16 Mar 2019

This is the final part of our fantastic holiday last year in Cyprus, George the sunbed man made the a holiday to remember.

I had caught them in the throes of having sex in our hotel room, George was giving my wife a good fucking as I went to the room, literally caught him with his pants down him stood there with his cock wet from my wife's pussy, I was desperate to take it in my mouth and suck the juices from it.

I suggest we all went into the bedroom and I watch them have some fun, George didn't seem to keen but we persuaded him it would be fine, he agreed .I said just ignore me and carry on where you were.

The wife sat on the edge of the bed naked and George who had now discarded his shorts was stood in front of her his cock semi erect, it wasn't like that for long as the wife greedily sucked it back to a full erection, it was impressive not massive but very thick and veiny, his bell end was large a swollen. She wanked it and was cupping his balls and looking up at him as he put his head back and enjoyed the attention she was giving his cock.

My cock was aching I was desperate to join in but wanted to pick the right moment I didn't want to scare George off.

She carried on sucking his for until he showed signs of him cumming, I could see his arse cheeks flexing and she knew she had to stop or he would cum.

She told George I want that cock in me I want you to fuck me, I was in heaven my wife telling this guy she wants his cock, George followed her on the bed her laying down he positioned himself between her legs, I had a great view as he pushed his engorged cock into my wife's pussy, she let out a loud groan that came from the depth of her body, He slowly fucked her and she had her first orgasm moaning slowly and panting as it left her body, I was loving this but was desperate to join them.

I stood up and George looked at me and I said is it ok for me to play, He said yes, yes please do, I didn't need any more encouragement than that, I positioned my self at my wife's face a took off my shorts, my cock sprang out and she grabbed it wanking it then started to suck on it greedily, George carried on plunging his cock into her pussy, it was clear he was going to cum very shortly, me too.

I watched as his cock pushed in and out of her pussy I could see his face and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he groaned an animal like groan and buried his cock in her pussy and he emptied his balls into her, she had forgotten all about my cock as she had a massive orgasm. George was shacking his legs trembling as his cum filled her pussy, he pulled away and I could see his cum leaking from her pussy, I pushed past him and went down on her George stood watching as I licked every last drop of his cum from her, he tasted wonderful, her sex his cum it was very horny. I too needed to cum so straddled the wife and told her to open her mouth as I wanked myself off cumming on her face and in her mouth, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had I almost passed out, she looked like a proper slut my cum over her face in her hair in her mouth.

George had gone to the bathroom as was cleaning up as the wife and i had a cuddle on the bed, We told each other we loved each other and it felt amazing. George came in the bedroom and put his shorts and and said in his broken English, that he had never had such great sex and that I was a lucky man to be married to such a beautiful woman, we both chuckled and said thank you it was amazing. George left and we both fell asleep on the bed in each others arms.

We saw George again the following morning and he was a bit sheepish, I stood up shock his hand and said thank you for making our holiday so special. we went home the following day , we have had great sex recalling George, my only regret is that I didn't get to suck his cock.

We have booked again for the same hotel, so if we're lucky we may get to see George and me suck his cock.

Fig tree bay Cyprus what a lovely place.