29 Sep 2016

We know these exploits are coming quickly but they have been over many weeks and we thought best while fresh in our minds. The phone call came for a pint at the pub, he said he had an idea for our next meeting. I was about to leave the house when my wife said she was coming, we got to the pub and he was already there, his eyes lit up when he saw my wife was with me.

I thought he probably thought he was in for some viewing or at best a wank,he poured us a drink and my wife wasted no time asking if they enjoyed the cinema,his wife was over the moon with the afternoon out, but what happened to you two, we explained that the seats got in the way of what was happening when you went up her skirt, he said that she was happy to b e wanked and came very quickly, he said he couldn't believe that this was his wife.

He suggested that the four of us met, but how we said that as the two of us had met for a pint I had told her that one night your wife had been there and explained they seemed like a nice couple and it could be a nice friendship, we agreed but he said we must take it slowly, she didn't know about the cinema.My wife suggested another drink I went to the bar and on my return she was sitting opposite him with her skirt up to her knickers and he was feeling himself through his jeans,I didn't expect this, she said the pub was quite, why not. She moved next to him with their backs to the bar she undid his jeans and started wanking him he was soon hard, did she wank you in the cinema yes were your fingers still inside her he nodded, we can't wait to watch you two she moved her hand faster and he came.

We arranged for a meeting the following night, we arrived at the pub and they were already there, he introduced us and we sat chatting, it was the first time we actually saw her in the light she was quite attractive, we met a few times at various pubs and restaurants,sex came into the conversation but only light hearted and she seemed to have no problem with it, my wife had let her dress ride up a few times to her stocking tops when they sat opposite us, this time it showed her suspenders clips, his wife said, you'll be getting him excited he loves stockings and suspenders, do you always wear them, yes when we're out together we like public flashing and touching especially if we know we're being watched.It went quite and she said it sounds exciting, my wife asked her if they ever did anything like that, we did recently in a cinema after watching another couple I didn't realize how it would excite me, but we weren't watched.

Would you have carried on if you were, yes at that time I was so turned on, my wife looked around the bar and moved my hand onto her knickers, she looked stunned, are you enjoying watching yes.Why don't you try, she looked at her husband and he nodded, my wife moved her dress down and we watched him go under her dress and moved it up to a very sexy pair of white knickers he said she was very excited, he stopped as the bar was getting busy, we asked if she enjoyed it and she nodded.

We asked her if she would fancy some public touching with us and she was happy if her husband agreed, he immediately said yes, would you go back to the cinema oh yes, we left and said we would be in touch for arrangements. We went home and said we'd passed the next hurdle, my wife unzipped my jeans and started wanking me, did you enjoy seeing her knickers being felt so close, I came immediately, she said I'll take that as a yes.