Written by gary

29 Apr 2015

I for as long as I can remember have always wanted my partner to fuck other guys, I had bought it up a few times but only in a jokey way,as it's not the easiest subject to broach, then a few months back I was going through my usual spiel of like this place looks nice shall we visit. This normally where I get the "Don't start" treatment when she came over and looked and said yeah okay. This threw me a bit and I said no more.

The following day it was in fact Tina that brought it up, by saying listen I have agreed to go but I am telling you now if I see anyone I like I am going to fuck them, so be prepared as I don't want you getting jealous afterwards. I guessed this was a bluff to put a end to it but all it done was excited me even more.

It was really a game now we decided on a day and a place to visit and it was like who is going to back out first. But neither of us did although I have to admit on the day I nearly did. As we got outside the place I expected her to say that's enough and want to leave,but that never happened. We went in and quite frankly it was not as I expected. People were just sitting around relaxing or in the sauna or jacuzzi. The men outnumbered the women by not to that great extent, most had towels around them although a Couple were naked.

Anyway we went off to get changed and I was a little shocked when Tina came down the stairs as although she had a towel covering her bottom half she was completely topless, I say shocked as this is a girl that won't go topless even on holiday, I guessed this was all part of the plan to get me to say lets go. But that was not going to happen, But what happened in the next hour although it still excites me makes me think maybe I was wrong on that occasion.

There was like a small bar there and although it did not serve alcohol they had no objection to you bringing your own but liked you to buy your mixer from there. Tina got up and went to the bar when she didn't come back I looked to see her chatting to three black guys. I don't mean this in a racist way, but black guys had never came into it until now and she had certainly never shown any interest before so I thought nice one if this is part of your plan to get us to go then I can play that game as well.

I gave it another ten minutes and if I am honest I wanted a drink so I got up to get my own but was a little taken aback to see only two black guys and no Tina. as I looked one of them just raised his eyes upwards, I knew there was rooms upstairs where people went to basically have sex and as much as I had wanted this to happen it's a strange feeling when it does. excitement Jealousy all rolled into one. I went and sat down but changed position so I could see the stairs part of me did not want them to come down together but sure enough they did.

Tina came over to me asked if I was okay. I could only say did you, I can't say angry but a look shot across her face as much to say I told you I would, she just said yes and it was great, as bad as this sounds the thought she had actually fucked a black guy as good as in front of me, changed things and I had to go to the toilet and wank which lasted all of two seconds before I cum like I never had before.

Returning to the main area I was a little surprised to see her back with her new black friends when suddenly she went back upstairs with a different one.

it was like she was a different person. It's obvious what happened next she came down and went up with the third. It was like a bad dream but a exciting one to.i can't really describe how I was feeling,I know it was what I had always wanted but the reality was I did not expect her to fuck anyone let alone three, And although not in a gang bang situation it was as good as,

When we got back indoors I just wanted to take her there and then but she just pushed me away saying no she has had enough for one night. The next day was a bit tricky, but we both knew we had to talk about it.When we did it was not quite what I wanted to hear. she said she got turned on at the bar by the blackness of their body's and how fit they were, She said one of them just said to her are you hear to relax or fuck, she said she replied the latter, To which he said so which one of us you want first, And the order was done on a spin of a coin.So the fact was it was already a done deal all three was going to fuck her. it did not just happen as I thought.She also admitted it was a fantastic turn on as she was fucking one to know another was waiting.

we have not returned and I am not sure we ever will. But she constantly reminds me we don't have to and she has their phone numbers. I can't put my hand on my heart and say she has not been back and seen them, The only thing that makes me think she has not is she constantly teases me with if she does she will make sure I am sitting there watching