Written by Elaine

15 Jul 2017

Hi its Elaine here, I'm 59 blond hair 36e. could not stop thinking about what happened last weekend. We have been out drinking allnight, got off the train and waited for a cab.it was busy and the que was long. So my toyboy boyfriend asked if anyone wanted to share a cab. Two young lads said Yeh we are going your way. Boyfriend gets in the front and said jokingly, leave there cocks alone and smiled at them.we was all quite pissed. And I'm thinking about a repeat of last week. One of them asked where we have been, and how nice i looked. I was quite flattered. Then my boyfriend says do you fancy another drink ?. They both said ok. Then i gave him the eye and smiled. We got home and I put some music on and drinks was served. My boyfriend started to dance with me and I'm getting really turned on.he sayes what do you think boys lovely ain't she.who wants to dance with her,with that the youngest lad Tony jumps up and puts his arms round her.they then start smochin. So to really get this started i then go and kiss her neck. Then she tilted her head back and smiled. This gave Tony a signal to put his hands on my boobs,then i just pulled his head towards mine and put my tongue in his mouth. My boyfriend said to his mate Steve that we are going to gangbang her. You up for it,he nodded nervously. By now Tony had a couple of fingers in my soaking pussy. I was shaking again so he laid me on the table and unzipped my dress, the zip is at the front from top to bottom. I never wear a bra when I'm out for the night, they just sprung free.Steve started to suck on one my toyboy on the other.Tony pulled my knickers to one side and I felt him push his cock into me, then my toyboy gets his hard cock out and pushed it to the back of my throat. Well i started to come almost straight away. The things they all did to me last night i will never forget. What a greedy girl I am. They both stayed the night in bed with me, my boyfriend in the other room. And before they left in the morning they dp me.I'm on cloud 9 this morning. Hope there are going to be more to come, its awakened something in me i feel like a proper slut. I'm wanting more.xxxx thanks kennyboy you was right.