Written by DeeJay12

30 Jul 2014

About 9months ago we met a nice guy from on this site and his fuck buddy in clumber park. It was a nice evening the guy was very chatty and we had a laugh, watching them fuck and we put on a bit of a show for them, the usual for us, over the car hard core sex, with our own partners. We had kept in touch and last night he come out to meet us on his own.

We met at half 9 at our usual place. He got straight out of the car and came over to shake Jonnos hand and lent right in the car asking me for a kiss. There was another unknown car parked where we usually play so we decided to go across the road into an old farm entrance, well known by doggers. I had seen this man in action with his lady but did not know what to expect from him as a single guy.

The man jumped in our car and we reversed down far enough to play in private. As soon as I got out of the car and walked around to the other side he was stood waiting and instantly pulled me in to kiss me. Jonno stood watching us and then came to join in. The atmosphere was relaxed and horny. I was starting to think this would be a good meet.

Sandwiched between the men I had hands on my bum on my tits, stroking me and squeezing me close. Our friend then licked his finger and gently parted my fanny lips to slide it in and gently rub my clit. As he sucked my tits Jonno kissed me and made an approving noise in my ear. Now I was getting wet. I grabbed both cocks and started to wank. I really wanted them.

Then our friend said what I wanted to hear . . "I really want to lick your pussy" the thought of it makes me tingle so I willingly laid in the car and placed my legs onto the car roof parting my legs and before I knew it he had his head buried in my pussy.

Now, I have a thing for older men and this one had made us laugh with the many women he has on the go but after a couple of minutes I knew why he was so popular.

Soft, gently, long wet strokes of his tongue glided over my clit and plunged into my fanny. At this point Jonno appeared at the other door and offered me his cock to stroke and suck. He looked at me as he could see the pleasure on my face, then he said " you want fucking don't you", well the truth is I always want fucking . . . And Jonno knows how to fuck me good.

Bending me over so I could suck the other guys cock he fucked me from behind nice and hard teasing my clit with his cock as well until he shot all over my arse. As I stood up the other guy instantly grabbed me and started kissing me again. I had to ask him if he wanted to fuck me and like a shot he had his fingers back in my pussy nodding vigorously. He asked me to lay down again and pushed into my wet fanny from on top.

Jonno came back around to the other side of the car to play with my tits as the guy fucked me. He then came out and went back down on me.

This is where the surprise occurred as I love being licked and you don't often find a man like this. He licked me just as good as before and then started to rim me. Not usually my cup of tea I must add, but this was good. And then I knew why he was preparing me, . . His finger glided up my arse and he continued to lick as he fingered me, flicking my clit and fanny with is tongue, it was driving me wild. Jonno saw me looking at him and I told him he was going to make me cum, Jonno smiled and encouraged me to cum for him just as I started to scream with delight.

The meet ended with a chat and the request that I let our friend lick me again . . . Of course you can imagine what I said.

Now that's what I call finger . . Licking . . . .good