Written by Gary

6 May 2015

Although I only told you my story a week ago it actually happened best part of a month ago. Apart from the first week after we had not really mentioned it again. I know it was my fantasy and all that but the fact was she had fucked three black guys one after the other. and reality is not always as good as fantasy.

So I was a bit surprised when coming home from work last night Tina said sit down we have to talk, I knew by her manor that this was serious and given the time span I could only blurt out your pregnant. And this would put any of those three in the frame,when she said no not yet a wave of relief swept over me. so I asked what was wrong then,And she said I have to see those guys again. I don't want it to be behind your back. But it's going to happen if you agree or not, you can either be there watching when it happens or be out,That's up to you. I asked when and she replied they are coming here tonight.

this was all to quick,But I knew she meant it. I tried to say lets talk about this and all she said was Don't make me choose. My head was spinning and all I could say was maybe they won't want me here,She just said no they know your okay with it from last time, but just don't try to join in.

I am not going to even try to say how I felt some excitement, but wired I also knew it had gone to far to stop. the next couple of hours just flew by and suddenly they were there, although only two of them,They just walked in as though I was not there.Tina greeted them both with a kiss and told me to get them a beer from the fridge,when I came back they were sitting on the sofa with Tina in the middle of them.I handed them a beer each but they never acknowledged me at all,I was as if I was not there.so I just sat in the chair.

Suddenly one of them barked at her get naked, as bad as it sounds all I could do was sit there frozen. she removed her dress and panties and sat back down then one of them moved for a kiss I don't know if it was for my benefit but I could clearly see their tongues together, The other one was squeezing her boob and unbuckling his jeans,he slid then down to reval a semi hard cock and placed her hand on it,she immediately moved so she could take him in her mouth.the other one then undressed and moved her and I watched as he slid into her this was unreal I was less than a few feet away yet was powerless to do anything, I was watching her being fucked by one black cock whilst sucking another,Yes it was exciting it was my fantasy for her to go with other guys, But it was strange as although my heart was beating I never had a erection. they suddenly changed positions and it was not long before the second one came deep inside her something he made me very aware of, The other guy soon did the same. I have never seen such a happy satisfied look on Tina's face,She got up holding her hand to her to stop any of the cum that was oozing out and went to the bathroom, And for the first time one of them spoke to me saying that's one wild bitch you have there,We are going to fuck her more than you.so don't be surprised if your first born is mixed race and looks like one of us.i am ashamed to say I could only nod.She came back and ignoring me joined her lovers on the sofa and began kissing one again whilst gently wanking his cock to a erection suddenly I felt my own erection forming at the sight of her white hand around his black cock.

He then moved her so one of her legs was over the sofa and the other one on the floor and entered her again This time I could clearly see him thrusting into her,The other guy was just watching and slowly wanking himself, Suddenly the guy that was wanking her pulled out and moved to her mouth before exploding into her open mouth, I knew Tina liked to take cum in her mouth but as always spit,But she happily swallowed at his request by now the second one was in her and shagging her again, he had no intention of pulling out and came in her again.as she got up to go to the bathroom they just casually dressed and left,as if it was nothing.one called back be ready for your booty call.and they left as quick as that.

I know about now a lot of you are thinking did you fuck her,But to tell the truth I did not want to.

I left her sleeping this morning I know I love her but I could only think she is full of other guys sperm and happy about it.

Now this only happened last night and I can't say how I feel, I know I have created a monster I can't control and I am not even sure I want to,

It was always my fantasy to see her with other guys, and her choice they were black guys,I can still see the glazed look of pleasure in her face as they came in her.its to quick to make any decision yet,But I think if I want to keep her I will just have to accept her lovers will be black