Written by Seb

31 Mar 2014

After our warm up we went upstairs. Mak down to a skirt only. The view looked good. Koko was fully dressed only lacking a blouse bra above breasts, panties adjusted but looking soaking. Another good view. Shin, naked, followed the direction his neat smallish cock pointed. It was waving around like a branch in the wind. I had pulled my pants up, cock resisting the restriction.

Upstairs the naked Shin was pushed on to the bed and Mak mounted him in a 69. Koko fell to her knees working on my imprisoned cock with her mouth for a few moments then pushed me onto the bed beside Shin and Mak but head to foot. The four of us were lying on the bed, Shin and me underneath, side by side, head to foot. We were all 69ing, Koko on me and Mak on Shin, with happy noises and slurping sounds. Whilst Koko worked my cockwith her fantastic tongue and teeth skills on my cock and balls. One hand holding aside her gloriously soaked panties pushed my tongue flicked around her cunt and flower-like labia.It was amazing.

Just inches away Mak was devouring Shin's cock. His lovely cut cock was sliding in and out of her red lips hips bucking up to meet her descending head and encircling hand. The other was passionately working his balls. His balls and cock were completely shaved whereas both Koko and I shaved a bit to tidy up. She still had a thin dark ribbon of hair on the mound. I am neatly trimmed but Koko liked my rod completely shaved. She likes me to use her moisturiser on it to keep it silky smooth.

"I want Seb's cock" said Mak. The girls re-arranged swapping cocks so the 69's became a square. Greedily Mak took my cock in her mouth exploring its dimensions with her tongue. It is bigger than Shin's. What she lacked in skill and sensitivity like Koko with her gentle, knowing teasing, she made up for with enthusiasm. "I love cock. Oh, I so love it she said before returning to pleasuring me. Alongside I could see Koko's tongue on Shin's cock. She was holding it up, tongue exploring its sensitive underneath, running it around the base of the helmet and teasing the slit at the tip.

"More cock", said Mak, so we moved side by side her kneeling between us and alternately sucking and wanking us. Koko helped where she could holding our cocks up for Mak to use as she wanted. "Aren't there any more?" Mak said hungrily. "Can't you get both into my mouth at together? "I once had six cocks to enjoy at college." "I know," said Shin. "I was one of them. What she needs is a rugger team". Mak took her mouth off my cock for a moment. "Oh, yes please". She was the greediest cock loving girl I had ever met.

Koko jumped off the bed and came back with her rabbit. Mak lifted her arse in the air and Koko slipped it into her juicy cunt. The noise of the vibrator, slurping sounds mixed with squeels of pleasure as we all pleasured together. From the sounds it was evident Koko with the vibrator made Mak cum again.

"Doggy me, Shin.", she begged. Koko and she were facing across the bed hands on it. Both their skirts were above their waists, Koko still in her tiny blue silk panties. Both looked incredibly sexy.(I love up skirt and up pant sex)Shin and I rammed our cocks in. I wanted to cum and squirt my juice into Koko. I looked across at Shin. Hands on her hips he was thrusting deep in and out of her cunt. In the wardrobe mirror behind him in could see the muscles in his bum as he thrust deep into her. He was pumping furiously.

Koko and I were enjoying slow rhythmic sex with maximum withdrawal and ball high deep thrusting. " Fill me, please", she begged and in response I picked up speed. I felt the spunk rising in my tool. As she knew I was about to come she forced herself back, her muscles straining to drain me.

Seeing us across the bed, Mak demanded "Spunk. Spunk.". Obediently a sweating Shin obliged fucking desperately.

Inside Koko my spunk exploded, jerking my love cream into her belly. Koko cried, "Oh! Oh! Oh!", as I came. Seeing this was too much for Shin who thrust even harder and more desperately. withdrew and Mak turned her head and opened her mouth to catch the shots of spunk he was releasing. Both spent Mak licked his cock and took mine, covered in both my and Koko's cum, hungrily licking our juices off it.

The four of us collapsed on to the bed in a tangled mess. In the middle of the night I awoke with a massive hard on. A hand came out, and feeling it, started wanking me. Still half asleep I lay there. ready to cum again. A mouth encircled my cock, sucking it passionately. Obviously it was Mak. I felt my muscles tighten and let out a mouth load of spunk into her hungry mouth. Soon I fell asleep.