30 Aug 2018

According to my research, 'the mechanism of the female orgasm is actually a series of rapid, rhythmic contractions. And they're not just in the vagina: an orchestra of pulses go through the genitals, anus, uterus, and pelvic floor all at once and extremely rapidly. But it also makes the brain explode, flooding it with opoids from the limbic system as a "reward" full of pleasure and happiness. This chemical flood can be a bit like a heroin hit!'

Many years ago I had an office 'friendship', which despite both of us trying really hard to stop it happening, ended up becoming extremely intimately.

Karen's (not her real name) personality meant she had a propensity to having extreme highs and corresponding lows, and she could swing from one to the other in the click of a finger.

The first time I brought her to orgasm - and it was a massive one! - resulted simply by fingering her clit and licking her nipples simultaneously. She was married and inexperienced, and having had what I suspect was probably the strongest climax she had ever experienced, meant she was positively hyper afterwards!

She wanted to engage on all levels, and bubbling with excitement said, "Ask me anything, anything you like." At this point dear female reader, you can roll your eyes and tut tut at my predictable male response, which was: "So oral - which do you prefer, giving or receiving?"

At this point we had a total 'rabbit caught in the headlights' moment, and was followed by a long, awkward silence.

"You can't ask me that!?" She eventually stammered.

"Why?" I enquired innocently.

Stutter, stutter..."Because I have only ever been with my husband."


Anyway, we got over that, but as you might imagine, I was now resolved to broaden her sexual education, albeit not right there or then!

The opportunity arose a few weeks later. We were leaving a business meeting together, and as was becoming our wont, took the scenic route home. It was hammering down with rain as I parked the car in a very remote rural spot. There were no other cars or people around, and just a few sheep sheltering behind the stone wall we had parked next to. We undid our seat belts and immediately were kissing with hands wandering. She was wearing a very long skirt that seemed to have acres of material, but I eventually burrowed my way underneath and had her panties down around her ankles. She shuffled her body to give me full access, and was starting to enjoy my fingers making her very wet, when I decided now was the time to go down on her. I'd just got my tongue on her clit when she rumbled what was going on, and pushed me away. I retreated, resumed fingering her, and after a couple of minutes had another attempt. The skirt was all gathered up around her waist, her legs as wide as she could manage in the restricted space of the car, and her pussy was on full view. I planted my mouth right over it, slipped my tongue in and with a mix of soft lapping and firm probing proceeded to give her my best shot.

By now she had obviously decided to go with the flow, and allowed me to continue. Suffice to say, it wasn't long before she had an even bigger orgasm than before, and screamed loudly inside the car, and was almost hyper-ventilating afterwards.

Trying to lighten the situation, I said: "Sssssh, you'll frighten the sheep," and she instantly burst into tears!

I suspect the realisation of her infidelity had struck home, but she never confirmed that.

(More to follow)