Written by stuart2

5 May 2011

Well Kim wanted to resume working after a long absence, and as we all know jobs are few and far between. She eventually found a office cleaning job for a small office complex not far from our place.

When she started work she knew the boss from a previous long ago meet from sh, he is elderly, and she found out she had recently lost his wife who used to do the office cleaning.

He immediatley ask her to do cleaning at his home too if she was agreeable. Kim jumped at the chance of the extra cash, and arranged to do 2 evenings at the office and one at his place. She suspected he was after more than cleaning at his place, and when she arrived he had a bottle of wine open, and the place was very warm with the heating on.

Kim noticed it was spotless, and she thought why does he need it hoovering?

It was not long before he told her he wanted her body, not the cleaning, and he would reward her well if she obliged. Kim does love sex so the decision was an easy one, and he soon had her on the bed, and gave her a really long fucking, he actually shot two loads of cum inside her, and she came home with no knickers and a well used dripping pussy. He wants her every week now, and has also asked a friend of his if he need some office cleaning too. I wonder what will happen there?