little out of it, as was Carol. After some discussion we all decided to repeat, but lay of the drink a little. After lunch, when the sun became too hot to sun bathe, we sought the coolness of our accommodation, and we began stroking and touching each other. Bob went to Carol and slid off her bikini top and started to suck at her breasts and nipples. Jackie just stripped off and went down to play with my cock and balls. as she took the length into her mouth, Carol eased Bob's shorts down and began playing and stoking his balls. At this point Jackie lay on the bed, seeing this Carol offered to trim her pubic area with scissors and then shave her. As Carol began cutting the pubic hairs, her finger etched into Jackies pussy entry and she let a gasp. Carol looked up to see if either Bob or myself objected, with no response she began to insert more fingers and after shaving Jackie, she wiped her down and then bent her head to start to lick Jackie, this was a total surprise as she had not in the past even mentioned that she was "interested". As Carols tongue began its entry probe Jackie started to swing round to be in a 69 position and return the favour. Bob and myself were by now stroking our own cocks and< i certainly was envious of the ladies. Jackie then let out the greatest scream as she came in floods and also began to wee herself at the same time, Carol, bless her, just continued licking and sucking and drinking every last drop, after which she lay on her back and Bob entered her. Jackie beckoned me over and began playing with and then sucking my cock until I came and she gagged at the volume of cum. Carol had her pussy full of Bob and had a big smile on her face. As Bob came and filled Carol he pulled out and I quickly entered my cock into Carol to appreciate the lovely warm feling of another mans sperm inside and it took me no time to cum. As I pulled out Jackie went down on Carol to lick her clean, at the same time Bob went down on me and did the same. Over the period of the holiday we repeated and tried different combinations and to this day we still meet up, although Bob & Jackie have also introduced us to some of their fiends and this has taken a totally new twist on life. Jackie is permanantly smooth, as is Bob.