Written by Cruisecat

13 May 2016

So, I joined SH in December. I work away on ships and very rarely have sex while away.

I found the site very horny and enlightening, I could get dirty hot sex with no complications! View the cock prior so not wasting my time with small ones!

I joined on a Saturday and had my first meet on the Sunday...Well why not?

I met him in a pub car park, we didn't go for a drink, we drove to his house. We went inside. He offered a drink, I declined I said " so you want me?"

Erm....yes! Lets go, get on cam

We kissed.. went upstairs to his office where the PC was, he set up a room. I had a wet cunt just thinking about all the boys wanking over me getting some!

We had a great time, I sucked his thick cock, and he finger fucked me like a pro sucking my clit and fingering my ass too, all the time on cam!

We struggled to have penetrative sex as I think oral is his thing but he came in my mouth and again off cam on my tits after a tit wank but all in all, I went away with a satisfied pussy, for a day or two.....