10 Oct 2016

My wife was making arrangements for our new friends to come over on Friday, yes we can't wait either as your driving why don't you stay the night, see you about seven thirty, that sounds a good idea well we know it's going to be a long evening, I've bought something special for you, let's see not till Friday.

The week dragged, but eventually Friday came she was preparing the meal and I went for a shower, I came down and she said she was going to get ready, I poured myself a drink and waited, the door bell rang and I answered she looked stunning in a white dress that was partly see through, I got them a drink and took their case upstairs,my wife said she was coming down I went in the bedroom she had on a full length white petticoat with the bra built in and a lacy hem I could see her knickers and suspenders through the material and her dark stockings, do you like it, wow is that all your wearing, yes I think he's going to love it.

I went in the lounge and got her a drink our friends were sitting together on the sofa opposite ours, her dress was just passed her stocking tops and I could see her white suspenders, I sat enjoying the view and my wife came in, she looked fantastic, she walked over and said hello, he got up and kissed her on the cheek and his hand went to her thigh, love the outfit it took me a while to find it but I remember it from the seventies. She sat next to me and I could see it ride up to her stockings, I put my hand on the lacy hem and it felt wonderful.

I got them all another drink and she said the meal was ready we went in the dining room and I sat next to his wife and he next to mine, we sat eating and chatting, my wife said she enjoyed the other evening in the car her husband said what happened we explained, I wished I'd been there, we said we would wait and tell you tonight, my wife cleared the starter and I reached over and kissed his wife, my hand went straight to her breast, she felt and smelt wonderful, I pulled back and said how much I enjoyed watching her wanking, my wife came back with the the main course she said I see you've started with out me and we all laughed.

I could see his arm moving and asked if it felt nice through material, it feels great just making out her suspenders and knickers, my wife stood up and moved the petticoat up and moved her Knickers down to her stocking tops and sat down, his hand went back under the table he was wanking her although we couldn't see, I suggested we took our drinks back to the lounge, my wife stood up and pulled her knickers back up.as we got in the lounge I pulled his wife's zip down and she stepped out of her dress, the others watched from the sofa, I stood behind her and moved her bra down and felt both breasts, my wife had him out of his pants and she started wanking him slowly. I sat her down and moved her knickers over and said have you seen your husband being wanked before, no just watch. My fingers moved inside her as my wife put her lipsover his cock and her head moved up and down, her legs were wide open and her knickers showing signs of dampness.

His wife said he won't last long like that, my wife then sat up and he stood and dropped his trousers and pants and knelt in front of her, his bum was moving. I took my fingers from his wife and led her to the other sofa for a better view, his hands were on her knees and we could see his prick slide parst her knickers. I knew she was about to come so I leaned over and put my tongue in her mouth as she shuddered to an orgasm.

It felt wonderful kissing her as another man was making her come, he moved back and shot over her stomach. I took up the same position and got inside her she was pushing against me, he leaned over and felt her breasts, my wife's hand was in her knickers wanking away, it was to much and as I felt her come I pulled out and came on the front of her knickers.

We all went to bed with our own wife's and fell asleep. The next morning she made them tea and toast, we asked them if the session was as good as they expected, better and for us, we said we thought we couldn't go any further with our adventure they looked disappointed, my wife said perhaps we should give a while and they agreed, we'll call you in the future perhaps you'll find another couple now you're into swinging.