Written by meandherplus

30 Dec 2012

Hi again all hope you enjoyed our other stories well last night my wife suggested we go out for a meal i said that i would have to get changed as i had my scruffy clothes on as i just finished work i got a quick shower the wife was in the bedroom getting changed i remember her saying something about a new dress i finished my shower went in the bedroom and there she was nice new dress on she looked stunning even though she was my wife my cock started twitching as she had her back to me i said emmmmmmmm that is a nice dress she replied do you think so i replied yes you look stunning and with that i got dressed i couldnt think of anything all night appart from my wife in her sexy dress we got to the place where we was going to have a meal it was nice candles dim lights quite romantic over dinner we started chatting about things we did in our previous relationships and this was making me really horny she was sat facing me she said you are the only guy that knows how to please me i said yer right laughing at her she said it true i said jokingly if it was true she should prove it and suck me off which she replied ok when i said now and with that she slid under the table took my cock out and started sucking it hard and fast i couldnt help myself but shoot my load all in her mouth and with that she got up from under the table finished her baileys and said i needed that i was gob smacked but it was so horny and i had to stop on the way home and give her a good fucking till the next story hope you all enjoyed please feel free to comment we going out tonight too so might have another story tomorrow bye meandher