Written by Robbo8441

20 Sep 2018

We went downstairs and the girl's poured soft drinks for us all. In the living room it was obvious Kelly's husband hadn't finished with Michelle yet. He had her sit next to him, kissing her and using his hands all over and inside her while she played and sucked his cock back to hardness. Mine was also hard as Kelly was treating my cock to her mouth.

My head was back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of her soft lips on my now hard cock. I looked up as Michelle moaned. Kelly's husband was on his back on the settee. Michelle on top of him, kissing him hard, her tits pressed against his chest. His hands were on her arse, pushing her down as he pushed his cock upwards into her. He was taking it slow this time, only raising the pace when he knew Kelly was cuming. She came three times and Kelly whispered in my ear. Doing what she asked, I climbed on the settee, standing over them both. Kelly came over and pulled Michelle's arse cheeks apart, opening her arse wider for me. I lowered until I felt her arse resisting my cock. I put a little pressure on until without warning her arse expanding to allow my cock to enter. Michelle's head was buried into Kelly's husband’s shoulder, gripping him tight. For the first time, Michelle had two cocks at the same time, one in her arse and one deep inside her cunt. We soon started the same rhythm we had fucking Kelly last week. Like Kelly, Michelle was in a constant state of orgasm. I look over at Kelly. She was sitting in the arm chair, legs up and spread wide, her fingers pushing in and out of her cunt. She also had the camera pointed at us. Then, behind her, the door opened and another middle aged man walked in. He only saw me and Kelly's husband with our cocks deep inside Michelle. He walked straight past Kelly. He stood there, shock on his face. He didn't move even when Kelly quickly unfastened his jeans, pulling them to his knees, pulling his already hard cock and taking it in her mouth. Michelle turned her head and let out a gasp as she saw this man standing there with his cock in Kelly's mouth. We never slowed the pace, fucking her arse and cunt together. The man pulled his cock from Kelly's mouth, removed his jeans and moved to fill the only available hole Michelle had left. Kelly was back to filming. I felt Kelly's husband begin to cum inside Michelle's cunt. This set me off inside her arse. Being sucked off by 2 women within minutes of coming in, this new cock was going to explode too. I was the first, my cock emptied deep inside her arse. This sent Kelly's husband over the edge as he emptied everything into her cunt. Then the new cock blew into her mouth, Michelle swallowing fast as he emptied loads into her. Some dribbling from the side of her mouth onto the settee. The man with the new cock reached down and lifted Michelle from his cock. He kissed her hard, tonguing some of his cum into his mouth. I pulled my soft cock from her arse. It was followed slowly by my cum dribbling down her arse to join Kelly's husband's cum oozing from her cunt. It landed in a sticky pile onto Kelly's husband's balls. As I moved Kelly took my place cleaning our cum from her husband's balls and Michelle's cunt and arse.

This new man turned out to be Michelle's husband. He had come to find her as she said she was only staying with Kelly until this tea time. He stripped fully as he told us this, then gently wanking his cock. Michelle was having so much fun, she had forgotten. After finding her with 2 cocks inside her he was glad that she had.

Me and the girls brought them up to date on our fuck session so far. The more we told them, the harder the husbands cocks became. I was left with the camera as Kelly took Michelle's husband into her mouth and Kelly's husband was using his mouth between Michelle's thighs. These two girls love to fuck and I've held my cock up well these past 24 hours. I was happy to film while the two husband's caught up.

Keeping her hand on his cock, Kelly moved up until her legs were spread above Michelle's husbands cock. He was about to fuck her for the first time. I zoomed into his cock for yet another close up of a second cock entering Kelly. She slowly sank herself onto it. Michelle's husbands hands were gripping her arse, his head buried in her tits, as he lifted her up and down on his hard cock. Kelly soon came again but this new cock still hammered into her. I heard the familiar sound of Michelle about to come I zoomed into her cunt being fucked hard from above by Kelly's husband. When both girls recovered, the husbands moved their wives to kneel on the settee, bending them over the back. I filmed them taking turns in fucking each others wife in the arse and their cunts. Again the girls were on constant orgasms. I moved to the front and while the girls were getting fucked, I filmed each of them with my cock in their mouths at the same time. I was close to coming again. I put the camera down, took hold of Kelly's face and fucked her mouth until I came down her throat. Only two holes left to fill and still over 24 hours left.

As my limp cock fell from Kelly's mouth, Michelle's husband moaned loudly as he hammered into Kelly's arse, emptying everything into her arse. I moved quickly with the camera in time to film his cock withdrawing from Kelly's arse. Soon, his cum dribbled out and down in between her swollen lips.

For now, I needed rest. Kelly's husband was still fucking Michelle's. Michelle's husband now had his limp cock in his wife's mouth so that she could clean it of Kelly. Kelly had one hand squeezing her husband's balls as he fucked Michelle's arse, her other hand rubbing Michelle's clit. She came loud enough for me to hear her as I climbed the stairs to rest.

I woke as I felt a soft hand take hold of my cock. I was hard instantly. The sleep had helped my recovery. Soft lips went down on me. Whoever it was worked my cock well, wanking, licking and sucking until I pushed the head down filling the mouth with my throbbing cock as spurt after spurt of my sticky fluid was forced down their throat. I was asleep again before my cock dropped from the mouth. When I woke in the morning, Kelly was asleep next to me, her hand still holding my cock. Only one hole to fill and it still belonged to Kelly.

I managed to get out of bed without disturbing her. The amount of times Kelly's body had been fucked since Friday, she also needed rest.

I went to the kitchen for a drink. I saw Michelle's arse on the kitchen table, her arse being fucked by her husband. Her cunt eas being filled by Kelly's husband. By the sound of it, she was in a state of ecstasy. I added to this by reaching under her and rubbed her clit hard while both her holes were fucked. I left them and went back to Kelly. She still slept. I decided to wake her like she did me last week.

Kelly was on her back. I gently parted her legs and climbed between them. Gently, my fingers slipped in between her still wet lips, slowly fucking her with my fingers. She moaned in her sleep but automatically opened her legs wider.

I used my other hand to part her lips, exposing the pink entrance to Kelly. Lightly, I licked all around her hole with my tongue. Kelly moaned again, moving her arse side to side. My cock became uncomfortably hard beneath me. Still holding her lips apart, I pressed harder with my tongue, adding my lips to cover het cunt and suck. Kelly reached down and pushed my head into her, pressing hard. My tongue went deeper, licking her juices. As she came, her thighs and hands held my head hard against her cunt, her juice covering my face.

When she relaxed, Kelly pulled me up, smiling at me as she wrapped her legs around my back, her feet pushing my arse making my cock enter her fully.

Our first fuck of the day was slow and gentle. I fucked her in all her holes for the next half hour until finally unloading into her arse.

We spent the next half hour in each others arms talking about these past two weekends. I told her that I had often though about fucking her over the past two years. Kelly admitted that she'd never thought of me that way. The only reason I finally fucked her was because her husband had been on at her last Friday night for her to fuck a strange cock while he watched. I happened to walk in at the right time. Now she knew what she'd missed this past 2 years and wanted more.

We went downstairs to find the others sat around the table in the kitchen. We joined them. Between us we came up with ideas for fucking each other.

The girls agreed to be blindfolded and one of them in each room. The men would flip cards to find out which two fucked one of the girls together and the other man fucked the other girl. There was to be no talking, just fucking, so the girls didn't know who's cock or cocks were fucking them. There would be half hour in each room and then recovery time. Then the girls could either change rooms or not. Three cocks were already hard. The girls kissed each cock as they left to get ready.

Kelly's husband found some cards. We decided the 2 highest cards would go together to the main bedroom. The pair would fuck in this bedroom twice in case the girls changed rooms. If the didn't change then one of them would be lucky. I was drawn with Kelly's husband.

We went upstairs to find Michelle on the bed. Kelly's husband went to one side and me the other. We knelt on the bed together and Michelle started breathing heavier. She only had her touch to work with. Michelle started well finding both our cocks with her hands. She started wanking us together. Pulling us by our cocks, she pulled us close enough to take turns putting our cocks in her mouth and sucking. I moved my hand to her cunt, rubbing it hard, her knees coming up to her shoulder opening herself as wide as she could. Kelly's husband couldn't resist going down on her with his mouth. He wasn't being gentle with her and Michelle was loving it. Pressing on her knees to keep her legs wide, Kelly's husband rammed straight and deep fully inside her in one thrust. Michelle screamed as she came hard, tightening her hold on my cock. I pulled her head back to me and roughly began fucking her mouth. Michelle was on a high and we weren't going to let her come down until we'd emptied everything inside her.

Kelly's husband pulled out of her and lay on his back next to her. I moved Michelle and sat her down with his cock in her arse, her back towards him. I positioned myself in between her legs in front of her, feeding my cock into her cunt. Iy was hard for Kelly's husband to move in her arse like this so after a couple of minutes, I turned her around so he was now inside her cunt. I could hear Kelly screaming in the other room. Itsounded like Michelle's husband was fucking her hard too.

I entered Michelle's arse and we got into a rhythm again. I felt Kelly's husband's cock empty into Michelle. When his cock slipped out, I replaced it with mine. I was fucking her with her hole full of another man's cum. It wasn't long before I added mine to his.

With Michelle on her stomach, we went back to the kitchen. We had been fucking Michelle for 15 minutes.

Michelle's husband joined us 5 minutes later. He had filled Kelly's arse. Another 5 minutes before the girls joined us looking well fucked. Kelly took the chair next to me. They both agreed that having no sight heightened their feelings. Our cocks felt longer and thicker so they had no idea who had just fucked them.

With a little help from the girls, we were soon ready again. The girls went up. This time we chose me and Michelle's husband leaving Kelly's husband to fuck whoever was in the spare room.

Up we went ti again find Michelle. Her husband didn't waste time, turning her into her knees and entering her arse. Anal was new to him. I again placed my cock in her mouth. I was not going to fuck her this time. Michelle was being spit roasted with her husband fucking her arse and she didn't know it. She used her mouth skilfully, sucking the cum out of me in 5 minutes. She was getting good at swallowing now. I raised her head and kissed her hard, my hands grabbing her swinging tits as her husband hammered into her. He seemed to be alternating between her arse and her cunt. This time he pulled out and shot over her back and arse. Again, Michelle collapsed to the bed. Kelly's husband was already downstairs. He said he had cum in his wife's arse too. The girls didn't appear so after half hour we went up again, me to the spare rom this time. I was surprised to find Kelly. She was asleep on her stomach. I could see the mixed cum oozing from her arse. I gently inserted my fingers into her cunt. She still slept. I moved her onto her side, lifted her leg and entered her slowly. I was gently fucking her while she slept. Just before I came, I heard her moan. She came in her sleep as my cum filled her cunt. My cock slipped out and I went to see what was happening next door.

Michelle was on her back. She had Kelly's husband's cock hammering her mouth. Her husband was on his knees, one of her legs over his shoulder, his hand pushing her other leg wide while his cock was going in and out of her cunt. As I walked in, he pulled his cock free, spurting over her stomach. He moved away so Kelly's husband could take his place. His cock entered her forcing a small moan from Michelle. He lifted her other leg onto his shoulder and leaned forward, spreading Michelle's legs wide and pushing her knees up to her tits. We watched as from above her his cock stretched Michelle's cunt as he used his body to ram into her. We could see the juices being forced from between her lips and his cock as he forced into her cunt. Michelle was screaming now as she came. We knew when Kelly's husband had emptied into her. His cum was forced out as he fucked her. She must have been full with the amount of times we had cum inside her.

The three of us went downstairs. We decided to let the girls sleep for a couple of hours. If you would have said to me two weeks ago I would be sat in a living room totally nude with two other men all gently stroking our cocks back to life and discussing fucking their wives, I wouldn't have believed it. But here we were.

We told Michelle's husband about how it started last weekend. He said he had an idea something had happened with Kelly and that she'd told Michelle something because Michelle had wanted fucking more last week. He went on to say when he walked in yesterday he didn't expect finding his wife with 2 cocks inside her. He was ready to scream and shout but couldn't take his eyes off my cock thrusting into her arse and Kelly's husband's cock into her cunt. His own cock decided what he was going to do when he felt Kelly take it into her mouth.

We let him see some of the photos of me fucking both girls and some of the video of my cock fucking them both in their arse and cunts.

All of us were rock hard by the time the girl's joined us. Kelly sat between me and her husband and Michelle with hers. Kelly took a cock in each hand and Michelle was slowly wanking her husband as they kissed. It seemed that they were both ready for fucking again.