Written by the husband

29 Mar 2013

I left you on the 24 Mar with Julia and myself sitting at the kitchen table disusing the night before and the implications

I was a tense start neither of knowing what the other thoughts would be in the cold light of day I think we both knew we needed to adult about the situation there be no point in getting in a shouting mach I was surprised how calm I was and felt it was obvious Julia was some what nervous and unsure of my reaction to what she done

I think she thought I would go mad by having a calm approach had in a way given me the upper hand she was apologizing saying she made a stupid mistake and she loved me and it never happen again she never see him again

My reply stopped her in her traces I said WHY NOT she looked at me lost for words she paused and asked what do you meant I said why stop seeing him I didn't say you had to stop seeing him or don't you want to see him any more

You may wonder why I said that the truth is I don't really know all I can put it down to is a fantasy I had years before of my wife having sex with another man I knew then if I had of said that to her she would of given me hell

Julia may of thought I was trying to trap her into saying she wanted to carry on seeing him or it was a way of caching her out

She hesitated before asking again what I meant I said remember last night you said the sex we had together was some of the best sex we have ever had and I think it was the truth is our sex life had got stale and you said I din't always fore fill all your needs

you are quite a bit younger than me and I understand that I not what I was in my twenties

any more she butted in but but you don't mind if I sleep with some else I looked her straight in the face and said NO I am okay with that but the big but is I want you to be

truthful I want to know all about it when where who it is the lot she could see I wasn't joking she said are you serious I said very serious

That was the moment I made my bed and I am laying in it today that was the start of a new chapter in our life's one I am not regretting up to now

That day we talked a lot as we did Julia's attitude changed we became more open and relaxed with each other I was very curious who this other man was as I got the details I found it aroused me that felt wired being told about your wife's lover

His name was Phil quite a bit younger than us over ten years younger than her I was surprised where they meet in a supermarket so he was really a stranger I had been worried it could of been some one we knew

When I asked about the sex they had together Julia wouldn't give all the details straight away I got most of them a bit at a time it seemed he was well endowed quite a bit bigger than me he was very energetic in bed she never said it to me but they are the things I am not the other thing he always give her strong climaxes that was the nearest she came to say he is a lot better in bed than I am

Its been going on for over three months and I never knew I told her I still wouldn't know if I not over heard her phone conversation that afternoon and using Kay as a alibi was a bit stupid

That nigh in bed Julia was the one that instigated sex straight away I was horny as hell but she was gagging for it and far more willing than she been in years I was most surprised when she went down on me some thing she never liked doing before and she had a real climax not a faked one we had sex for the next two night unheard of for years

It was the next evening Julia was uneasy and wanted to say some thing I guessed what it was when it came out Phil had phoned in the day and asked to see her that night but she put him off wanting to talk to me first she was worried about me I had a knot in in my tummy as I said don't be silly call him back and arrange it I was asked was I sure after a shore discussion she called Phil in front of me I licensed to what she was saying she may of been a bit restrained by me being there I heard her say she could see him at eight

they where to meet at a pub I knew it but never used it I asked what the plan is she told me they meet in the pub and go back to his I already knew he lived in a sheared house with two other blokes and when they had sex it was either there when they where out or a car she then questioned me again was I happy her doing this I had to convince her I was

Julia when to get ready I went upstairs as well it felt a little funny watching my wife getting dressed up to go and meet another man I also found it exciting and arousing

At first I think she found it a little off putting having me there she came out the shower naked I could see she trimmed her pubes she looked surprised when I said why not save your pussy I bet Phil would like it I would with a giggle she said okay and went back she called me and asked me to help so there I am shaving my wife's pussy for another man I did it with out cutting her it looked wonderful she commented on my bulge in my trousers and laughed saying this is turning you on it was

Getting dressed really did it for me watching that she did wear the seamed stockings this time and a push up bra she has quite a large bust a 38 C it not as firm as it once was but they don't sag so much you notice she has large prominent nipples which are lovely she picked a almost see threw white blouse that in the right light didn't hide much and a short black skirt she said well what do you think I undid two more buttons on her blouse and said you are gorges bloody sexy that pleased her she did a button up and chuckled modesty I am a married woman we both laughed the shoes she had on where quite low heeled I said you need higher heels she then said are there are some in my car it seems she used to put them on in the car I went and got them they where high ones fuck me heels but that made it god she was the most sexy looking woman I seen in a long while

It was almost seven thirty we went down stairs Julia started to ask was I alright with this she need to be sure I had to convince her I was we where at the door and she was still saying are you sure I kissed her and told her to go I watched her get in her car and drive off

After she left I did have a moment of doubt and wondered what I done but that was out weighted by the fact I also had an erection it was an evening of clock watching for me the first hour was long I was wondering about what happened when they meet where they still in the pub I then got a text it said are you still okay with this let me know I text back fine go for it love you one came back love you now going to Phil's love you xxxxxxxx

Oh my god its going to happen and its me that let happen my cock was so hard it heart I dear not tough it I would of cum the clock ticked slowly one then two hours past then at midnight a bleep on my way home love you the text said

Twenty minuets later her car pulled in I opened the front door as Julia got out there was the click of heels as she walked into the light she came into the hallway we looked at each other she smiled her make up was smudged a little she had tided her hair up but it wasn't as neat as it was when she gone out we both spoke together she wanted to ask how I was and how I felt I told her I was fine did she have a good time she hugged me saying yes darling it was very good and you don't know how much I love you I kissed her neck I could smell her perfume there another smell mixed in with it the odor of sex she kissed me on the lips as my tongue went in her mouth it tasted salty and a little slimy she told me later she had sucked him off before she left I was to find out later what a horny sod he is and witness his stamina and ability to repeat

We hugged each other for seemed a long time I looked down her neck her blouse was quite open I first sore a dark red mark on her lower neck I moved the color open a bit there was another on her shoulder and on the other side was two more she whispered I let him bit me this time

I took her hand and we almost ran upstairs in the bedroom I was tugging at her cloths to get them off she helped as well as almost ripping my cloths off at the same time she was in her underwear I was jest in my pants she grabbed my dick I had to stop her I would of cum I looked at my lovely wife standing there love bits on her neck and shoulders as well as little nibbles on each breast her breasts supported by the push up bra lifting them her nipples where still quite stiff she was still aroused

I pushed her onto our bed as she landed her tits bounced her legs where parted I jumped on with her we had a long snog it was a passionate one my hand went down to her crouch her panties where soaked I pulled them down she kicked them off and spread her legs for me her pussy lips seemed puffy and pinkie red jest inside was a slimy mess she was still full of spunk I found out later he shot two loads deep inside her not bad in four hours plus a blow job oh to have youth on your side

My fingers slipped into the sticky mess inside her she felt open and loose her pussy was stretched and seemed swollen inside puffy I found a very in larded G-spot at the back of her clitoris she gasped when I touched it I heard her say I want you inside me I pushed my pants off she the grabbed my cock I felt my balls tighten I knew I was going to cum I shouted I am cumming she dropped her face over my dick jest as the first spurt flew out some on her lips and some up the side of her face before the next spurt her mouth was over it she was sucking I had to lift up as I cum my god I not cum like that in years she

swallowed the lot sucking the last drop out of me

We kissed I could taste my own spunk in her mouth I went back to fingering her I couldn't be leave what she said next darling do it for me I didn't understand I was sucking her tits at the time I then felt a hand on my head it gently pushed guiding my head lower down her body I will add I didn't resist I was at her pelvis I moved myself round I could smell the odor of sex and sperm I now inches from a very wet gaping hole it looked open the lips rolled back a bit hesitantly I stuck my tongue out the tip touched she pushed my face closer my tongue went inside her the slime was not unpleasant in fact I found it quite arousing the more I lapped it with smell it was getting me aroused I was wallowing lumps of it I could hear Julia gasping she was gripping my head by then she was lifting I

felt her shudder her body trembled she cried OH GOD I AM CUMMING I AM CUMMING she bucked in my face and screamed YES YES YES her pussy got very wet as she climaxed she pulled me off her pussy as I sat up my face was covered but I was hard I got on top of her it slipped in I fucked like mad for ages I felt her cum twice before I did cum as well I roiled off exhausted I had my first sloppy seconds I have to admit I did enjoy it

It was to become a regular thing I was soon asking her to go and see Phil and come home to me but like most thing it was going to move on from jest her getting fucked and coming home full to me it was me that wanted more I tell you about that next