Written by Ray in Newcastle

8 Sep 2007

Hiya, many of my stories relate to sex on trains, this one is completely different.

I went into Newcastle one day last year, to try and find myself a new digital camera, after trudging the streets for hours with no luck I decided to go for a coffee, the place I chose was reasonably packed but I managed to get a table to myself, got my coffee and began to look through the various company catalogues, when an elderly lady asked me if she could share my table, I had no objection, so she put down all her shopping, and sat next to me, she got her coffee and started to chat, so I put down my catalogues, and chatted with her, she had lost her husband a year ago, and was missing him, I told her my mum died when I was 21 and at 56 I still miss her, anyway after a few coffees each she said her goodbyes, I was finished and decided to give up and go home, got to the train station and there she was again struggling with her shopping, so I went over and grabbed the heavier bags for her, it turns out she doesnt live far from me and its on my way home, so I gave her a lift in my car.

We got to hers and unloaded the shopping, I helped her put it away, and all the coffees started to take over me, and I needed the loo, she directed me upstairs to the loo and I stood in there quite happily relieveing myself, Della was her name, about 5ft 6 slim and at 63 she was a little stunner, I had naughty thoughts and my cock stirred a little,

as I came out of the loo she was there, she came up and kissed me on the cheek, I asked what it was for, she said for the lift, and I just smiled and replied thankyou I liked it, so she went to kiss me again on the cheek, this time I turned my head and she got me full on the lips, she didnt pull back, just started to tongue wrestle mine and we slipped into her bedroom.

After a bit of kissing and wandering hands, she told me that she had never been with another man in her life except her hubby, they had 3 children and a good life together,but he wasnt the best of lovers, only having a 4 inch skinny cock, but he could bring her off with his tongue, I took this as a hint, and pulled her onto her feet and began to slowly undress her from the top downwards, kissing and licking at her nipples/belly button and finally her fanny, this sent shudders through her body as she cum and cum into my mouth, her body was heaving and thrashing about, so the time was right to get undressed, got down to my boxers with an obvious erection, I told her to take off my boxers, she did and was astonished at the size of my cock, not that Im overly endowed, just 7 inches and averagely thick shaved and cut, she took hold of it and played with it, and then sunk it into her mouth, and with a hungry look started to suck the life out of my cock.

After a while she just said to me FUCK ME NOW!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!, so I laid her on the bed and started to finger her fanny to get it moist, but didnt need to, so I told her to get on top of me and lower herself on my cock, she did this and as it started to enter her she was wincing as it was hurting her, anyway she slowly worked herself down on my cock, I told her she still had 3 inches to go, and with that she shouted Fuck It!!!!! and just dropped down and my cock was fully inside her, she rested for a few minutes and got used to it, and then she started to go up and down and fuck herself, she had orgasm after orgasm and couldnt stop herself from cumming, she must have cum at least 6 times in 15 minutes, and I told her that I was nearly cumming myself, so we switched places and I was in control on top, as my orgasm built up I was slamming hard into her fanny, she was screaming out loud Yes Yes Yes!! and with that I shot 6-8 streams of cum deep inside her, she also cum too, after the passion subsided I got off her and laid next to her, she cuddled up to me and was falling asleep, when the doorbell rang, she got up and put her dressing gown on and went to the door.

It was her neighbour Doris, similar in build but not as attractive, they went into the kitchen and all I heard was giggling, I was shouted to come down as I was, naked, so I went into the kitchen ands was met with 4 hands going all over my cock and balls, Doris went to her knees and took my cock into her mouth, It stirred and began to get hard again, Doris stood up and asked Della if she could, Della just looked and smiled, of course you can, with this Doris just stripped off infront of me, she had a similar body but bigger boobs and her fanny was shaven, I was pushed onto the kitchen table where Doris mounted me and rode me like a horse in season, she also cum many times, and again I shot 6-8 streams of cum deep inside her fanny, she collapsed and got off me, they both went into the front room whilst I recovered, about 10 minutes later I went into the front room and Della was licking my cum out of Doris's fanny, she was loving it, Doris wanted to do the same to Della but didnt like pubic hair, No problem I said I'll shave her fanny for you, Della had wanted it done for months but didnt dare do it herself in case she cut herself, so it was into the kitchen again, laying Della on the table Doris got the leg wax and shaving kit from thr bathroom, I spread some shaving cream over Dellas pubes and started to shave it, until her fanny was totally naked, I washed off all the left over shaving cream and Doris had set up the waxing kit, with that she applied the wax and did the biz until Dellas fanny was as smooth as a babies bum,then it was Doris's turn to lick my cum from Dellas newly shaved fanny, Doris just carried on and on and on, Della cum several times, until she was so tired and we all went upstairs to bed, where the action went on all night long.

I still see Della at least twice a week, but we lost poor Doris after 8 months to cancer, so everytime we fuck we have to say Hi to Doris, at least her last few months were happy ones.