Written by Aphrodite_xxx

27 Oct 2012

I knew I should never have been around industrial units with a skirt flimsy blouse and no bra.

The wind was cold so my nipples were pushing hard against the soft white fabric of my blouse.

I heard the motor slowing behind me but didnt turn as I didnt want to attract attention.

Thankfully it stopped and I carried on walking.

Before I knew what was happening a hand reached around my mouth and a bag was thrown over my head . I struggled but to no avail as the person holding me was powerful and bound my hands so tightly they couldnt move. I was pushed into the back of a motor and told to lie down and keep quiet as I would be told what to do when we arrived at our destination.

Oh god scared as I was why was I so aroused by it all.I felt that ache between my legs and longing for someone to make it stop. Perhaps that fantasy I had always had about being kidnapped and used at will.

We stopped and I heard shutter doors going up,the motor moved again.

The door opened and a voice commanded "Get out of the car and stand still if you want to get out of here at all, no one can hear you scream here".

My wrists were bound with tape and rope attached

"Dont move" he barked at me.

I heard a forklift truck start up and paniced wondering if I could get free.My arms started to raise being pulled higher and higher by the rope so I could barely stand.

I felt his hot breathe on the back of my neck and my blouse was ripped open,

Strong hard hands pulled and tweaked my already errect nipples.

My heart beating with the fright of what was going to happen I couldnt believe the heat and wetness between my legs. OMG I was actually horny.

The pain was erotic as he crushed my breasts, leaning into me I could feel his hardness pushing into my back.

"Maybe I should get some guys to join in and they can fuck you one after the other, would you like that"he asked.

My skirt was pushed up exposing my bare buttocks as I was only wearing tiny knickers.

He slapped hard and harder again causing me to yelp again and again.

The pain was intense and the heat in my cheeks I knew my bum was glowing but I was loving it

"Beg me to stop slut" he growled in my ear , but I didnt want him to stop.

He tore my knickers off and thrust his hand roughly between my legs.

MMmmmm you slut he murmerd as he felt my piercing, "A pierced pussy, what kind of a slut has a pierced pussy"?

His fingers were rythnic against my clit and I was breathing heavily.

"You are going to wish you had never come here , cos when I finsh hurting you Im going to fuck that pussy so hard" he growled.

His fingers entered me and started to move , harder , faster as my knees went weak and I couldnt stop the orgasm .

Hot fluid squirted down my legs over my holdups spilling onto the floor.

"Did you just come on my floor you dirty slut" he asked

"You know you are going to clean that up later dont you"?

His fingers still moved fast and hard pushing upwards and round until again I couldnt stop myself I was so turned on and another gush of hot liquid hit the floor.

He laughed and lowered the fork lift .

"On your knees " he commanded.

As I knelt in front of him he took off the bag from my head.

His cock was in my face, hard and urgent.

"Look what you have done to my cock you horny bitch, its so hard, suck it now".

I took him into my mouth and gave that gentle pull as my tongue swirled across the head of his cock.

" Mmmmm so good " he murmered,

I took him deep while I maintained a slow rythmic suck.Deeper and deeper into my throat until I gagged.He pushed his cock harder into my face and I could tell he was getting out of control.

He pulled away and stood me up .

Pushing me against the crates he spread my legs with his foot and bent me forwards. He spanked my still red and swollen cheeks again and again.Pulling at my breasts and nipples his cock pressed hard and probing,

He entered me roughly and quickly, his hard throbbing cock plunged deep inside me, harder and faster he pushed deep deep inside buiding the most intense orgasm.

I came again and again so aroused it wouldnt stop, until he said " Im coming inside that pussy slut" and pushed deep. As he groaned with pleasure and I knew his orgasm was close.

Thrusting hard and deep he came fast and strong.

He turned me round and said " Now clean that mess up you made on the floor" handing me my little panties to do it with.

My nipples were red and so swollen and my buttocks were on fire as I mopped the evidence of my arousal off the floor.

We laughed and I was released from my bonds. My poor hands were blue but I hadnt noticed in all the excitement

I was so turned on by the whole experience and we both went into the office flushed and still high from what had taken place to talk about what a great afternoons entertainment it was.

Mmmm hes such a naughty boy I so hope he again

Or worse?