Written by Greenhorns

7 Apr 2011

I reached for my drink to wash down the salty taste of cum that the old man had deposited at the back of my throat. He, the old man, was being congratulated by his fellow voyeurs. 

Andy sat up straight and without a word was pulling me toward him. There was no room so I assumed he wanted me to sit on his lap. I was standing with my back to him and my feet either side of his and was about to sit down when I felt his hand in the small of his back. A second or so later he sat me in his lap. Chris watched entranced as I guided Andy's penis into my vagina. Andy wasn't that big and not that thick so I could ride it so I had to rock on it. Still, it may only have been 4 inches long but I still liked it in me and enjoyed the feeling of the tip brushing against my G-spot and that made  his cock rather special. A man sat either side of us and started squeezing, sucking and nibbling my nipples. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me as much as he could. His pace  picked up very quickly and I knew he was cumming. I can feel when a man is near to cumming and it excites me. We came at the same time noisily and he came loads. He held me until he was completely flaccid. As I stood up I looked around to see a wet stain on the front of his jeans. My pussy lips were a little sore from rubbing against his zip but during sex it had added to my pleasure. 

As I stood I look at Chris but he was no longer there; even his beer was gone. Two other men had taken the places vacated by Chris and Andy. I asked where my boyfriend was and was told by the man who had taken my place told me my boyfriend had probably gone for a piss as he dragged me back onto his lap and immediately pushing me onto my back in the corner of the bench seat. My head was up against the armrest and my lower half across his lap. I felt the zip being pulled on my skirt and suddenly it was off and I was wearing nothing but my stockings and shoes. 

He lifted my legs and moved out from under me. He knelt on the bench facing me holding my stockinged legs in the air. I watched as he wanked his slight stiffy into an erection spread my legs and hooking them over his shoulders pushed his cock into my Andy filled pussy. I was still wondering where Chris was when he started thrusting into me like a man possessed forcing my head against the wooden armrest. I had never been fucked in this way ever. I started moaning loudly partly because of his manic thrusting and partly because my head was being forced under the armrest. The effect gave me an amazing orgasm. I nearly choked when spunk entered my mouth. I opened my eyes to see two men standing over me. One leaning over the armrest with his cock over my mouth dripping the last of his cum into my mouth. His mate cumming over my tits and stomach. He then rubbed his cum into my breasts and nipples. The guy who had cum into my mouth had now slipped it into my mouth to suck. I obliged but there was nothing left in him so it was a clean up really. I continued to suck but it was difficult with Looney Larry banging me like he was pile driving. I was surprised to feel a Tongue on my clitoris while I was being properly fucked. I tried to look down my body but couldn't see. It was obvious to me that the guy whose cock I was sucking was licking my pussy and probably the cock that was rooting me forever. Finally, after the longest time in my life that any man has ever been in me he exploded in me while forcing himself into me as hard as he could. His cum was really hot. As he twitched I came again. 

All the men except Chris had cum on me or in me one way or another. While I was being fucked hard on my back others and more than I realised had wanked over me as I was covered in make sperm from my pussy to my face. 

I Got up sat on the bench. I'd had enough. I couldn't see Chris anywhere near me. I was angry that he had left me alone. Another man approached me I waved him away. He could see I was in no mood for more cock. 

As I stood I saw Chris sitting on a stool at the bar. I gathered my clothes and went toward him but in my annoyance veered off to the ladies. in the ladies I cleaned the cum from my face and body but the smell lingered on me. I got dressed and then needing a pee I sat on the loo a peed a mix of cum and urine as both drained from me. As I wiped my fanny I was aware of sudden shadow. I looked up to see the sixty plus man standing in the doorway of the cubicle. He asked if he could fuck me. I said no but he pleaded saying his wife had died a couple of years before and had not had sex since. I reminded him of the blow job I'd given him earlier. In truth he had fucked me or at least my mouth. He begged to feel a vagina wrapped around his cock (he said prick). I stood up and leaving my knickers around my knees turned, pulled my skirt up over my bum and placing my hands on the toilet seat offered my pussy to him. 

He reached around and feeling my tits through my clothes with his left hand he fingered me with his right hand. I then felt a wet finger being pushed into my bum hole. Not in my bum I told him pulling away and grabbed his big cock and fed it into my pussy. It was only eight inches and thick but it felt really good. A few thrusts and I had cum. He kept stopping because he really wanted to cum but couldn't. The mix of slow and rapid thrusts over a long time had made me cum three or four times before he finally came and he was another exploder like the pile driver but also a heavy cummer like Andy. As he came he would slowly withdraw, ram it back in again spurting and twitching while almost lifting me off my feet. After his sixth or seventh cum he held it in me until he started to soften. As he withdrew it I had an orgasm that gripped his cock stopping him from withdrawing. He had to wait until my twitching was done. As he penis left my body a large amount of his semen dripped from my pussy and onto the gusset of my knickers. I pulled them up, my skirt down, turned, sat on the toilet, reached out, grabbed his cock, pulling it into my mouth cleaned every bit of us from it. As I did he held my head with his hands and was kissing the top of my head as it bobbed up and down on his cock. 

He put his cock back into his trousers leant forward and kissed me on the forehead before going back out. 

When o joined Chris at the bar he enquired why I was so long in the loo. I told him that I had a lot of cleaning up to do. He accepted that but I did tell him later about the old man's parting gift.

There were only four of us left in the bar. The story takes a long time to read but all this took place in about two hours with the old man lasting at least twenty minutes in the loo.

On the way home the old man's cold cum rubbing against my pussy was not so nice. I kept pushing the gusset into my pussy in a bid to warm it up. Once home I took them off and went to shower. 

Chris said that he had to leave the table because he was jealous and that the look of pleasure on my face as I was fucking Andy was too much for him. That didn't stop him from asking me for details during our love-making. This annoyed me because if I have sex with someone else I don't want to be thinking about that when Chris is in me. I then feel guilty and wrong. While having sex though it feels great. I love giving blow jobs or at least I did.