Written by Paddy

1 May 2008

Wow. I just got back after popping out for a wank mag. I drove to a quiet village where there is a small shop with a lot of porn on the top shelf. As I walked in I noticed that there was a tatooed women in her late 30's with long bleached blonde hair behind the till.

I waited for the two customers in the shop to pay and leave before I picked up a copy of Escort Swingers and went to the till. The women looked at me and gave me a knowing look. She bent over to get a blue plastic bag and I noticed that her red thong was showing above her blue denim skirt. 'Nice knickers' I said. She said nothing, but looked at me again, bit her lower lip and shuffled them down her legs. She kicked them of and put them in the bag with the mag. I paid my three pounds and left with my heart racing.

I sat outside in the car. The coast was clear so I flicked through the mag and sniffed the panties. I selected 'Lisa, 19, London' and proped her open against the steering wheel. I got my cock out and began to wank hard and fast looking at Lisa's cunt. I came a week's worth of spunk in to the gusset of the panties.

I put the spunk filled knicks back in the bag and walked back in to the shop handing them back to the blonde. She put her hand in to the bag pulling out the sticky knickers. The spunk was hanging in ribbons from them and dripping on to her hand. She licked and sucked the sperm from them before cleaning up her fingers and slipped them back on. I think I'll be back!