Written by the husband

24 Mar 2013

We have been married a number of years now you think you would know your partner as time go's by you start to take each for granted I am now in my fifties and Julia my wife is younger she jest in her fortes so there is a age gap some thing you never noticed or thought about till the last few years I had slowed down a little bit at a times my performance in the bedroom was not what it used to be I was not as motivated as I once was but that was some thing I never thought about

It was about a year ago Julia had become edgy at first I didn't pay much attentions to her moods life went on my wife is always doing things she get mixed up in local events so its not unusual for her go out me I like to sit in front of the telly relax I do get dragged into helping out some time under protest or I get mooed at

She was on some committee at the time and she seemed to be spending a lot of time doing thing more than usual she was going out two or three times a week not the usual meeting once a month when I asked about it she was evasive I do tend not to ask questions or I end up doing some thing now thinking back she was also getting dressed up for the meetings a lot more than she normally did I also found my weekly leg over was getting put off with excuses like being tired or not in the mood or tomorrow and that never comes

One day I was doing some thing out side and I pop in for a wee Julia didn't hear me come in she was on the phone and what I heard surprised me it went some thing like this, no its alright his outside mmmm you cheeky sod you laddered the last pear no I can't he notice seams if I ware them no I not putting them on in the car men and stockings what is it and there another thing no more bits marks no he didn't see it I covered it with makeup go on laugh its not funny tonight I will have to see you randy sod okay I will call you later if I can get away bye darling

I slammed the back door as if I had come in I went to the toilet as I came out Julia was in the hallway she said I have jest had May on the phone and she need me to go over to hers this evening to sort some things out bits she not sure about it a pain I know

She looked at me and and asked are you alright you look pale I didn't know what to say there was my wife standing there looking innocent lying to me spinning a tale to go out and get shagged I heard myself say okay and went back outside I was in shock

I stayed out the house all afternoon I was angry as much as any thing about being lied to and taken for a fool when I went in Julia was as normal happier if any thing all smiles she told me she got my dinner ready she was going to get changed I didn't eat much I went up to our bed room there she was in front of the mirror she didn't see at first I got close enough to see a glimpse of stocking tops before she tugged the skirt down before doing her makeup she asked what I wanted I said nothing jest came up when she stood up her blouse tightened she had no bra on I thought when she bent to put her shoes on I could see I was right I was noticing every thing now the hem lines had got higher I had not taken much notice of her close before if you undone a couple button on that blouse that be a very sexy outfit she seemed in a rush to leave saying she was late and adding I may be a bit late home you know how Kay can talk

After she had gone I looked round the bedroom she got lots of new cloths and underwear

At about eight I got a text saying don't stay up this has got complicated will take longer than I thought I did go to bed jest laying there it was past midnight she came she thought I was asleep she came in got some thing her nightdress then went out the shower came on in the family bathroom she had showered in the on-suite before going out so why would want another one if you where only looking at paper work and chatting not a sweaty job I would of thought

I let her get into bed I sat up put the light on and said Julia have you got some thing to tell me it surprised her I asked where she has been till this time of night she stammered you know Kay's I said well Kay is getting on I guess she go to bed ten maybe and why would she ask you to wear seamed stockings to go and see her is she gay are you gay

She was lost for words her face was red she looked as guilty as hell I added did she bit your neck tonight and is she a randy sod what do you mean she went on the defensive it was a shouting mach for a few minuets going no where Julia bock down sobbing

I said now the truth she admitted she seen some one a man but his jest a friend I said bull shit lets start again she snapped okay okay I sleep with him it was then I called her a slag and more she then slapped my face we had a struggle with me trying to stop her

in that struggle I had pulled open her nightie some how I was on top of her and realized I was as hard as rock my dick had not been that hard in years at first I was forcing myself on her but she gave in my cock slipped in a very wet and loos hole it felt wonderful at first she jest looked up at me much as she do other time I was like a ragging bull with my rock hard five inches I could feel her string under me for the first time in ages she was responding I was fucking like I was twenty she started to buck then she climaxed a real climax she did say afterwards the first in a very long time

I couldn't last long and had to cum my sperm mixing with some one eases we lay holding each other calmed down she keep saying how sorry she was we talked I wanted to know who it was I didn't know him it seems his name is is Phil and his only thirty I asked how big he was she paused then said bigger than yours Christ I knew that I never known Julia's pussy to be that open that's all she say at first I pushed her in the end she told me he is a good nine inches with a really wide girth no wonder she was stretched like that

Next morning was a bit tense we didn't know what to say to each other we sat at the table Julia was saying how sorry she was but the fact we didn't really have a sex life any more and she still have strong needs and it jest happened she didn't go out looking for a bloke she said she never see him again when I said why not she looked really shocked and surprised and asked what I meant my reply was do any one ease know whats going on she looked at me and said why I went on if no one knows why not carry on seeing him she hesitated you don't mind as if I was trying trapping her I told last night was the best sex we had in years she agreed she asked you don't mind no I said as long as you tell me the truth in fact I like to meet him she couldn't understand that so we had started a new chapter in our life's