Written by Tony the Trucker

6 Jul 2007

As a long distance lorry driver, I often wondered what my wife was up to whilst I was away. She would often joke "or so I thought" about the fact that she fantasized about other men. The othe rweek I was sat in my truck in a layby, when the phone rang.Hi there I said to my wife, it's not like you to call at this time of night? Theboiler is making some strange sounds. I told her to turn it off and call the plumber.I reasurred her everything would be OK and that I would be home tomorrow, hopefully. The next day I called her to ask how she had got on. She said the plumber had come out on an emergency number made the boiler safe and would be back later today, to fit some parts. I arrived home later that evening, and was surprised to see a van just down the road with plumbing equipment on the roof. Late I thought. As I walked into the house I heard a noise from upstairs, my wife came down the stairs rather rapidly in her dressinggown. What's going on I asked? what do you mean, going on? I was very suspicious. Have you been up to something, again I heard a noise from upstairs, Who's that up there. It's the plumber he's come to fit the parts, it was late when he got them, so he doing the job on his way home. I pulled her towards me and pulled open her Dressinggown. She was soaking wet, what have you done I said, putting my hand between her legs, she was sopping. Have you been fucking the plumber? no she said. As I asked her again, this guy walked into the kitchen. I asked "Who are you" Plumber, was his reply and walked straight past me. I was gobsmacked when another guy walked in, "who are you"? Plumbers mate, he said and walked out. Well, I turned to my wife and she said, OK, I've been a naughty girl, I fucked them both, hence the wetness. I'm not sorry though, she said. You spend all your time away, what's a women supposed to do? I was feeling quite horny at the thought of them both popping her, So I fucked her there and then over the table. it slid in a treat. I'm quite happy now I know, and have told her to call me more often with her tales, to turn me on