Written by shill64

14 Apr 2008

Well it all happened on 20th May 2006. Always remember the date as it was my

sisters birthday(not relevant to story). But this was a really good day not just

\'cos of fun in evening.

I\'d recently started driving artics again after long time out of it and was

shit scared everyday at work and often call in at Tog Hill on way home( to

hopefully releive tension).

It\'s Saturday night about 11.30pm. As i got out of car to have pee and look

a lady got out of front seat and into back seat of car, dressed up abit, short

skirt, high heels etc. mmmmmm... But as there\'s alot of drunk or semi-drunk

women dressed similar on Saturday nights I didn\'t think too much about it.

As I turned back after peeing, she\'s in backseat with a bloke who\'s fingering

her while they\'re snogging. Can I join in or just watch I\'m thinking?

Next thing, the bloke gets out of car and she\'s all alone. Another bloke taps

on window and she opens the door and they begin snogging and feeling etc.

I have to say now that having more of a good look at this lady, she is a

gorgeous bit of mature crumpet, looking fantastic in short skirt and low cut top.

The window was open and as she had her leg up and over the back of driver\'s seat

I asked her if I could stroke her leg while the other bloke was playing with her

pussy and she said I could stroke whatever I liked. Then she opened the door

inviting me in and the next thing I know my cock is out and she\'s slowly wanking

it and I\'m gently stroking her pussy, and I have to say that my hands were not

exactly clean as I had not long finished work and although i had washed them they

get so filthy that ordinary soap doesn\'t do much. But the thought of me with my

grubby hands between the chubby thighs of a dolled up lady, who was looking

gorgeous after a night out ( I assume) just added to the excitement of it.

Well to cut long story short the lovely lady was fucked afew times by myself

and others and I went down on her also as did a few others, and as she was being fucked i Was the other end of her near her head and I was wanking and as I did so

she had her mouth open as if an invitation to cum in her mouth, which I did

but as it was dark it was difficuilt to see where her mouth was exactly, so I

think it went everywhere and some of it hopefully over her face.

She really was gorgeous, beautiful tits and legs and I would guess was either

late 40\'s or 50\'s, no suprise to me as I am well aware that there is alot of

gorgeous sexy women of about this age.Mmmmmm....

At the end of all this, there were blokes taking condoms off themselves full of

spunk, and she seemed to want to take them for herself, saying \'Don\'t you dare\' to

one who was about to throw his away. Maybe to rub into her skin, I thought, but

then again I\'m very stupid and naive for a bloke in his early 40\'s.

Well after this , all the blokes about 6 or 7 in total just left without saying

anything, and I just had to tell this lady that she was gorgeous and she said thanks

as she wiped herself. But she was so fanciable and what a charachter also I thought.

And what a coincidence that all this took place in the back of a Puegeot 309,

which I was driving aswell at the time, and these are quite rare cars now as they\'re

getting on abit now.

Well I thought to myself that as this lady looked like a really expert swinger

and all round horny bit of stuff, that she might be a member of this site, and it\'s

always been abit of a dream to see her again. If you\'re out there darling I\'d love

to meet up again and chat about are Peugeot 309\'s. Just joking. But what a body

she had and I\'d love to see it again.

Well that\'s it except to say, the reason why I put a question mark in the title

of this is that having visited Tog Hill near Bristol several times in the last

month, it really doesn\'t look like the sort of place where too many wonderful things like this occur anymore. Boy racers doing wheel spins and groups of blokes

with stereos blaring etc. Not nice. But maybe I\'m getting old!

I\'d love to know what anyone else thinks. Was this the last great night at Tog Hill?