8 Oct 2015

I posted some of Kris' other experiences(Kris and Thomas, 26/sep, Kris and Paul, 28/sep, and Kris and the Indian men 2/oct). She had a few other encounters with single men after the Indian men, but they were not very satisfying. The men just got Kris to suck their cocks, they'd cum, then leave. As I mentioned before we never went looking for strangers to fuck her we just waited for it to happen.

We booked a vacation to Jamaica when Kris was 40. The resort had individual huts on the beach instead of rooms. Each hut was a small room with a bath. The electricity was cut off after 9PM but we were provided with candles and flashlights. Our first day there we spent on the beach and Kris looked hot with a skimpy white bikini. When it got wet her brown nipples poked out and it clung to her trimmed pussy. After a nice meal we settled into our hut with our candles, As I was on top of my wife fucking her, I looked to my right. There was a window with no screen to my immediate right. I saw two young men looking in the window. They appeared to be about 19 years old. I continued to fuck Kris in a few positions. She never saw them. After our Fuck Session we were on our backs and I looked at the window but the boys were gone. I never told Kris.

The next evening was a repeat of the first. This time, after seeing the boys looking again, I said to Kris, "let's try something." "What?" I took a small towel and used it as a blind fold. I then used our robe sashes and tied her hands to the bed. There was my petite wife, blind folded and her arms spread out. She instinctively opened her legs. I went outside and the boys jumped and started to run. "Wait!" I said as softly as I could. I signaled for them to enter. The didn't hesitate. They walked in and saw Kris spread eagle on the bed. It didn't take them long to pull off their shorts. I crawled on Kris' right and startedto kiss her right nipple she maoned, then felt the first young man begin to enter her. "What's going on? Who is it?" Before she could say more the other boy had crawled up to her left and grabbed her head and pulled it towards his long brown cock. Kris felt his cock on her face and opened her mouth and he slid his dick all the way in. Kris started moaning loudly from the fucking and also from the cock in her mouth. She was bucking her hips and fucking the boys back. Within minutes she released a muffled scream while cumming. The boy rolled her to her left side and fucked her like that for several minutes. She came again, never letting the young cock out of her mouth. The boy in her mouth then started to cum, shooting a load in her mouth. He pulled away in time to shoot one stream onto her chin. They untied her and she kept the blind fold on as they rolled her over and fucked her doggie style. The first boy was now getting his cock sucked by my wife as the other took up a position behind her. They bothe were fucking her and the the boy behind was slapping her ass very hard and pulling her hair.

Finally Kris exploded again and the boys each shot loads into her pussy and mouth. They quickly jumped off her, grabbed their shorts and left. "Who were those guys?" she asked. "I have no idea. Does it matter?" "Not really," she said.

The next night Kris was on her back and looked out the window and saw the boys again. "Invite them in. Hurry!" I got up and went outside. I looked and not only saw the same two lads, but there was now four more. Before I could say anything they rushed past me. When I entered I saw the boys all standing there naked, staring at Kris. She had taken up a position on her hands and knees with her ass facing the door, never expecting this big of a crowd. I started to tel her but bfore I could all of the boys went to the bed. In the candle light all I could see was a brown mass of bodies covering my wife. She tried to talk but a cock was in her mouth within seconds and one in her pussy. These guys were not gentle. They fucked her hard. Two were under her nibbling on her tits while the others rammed into her. I couldn't tell if Kris was experiencing pleasure or pain. Soon I found out as I heard her cum. They took turns, rotating around her and fucking her in every position possible. I knew Kris tried to say something to me but she never got the chance with a dick in her mouth at all times. They finished with Kris on top of one lad, and another started to enter her ass. She began to protest but before she could he was deep inside her. When she opened her mouth to scream a cock filled it up.

When they finished the door opened and a very tall young man entered. He must have been 20 years old and he had a large belly. He dropped his shorts, exposing a very long, fat cock. "Johnny!" they all yelled. "Fuck her Johnny!" I didn't think Kris could take it. She just stared. "I don't think so," she said. They ignored her. Two of the boys held her legs apart as Johnny got on the bed and put the tip of his fat dick on her pussy. Kris maoned a little and said," Not too fast." He shoved at least half of it in and she bucked and screamed, He slowed down slightly but kept up a good pace and soon Kris screamed in pleasure. Johnn y fucked her for fifteen minutes and she came two more times. He pulled out and even standing by her pussy he was able to shoot gobs of cum up her belly and hitting her chin and face.

They continued for another thirty minutes. In the dim light I saw my wife covered in cum and saw cum dripping out of her pussy and ass. Kris said she would not be able to fuck again for a few more nights. But she told the boys to come back on our last night.

"Be sure Johnny comes back," she said with a smile.