Written by Robbo8441

20 Sep 2018

The girls said they had been talking and decided how they wanted fucking. They wanted a mini gangbang. They wanted to see cocks lining up just to fuck them, one at a time, and to fuck them until we had all filled their cunts with our cum. They just wanted to be used. Once we had cum, the other girl would use her mouth to clean us. And later, all our cocks were to fuck each girl in turn.

While they were talking, both me and Kelly's husband were using out fingers in and around her soft lips and hole. I felt how wet she was. She took hold of both our hands, sucking her juices from our fingers.

Kelly was the first to fill with our cum. The 3 of us stood on front of her, our cocks hard. Kelly lay back on the settee, one leg over its back. I knelt between her legs lifting them both over my shoulders. As I sank towards her, she guided my stiff, throbbing cock into her. That look and smile was on her face again. When I was inside her deep enough for my balls to slap against her arse, she pulled my head to her and kissed me. My cock was throbbing already. Kelly whispered for me to fuck her hard. I started fucking her hard. I looked over to see Michelle filming, fingers fucking her cunt between her wide open legs. She was probably thinking about her turn. Kelly also turned towards Michelle and smiled at the camera. We could also see hands wanking the other two waiting cocks. Seeing this and knowing they were for her along with my cock hammering into her pushed Kelly over the edge into an orgasm as she held me tight. Her muscles gripping my cock also forced my cum from me and deep inside her. I pulled out straight away to let the next cock into her. As Michelle took my cock to clean me, her husbands was already fucking Kelly.

When my cock was clean, I sat on the floor in front of Michelle to watch. Michelle was cumming too as she fucked herself with her fingers. I took the camera from her and moved to film the last 2 cocks fucking and cumming in Kelly. I filmed close, again seeing cum leaking from her as it was forced out of Kelly by Michelle's husband's cock pounding into her. He lasted longer than me as I was close enough to see his cock thicken and his balls tightening as he exploded into her cunt. I filmed his cock slowly raise out of her covered with a mixture of both our cum and the white frothy substance of Kelly's juices.

Kelly's husband was quickly between her legs, Kelly guiding his cock. Her cunt gave no resistance as he was deep inside her in one move. This time cum squeezed out and dribbled down over her well fucked arse. I couldn't resist pushing my finger fully in, making Kelly cum straight away. Her husbands cock hammered into her. The feeling he must have felt, fucking his wife's cunt that was already full of two other men's cum. He exploded inside her quicker than we did. As he removed his cock, Michelle's head moved in front of the camera, sucking his cock quickly clean before pulling Kelly's lips wide to suck and lick her cunt clean of our combined cum.

I zoomed into Kelly's face, her eyes closed, her lips smiling as Michelle cleaned her.

An hour later, it was Michelle's turn. She was on the settee, on all fours, wanting to be fucked backwards. Kelly was filming in the same position Michelle was an hour earlier, finger fucking herself. Her husband was the first to climb behind Michelle's wide, waiting cunt. He chose to stand over her, lowering his cock into her. Once his cock was inside Michelle, he placed his hands either side of her arse, opening her a little wider as he fucked her. As he pounded into Michelle, her head buried in a cushion, moaning into it as she came. He lasted longer this time but fucked her hard until he came. I was stood behind him, my cock hard, waiting to take his place. My cock was hammering hard into her before Kelly had her husband's cock in her mouth. This was the second time I had fucked Michelle with someone else's cum inside her. As I was fucking her, Kelly's husband had took over filming. Again, close ups of cocks hammering the girls cunts hard. I also lasted a bit longer before cumming inside her, filling her again for her husband's cock. He was deep inside her before Kelly had my cock in her mouth. As Michelle's husband hammered into Michelle, I used my fingers to make Kelly cum while she cleaned my cock. As Michelle's husband shot his cum into his wife, Kelly's husband filmed it oozing from her cunt. After cleaning Michelle's husband's cock, Kelly took care of Michelle's now swollen lips, licking and swallowing the mixed cum from around them, then putting her tongue as far inside as it would go to clean as much as she could.

We all sat close together on the settee, me in the middle, Kelly and Michelle's husband pne side, Michelle and Kelly's husband the other. For the next hour, we watched the mini gangbang's back so each of the girls could see close ups of their own holes been filled with 3 different cocks and cum. During this time, all 3 men at some point had our fingers inside the girls. Neither of them were empty of our combined cum. The effects of the video and the manipulation from the girls had our cocks rock hard before the hour was up.

The girls took us upstairs, it was time. Michelle wanted all her holes filled first as they would have to leave by midnight.

This was what they wanted and to control how they were fucked. Michelle had us all lay side by side across the bed, our feet on the floor. I was in the middle. She worked her way from one end to the other, taking our cocks in her mouth. Michelle then moved us and she lay on her back in the middle of the bed. She opened her legs wide and and directed Kelly's husband between her legs. She told us to kneel each side of her head. Taking a cock in each hand, she took each in turn into her mouth, sucking until each of us nearly came in her mouth. She had sucked and been fucked so often with all 3 cocks that she knew when we were about to cum.

Michelle lifted her legs, me and her husband holding up one each, opening her up more to Kelly's husband's mouth. In this position, he gave Michelle a huge orgasm. Before she had time to relax, he was on his knees, his cock pounding her cunt. Still keeping them raised high, Kelly's husband closed Michelle's legs, tightening her cunt around his cock. Michelle came loudly again.

She pulled her legs down, forcing the cock out of her. Michelle knew the three of us were close to emptying. She got me to lay on my back, straddling me and sinking onto my cock. Her cunt was hot inside, wet and smooth. She bent forward, pressing her tits onto my chest. Next, her husband moved behind her to fill her arse with his cock. Michelle gasped as he entered her and I felt his cock slide into her arse. Taking hold of Kelly's husband's cock, she asked us to take it slow for a short while. Michelle wanted us to fill her holes at the same time and she didn't want to lose a drop. She could control the cock in her mouth but not the other two.

As Michelle sucked the cock in her mouth, I felt her husband's cock start to withdraw from her arse. I matched him thrust for thrust for the first 10 minutes or so. Michelle was moaning louder with each thrust. My cock got faster and faster. I could feel her husband above us hammering into her arse. Michelle was finding it hard to scream with her mouth being fucked by Kelly's husband's cock. I felt Michelle's husband's cock explode into her arse. So did Michelle as she pushed back onto his cock. This sent me over the edge and spurt after spurt of my hot cum flooded into cunt. I saw her throat swallowing Kelly's husband's cum as he held her head tight.

After pulling his limp cock out of Michelle's mouth, Kelly's husband bent forward and kissed Michelle hard. I felt her husband pull his cock from her arse. Michelle then kissed me hard, my hands moving to her tits. This kiss kept my cock inside her a little longer, finally falling limp from her cunt. Michelle fell to the side, smiling, a well fucked look on her face. Kelly was still filming, her spare hand rubbing her cunt hard.

It was back to the kitchen to drink and rest. Michelle came down 15 minutes later when she could walk. She intended for Kelly to be fucked like she had been quickly.

I was sat at the top of the table, Kelly at the other end. Each side were their husbands. She had Kelly climb on the kitchen table and lay down on her back, knees up and legs wide, her swollen lips facing me. Michelle warned us not to touch Kelly. She started by kissing Kelly, tongue probing her mouth, hands squeezing Kelly's tits until her nipples hardened. I watched as Michelle moved lower to suck Kelly's nipples, her hand moving down Kelly's soft body, making its way towards those swollen lips in front of my face. As her finger reached Kelly's clit, rubbing it gently, Kelly arched het back. I watched as 1, 2 and then 3 fingers delved into Kelly. As Michelle's hand turned inside Kelly's cunt, opening her further, I saw her hand close, her palm pressing down on her clit, her fingers pressing up from inside her. Immediately, this gave Kelly a powerful orgasm as her back arched, she screamed and pressed her own hand over Michelle's. My cock started throbbing. Taking it in my hand, I slowly masturbated it half way back to life.

Michelle climbed onto the table, her head in between Kelly's legs, her own legs either side of Kelly's head. I watched as Michelle gently pulled Kelly's lips wide to lick the bright pink skin beneath. I saw her tongue flicking quickly in and out of Kelly. I looked over Michelle's head, seeing Kelly's hands pulling Michelle's arse down towards her face. The husbands were stood at the back watching and masturbating. Kelly was probably tonguing Michelle. It looked like all 3 cocks were nearly ready for Kelly. It sounded as though the girls managed to make each other cum as Kelly gripped Michelle's head into her cunt. This did it for me, my cock was solid.

Michelle climbed to the floor, picked up the camera and said that Kelly was now ours.

Kelly moved up the table, reaching for hers and Michelle's husband's cocks. She pulled them towards her, first taking Michelle's husband's cock into her mouth. I stood and leaned over the table. I placed 3 fingers into Kelly, trying to finger fuck her like Michelle had. From my position, I had to use both hands. My fingers inside Kelly pressed up as I pressed down on her clit with my other hand. Kelly came as she did with Michelle. I moved further forward and replaced my hand with my mouth, sucking her clit while my hand was held inside her, fingers moving around inside. She kept moving her arse about and moaning. As I climbed onto the table, I could see Kelly had changed cocks and was now sucking her husbands. I pushed her legs wider, pushing my cock into her. I fucked her slowly, watching her take turns sucking both cocks.

We continued fucking like this for a while until I came close to exploding. I withdrew and climbed off the table. Michelle's husband took my place and I took his. While he was fucking her, kelly pulled our cocks close together so they were touching at the tip. Opening her mouth wide, she managed to take both heads inside.

Now Michelle's husband climbed from the table. Her own husband took his place. I saw him push her legs to her chest, exposing her arse. Michelle's husband must have been close to blowing. He sat down but continued gently masturbating. Michelle was now sat below the action, camera pointing directly at Kelly's arse as the cock entered her. It seemed that Kelly was happy to let us use her hpw we wanted for now. When his cock was inside her arse, Kelly's husband pushed her legs wide apart. He also didn't fuck her fast, wanting to save it for Kelly's final fuck with all 3 cocks.

I was close again so I stepped away, leaving het husband fucking her arse. We had already been fucking Kelly for over half hour. And Michelle had fucked her for about quarter of an hour before that.

It wasn't much longer before he climbed down. Kelly climbed off the table, holding on so as not to fall. She told me to take her place. Michelle was still sat at the bottom filming. Kelly climbed up and spread over me, back towards me. We were going to fuck her like I had with her husband last week. I felt the pressure of her weight on my cock until her arse let me in. There wasn't took much resistance. Her husband had just stretched her wide enough. She had Michelle's husband also stand on the table. Kelly leaned back far enough to place her hands on the table. My hands were holding her arse. I knew that once Michelle's husband had his cock inside Kelly's cunt, I would find it hard to thrust up and down.

Kelly lifted her legs and spread them wide as Michelle's husband placed his cock at her entrance, ready to enter her. Her husband stood on a chair next to her head. She turned to face his cock and he pulled her head until his cock was in Kelly's mouth. In this position Kelly wouldn't be able to move. It was up to us to fuck all her holes until we filled them.

Even though her mouth was being fucked by her husband, Kelly still managed to moan loudly when Michelle's husband's cock entered deep into her. My cock felt him hammering into her. Vaguely, I could hear Kelly constantly moaning loudly as all 3 cocks fucked her together. It seemed ages until I felt the cock inside Kelly's cunt speed up. She screamed now, but this was sokn stipped as cum gushed down her throat from her husband's cock. Within seconds, I felt Michelle's husband explode into her. I felt at least half dozen powerful spurts deep inside her. As the two spent cocks pulled out of her, she placed her feet on the table, lifting her arse, giving me time to fuck her. I hammered upwards hard straight away, not slowing the pace until my balks emptied into her arse.

When I stopped, Kelly sat, keeping my cock inside. It was taking its time softening. Until it did, Kelly moved her hips to keep feeling my cock in her arse. She eventually lifted her arse, freeing my cock. None of my cum came out. She managed to climb off the table and sit on a chair, her face flushed but still smiling. Her husband kissed her hard, followed by Michelle's husband and finally me. I couldn't resist spreading her legs a little. She was too weak to stop me. I pushed 2 fingers into her, wiggling them about in Michelle's husband's cum.

We all moved into the living room again. Michelle and her husband found their clothes. Before the dressed, Kelly's husband and me had a quick sucking of out cocks from Michelle while we both finger fucked her. Kelly quickly sucked Michelle's husband's cock while he too finger fucked her. They both dressed and left, probably to go home and fuck each other.

Kelly found her knickers and put them on. She had the look of a woman that had been well and truly fucked; and she had.

Both me and her husband were a little disappointed when Kelly went upstairs. We thought the night was over, but knew, like last week, there would be one final fuck before I took her to work.

We chatted for a while. He told me he had tried for ages to involve another cock but Kelly had always refused. He hadn't expected last week to happen, never mind her bringing in yet another man and his wife. He was now worried she may start fucking others without him knowing. I didn't mention our diversion to the car park on our way to work last Monday. I suggested that involving more men may stop this. He was willing to give it a try but didn't think she'd go for it.

We both went up to join Kelly, thinking it was time for sleep. We didn't expect finding his wife on the bed wearing hold up stockings and a pair of black, silky knickers. Both our cocks were hard instantly. We joined her on the bed. Kelly took her husband's cock into her mouth and opened her legs for me. I heard her ask us to take our time and make this last as I pulled her knickers to one side, exposing her well fucked cunt. With my tongue I could taste Michelle's husband's cum surrounding the inside of her. Her cunt had been filled cum from 3 cocks alk weekend, the majority of it mine. Unknown to her husband, mine would also be the last to fill her. Before then she could expect at least four more loads of cum.

I twisted her at the hip, moving her knickers over the mound of her arse to keep them out of the way. I bent her top leg upwards at the knee and put her other leg in between mine. She lifted her bent leg a little, knowing what I was going to do. My cock slid easily into her arse. I fucked it slowly for a while before slipping into her cunt. Kelly could feek I was close to coming so she pushed me out. Getting up onto her knees, she moved me onto my back, bending over taking my cock into her mouth. Her husband was behind her, probably fucking both of her holes in turn.

For the next hour or so, Kelly kept us changing places until we both emptied our cum again, mine in her mouth, her husband's inside her cunt. Alk this time, Kelly's knickers remained on.

Now we slept.

We filled her cunt and arse next morning before showering ready for work.

On the drive to work, Kelly had my cock out slowly wanking me while I drove. Her other hand was up her dress, fingers deep inside herself. She told me to go to the car park as we did last week. Once there, she guided me to the picnic table by my cock. Kelly sat on the edge and opened her legs for me. I let my jeans drop to my knees, placed Kelly's legs over my shoulders, pulled her knickers to one side. Kelly held my cock until I was fully embedded inside her. She then lay back on the table. I gripped the top of her thighs. As I pumped into her, Kelly rubbed her clit with her fingers. I managed to last about 10 minutes before my last load of the week emptied inside her willing body.

As my cock slipped out, I pulled her knickers across to hold my cum inside her. I asked Kelly to keep them on all day so that every time I saw her with other work colleagues, I knew what was inside her.

I asked Kelly how she knew about this car park. She said that it's a local dogging site. I was shocked as I thought up until Saturday I was the only one to fuck her. She said I was. She had driven here with her husband when he was trying to get her fucked by someone else. They never took part, just sat in the car. I asked her if she was now open to bring other cocks in. She thought before she answered. She said she only had three holes to fuck at once. She would involve more if more holes join in too. Jokingly, I said if Michelle joined, that means 3 more cocks. She just smiled....