Written by funboy1966

1 May 2010

My work colleague Val and I had enjoyed a frantic quickie outside the pub (see Knee trembler, readers) and were ready for more

Over the next couple of weeks we chatted in the office whenever we met, and it was obvious Val wanted some action

Last Tuesday she slipped into my office during the day, flashed her knickers and said with a smile: "Stay behind late tonight, I've got a treat for you!"

By 7pm she hadn't shown up and I was thinking of leaving. Then I heard the clicking of high heels and some girlie giggling. Val burst into the office, arm in arm with a blonde, younger girl. "I've brought a friend!" said Val

Teresa opened her blouse - no bra - and announced: "Val tells me you're a good fuck. Come on then..."

While I got to grips with Teresa's tits, Val was taking off her boring office gear to show off a sexy red bra and stockings. My cock was stiff as a pole and I was wondering how long I could keep from spunking up!

Young Teresa got to her knees and started fondling my dick. Soon it was in her mouth, while Val sat and watched with a finger slipped inside her sloppy cunt. Her mate stripped off and turned away from me, waving her arse in the air. I could hardly resist and eased my dick inside her, grabbing her knockers, and we got into a fast rhythm

I was about to come when Val grabbed me and dragged me over to the settee. She straddled my dick and rode me until I was ready to spunk. "Do it on my tits!" she said, and I was happy to oblige. Teresa came over and had a taste too

Five minutes later, the girls were dressed and off into the night! I'm hoping they'll be back next week ...