Written by kim

17 Feb 2017

after 3 weeks of glorious sex with the well hung lad from homebase im afraid he went on to younger girls after me showing him the ropes,jimmy is in australia so i was a bit frustrated until the day i went to check jimmys house,as the decorators were in painting the downstairs colin i knew was the boss and a very dishy man of about 40 and flirted with him straight away and joking with him and asking what i could do for him,he laughed and said he couldnt keep up with his misses let alone get involved with me,he said dont be downhearted ive got my son working this afternoon and he would love to see me,i said how do you know, jimmys son is his mate and told him about being fucked by you in your sexy gear,i blushed and stammered and he replied if you keep him occupied he could have time with his wife as his son stays in all the time,well 2 hours later im in jimmys dressed in high heels black stockings very short white pvc skirt and my favorite bra making my nipples look like organ stops through my transparent top,he let himself in and nearly shit himself ,i got hold of his hand and sat him down on the sofa and kissed him and guided his hand up my stocking leg and straight on to my damp pussy,he was bright red and shaking as i got his cock out it was not that big ,but told him it was massive,i new he was going to cum quickiy so i sat on it facing him and took my top off so he could suck and play with my heaving breasts,he hadnt cum as i expected so gently rocked up and down on his hard cock getting quicker i was a mess squealing and shaking as i was cummming,and after what seemed like ages slumped on him and told him he was fantastic and then got him to take me from behind and he fucked me with amazing energy only stopping to ask me why he had not cum,i said carry on and i will sort that out later,he fucked me furiously for ages and it was the best fuck i had for years,i turned round and played with his cock and placed it in my mouth sucking and licking it and he had put his hands on my head guiding it up and down his cock and then BANG he shoots his load down my throat that i eagly swallow,but there is so much that he is choking me, because he is unaware as he is screaming with joy,i pull my mouth out and he is still shooting all over my face shuddering with pleasure,all of a sudden its like he has woken up ans now sees his cum in my hair and on my face,,i said that was the best fuck ive ever had and he stood in front of me proudly with his cock getting hard again and asking me if we could do it again,i said yes but he better do a bit of work ist,,tell you what happened next in a couple of days i have never know anything like it